A brief update: Toradora 13 and current exploits

Well, I finally got back home to Davao, and it has been a great stay with my aunt and uncle in Manila. I’ve finally experienced some haute couture dining; I’ve done quite a good amount of reading (finished Faulkner’s Flags in the Dust and Virgil’s Aeneid); plus, I was given a Le Clezio novel as a gift! I had a great time despite my initial fiasco.

Yes, I admit, she is very attractive and while I still root for Ami I don't mind who ends up with who, really.

Yes, I admit, she is very attractive and while I still root for Ami I don't mind who ends up with who, really.

The thirteenth installment of Toradora was nothing less than awesome (again). Since I have had a bad case of seafood poisoning, I am currently running a high fever and some slight stomach spasms, so I won’t be as detailed as I previously have been. The episode has been quite a revelation, though: Minori finally sees Ryuuji’s dedication and caring friendship for Taiga, and it brings them closer (to the extent of her not needing a facade when they talked [‘I’m speaking normally?’]; Taiga finally sees something beyond mere camaraderie from Ryuuji as well. She finally has become aware of his existence as more than a partner: when Kitamura invited to dance with her, she no longer blushed, and she didn’t even stutter. She still tries her best to pair them up together, but there is a look of a subtle melancholy when she realizes she has to go away from both of them: it appears when she hugs Minori, and again when she’s alone before Kitamura asks her.

Anyway, I hope you guys have a happy new year.

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  1. Crusader Says:

    Glad to see you made it alright. I liked the last episode of Toradora for other reasons though…

  2. SHEMOAN Says:

    >I don’t mind who ends up with who, really.
    I don’t mind either, even though the end is pretty much predictable.
    However, if Taiga doesn’t end up with Ryuuji by some twist, I don’t think it really would matter much. Taiga proved in this episode that she can stand on her own. She can smile even if she doesn’t get Ryuuji or Kitamura~

    Food poisoning must suck. I hope you get well soon. It’s New Year’s Eve and all.

    Stay safe from those fireworks, and make a lot of noise for the coming new year! \o/
    (forget food poisoning)

  3. Lehq Says:

    I beg to differ; I thought that the simplicity of this ep was what I liked about it.
    It seems that Minorin’s finally really opened. The “speaking normally” line also implied how she’s also finally showing her honest self.
    Hmm… somehow, this series is all about being true to oneself. Kitamura’s the only one left now. He seemed like the most insincere: he’s just waaay to laid back.

    Anyway, get well soon!

  4. IKnight Says:

    Sorry to hear about the seafood poisoning, I hope you get well soon. Did you enjoy the Aeneid?

    I rather enjoyed this episode too, and as you say it’s nice to see coming further out of her shell. Ryuuji’s desire to atone after discovering his error was quite interesting, I thought.

  5. meganeshounen Says:

    Seafood, huh… Get well soon.

    And yeah, Toradora’s still ausum. But I’m trying to hold back watching it until it finishes.

  6. Ryan A Says:

    Awe, I hope you’re feeling better. Toradora is probably going to be top 5 of ’09 for me, it’s just damn solid material.

  7. F Says:

    i pray that you will fall in love with a real girl one day! grow up, mike!

  8. F Says:

    p.s. i will leave you now because you always leave me! i will miss you freebird!

  9. F Says:

    /F hugs freebird

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