An e-mail reply: what I believe regarding Lelouch’s life

Greetings Michael, first of all I would like to thank you for all the time and effort you gave in creating the Lelouch is alive blog, it definatly had an impact on the way people viewed the entire series. As we all know Okouchi made a few statements about Lelouch and his death. However there are many people who find some contradictions in his explanations for instance, the Nunnaly seeing through people’s hearts thing along with C.C.’s explanation. I think at the very least we should agree that the Nunnaly seeing through people’s hearts thing has been proven false in the first season and even in the second season it barely had any instances of that whatsoever. Besides, there is no way she can gain such an extraordinary power in a one year timeskip. As for C.C.’s explanation, Okouchi says “She talks about how the Geass is supposed to bring loneliness, yet Lelouch proves this wrong. With the knowledge that Lelouch does not hate her for giving him the Geass, she is now able to express her true feelings” Well, we all know C.C. never had a problem with expressing herself, she was miserable because she was lonely the entire time and now she’s happy that she’s all alone again? Seems far fetched to me. I could elaborate deeply on this topic but I won’t because Zongetsu and I explained it multiple times in your other blogs. Well anyways, I just want you to know that there are still many fans who support all the statements that you made in your Lulu alive blog despite what Okouchi’s words and they haven’t lost their conviction of Lulu being alive. I heard that you succumbed to the Lelouch dead camp, but I just want you to know that your statements have opened many doors and out of the ashes of your beliefs came a new blog which gives a thorough analysis of the entire series that correlates to Lelouch being alive. Here’s the link of the analysis Well thanks again for creating the blog, it enabled many people view this series from a different perspective and your efforts of creating the blog was not invane.

Someone e-mailed me regarding my beliefs in Code Geass; he (or she) is a consistent commentator of this blog, and I appreciate his comments, especially on the posts on debating whether Lelouch died or not. First and foremost, I’m an avid supporter of Lelouch being alive, even despite the fact that the ‘authors’ have claimed him as being dead.

‘The author is dead.’

We will make our own assumptions regarding what we saw or have seen, and in my heart of hearts I have faith that he is living. Otherwise, it will simply be far too tragic for me.

So, Geass101, thank you for the e-mail that you’ve sent me. I appreciate it, and (still) have faith that Lelouch is still alive.

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  1. vader Says:

    Geassfan101 ,

    “LOL speaking of anime popularity contests, I remember in the English Code Geass season 1 website there was a poll asking which character of Code Geass is your favorite and the results surprised me big time. It listed Clovis as the most popular and I honestly don’t understand why people would vote for Clovis if he didn’t even last 3 episodes, it’s not like he had a personality which stands out.”

    All ppl from 4chan voted for Clovis , but ofc was a joke , thats why he ended up as the most popular character in the poll. Even Rivalz was second on that poll due to that .

  2. Maurox Says:

    I’ve been out for a while and…
    Zing, give up. XD Seriously, It’s enough for someone to say that Lelouch-Dono cared for Karen as anything more than a friend, but to say that “the only member of the Black Knights Lelouch cared about was Kallen” is too much XD

    Also “He abandoned them, and when he rescues them not only does he refuse to apologize for his actions. If you have “friends” that do that they are not your friends.” Does it for me.

    Knight. I’ll say it only once. You don’t understand Lelouch for sh**. I Am not going into any details, because I think it would be a waste of time. Go on, live in your “unbiased” world, believing that mrs. Karen-Fanservice-Stadfelt was an Oh-So-Great object of Lelouch-Dono’s feelings… I don’t care anymore.

    God, was I dumb. I thought… bah. I give up. Point and laugh, point and laugh people. There’s no cure for them…
    Over and Out.

  3. Geassfan101 Says:

    @Charred Knight
    Even you would have to admit that the allegations that Sunrise is making about the Kalulu is completely out of the blue. I heard they made an official statement saying that their kiss was mutual but the thing is if the kiss was truly mutual, then she wouldn’t have left him afterwards.

  4. zongetsu Says:

    *sigh*…CharredKnight, you amuse me so…

    You have got to admit that lelouch is a guy, and Kallen is a girl. Theres a big difference between sexual feelings and feelings of love?

    Seriously, what guy would pass Kallen up? But…who would really love her? She is pretty psychotic, emotionally unstable, and acts childish. If there was to be anything between Lelouch and Kallen, it would be a quicky in the bathroom, thats all. CC on the other hand is just as good, yet she has the qualities of someone you would love. See how they connected in the last few episodes?

    Kallen never connected like that. It was pretty much, i admire you, im confused, whaa?? , Im gonna kill you. She was pretty much in denial throughout the entire series. Ntm, you know the saying how its easy to take advantage of women who are down? She was down, she lost Zero, her “god”. Lelouch couldve tapped that, but held onto his “mask” of the emperor.

    Think human, lelouch has raging hormones too, after all, he is 18.

    The anime included mask, but not all of them were physical. The mask of zero, may or may have not been for Char, but, it was as zing said, mask of a hero? Watch the anime, you should know what a “mask” truly is. Seriously, it was mentioned countless times throughout the anime.

    >>I heard they made an official statement saying that their kiss was mutual

    It wouldnt be mutual because he did not kiss back.

    You have to seriously think about this because you are pretty much being a retard here. Just because theres a hot chick in front of me, doesnt mean i love her. That is what Kallen was. No connection, no love.

  5. Zing Freelancer Says:

    No connection of love? Bullshit!!! Kallen probably did love Lelouch, but she never got her feelings back, nor will she ever do.

    Didnt you even noticed how Lelouch almost jumped back (Surprise on his face?) when Kallen leaned to kiss him? He was considering her an enemy and didnt trust her already at that point. When a person that literally confess to you leans toward you, you dont get surprised all of the sudden.
    Even after the kiss, he just gave her a cold shoulder, wispering “Farewell” as she walks away.

    There is a lot of melancholy and drama in that scene, mostly because of broken hearts and unfulfilled feelings. But that is probably a reason to why she was never a part of his plan.

  6. Charred Knight Says:

    geassfan101, its to show that Kallen cares more about stopping the “evil Emperor” Lelouch than being with the man she loves.

    I could care less about the romance angle simply because I never saw Lelouch as a lover, which is why the whole mutual thing did catch me off guard.

    I would have preferred that it be revealed that Lelouch only loved Nunnaly, as that would show that Lelouch never cared for such things as love since he was to busy fighting a rebellion. The whole love thing just seems like an add on.

  7. Lulu dead ppl hater Says:

    I agree w/zong’s statement about lulu’s hermones, I mean we all know kallen is hot as hell & R2 portrayed her in a very sexy way but there is a difference between attraction & love

    I am bored as hell so I will give u all my list of code geass chicks who I want 2 bang
    -the blond knight of round chick
    -The brown haired chick who works with xingke

    (Btw I would add Nunnaly with eyes open & Kaguya if they were older)

  8. miasmacloud Says:

    So did they re-watch R2 21 yet or not?

  9. miasmacloud Says:

    Also, if you’re going by Lelouch’s hormones, then all of the time and energy he could have spent on having a girlfriend went into his dedication towards destroying Britannia. If it didn’t, then it’d be more evident in the actual show that he even had a love interest.

  10. Lulu dead ppl hater Says:

    Ummm it looks like ur 2 late..the battle is over 4 now

  11. zongetsu Says:

    Yes, miasmacloud you are WAY WAY too late to do anything.

    As for CharredKnight, do not get any ideas, just because zing said that Kallen may have had feelings for lelouch does not mean he is on your side. Just because we are the same group does not mean be believe in the exact same things, its the idea we believe in.

    He was trying to destroy brittannia, and did, somewhat fall in love with Shirley, but she died. Fueled his hatred for geass, brittannia, the emperor. Yeah, he did have time, but he didnt go out there and find love, love found him.

    You should watch r2 ep 21 miasmacloud….

    “I should be immortal yet i am being devoured by the world of C?”

    I think it was something like that, yet, the question is, why was he being devoured….

    Because lelouch said so…duh, hence killing him

  12. zongetsu Says:

    boy i really think that the “lelouch only wanted to bang Kallen” really killed the topic. However, you guys still cant deny that he didnt want to. =] It would just kill the zero requiem. Good mask lelouch good mask

  13. Charred Knight Says:

    He was being devoured before Lelouch could possibly get the code you moron. That’s why he grabbed Lelouch.

  14. Zing Freelancer Says:

    Say what?
    Isnt it pretty obvious that there was feelings? Shirley had feelings for Lelouch, Kallen jumped the train in the very end and C.C. was always there with him.
    Love in Code Geass is not something you can look at without pouring salt in your eyes and brushing with iron brush.

    But I like the conversation C.C. had in ep7 of R2 with Marianne, how she mentions that “this wont be that romantic”. You can only guess on what Marianne suggested.

    Charred Knight, dont you see the point? Charles died at Lelouch will. He did not died because of old age or because he wanted to. He died because Lelouch ordered him to be gone. Or maybe he isnt dead, he is trapped in dimensional space 😀

  15. Charred Knight Says:

    So? How does Charles dying by Lelouch’s will due to the gods killing Charles matter? It clearly shows that the gods where killing Charles before Lelouch could possibly get Code unless you can get Code by someone looking at him.

  16. Lulu dead ppl hater Says:

    Well lets not 4get the BEGONE part @ the funny thing is that the hand w/the code was the 1st thing 2b cut off in that scene

  17. Ichiro Okouchi Says:

    Oh dear me, you are all still debating over Lelouch’s fate I see. As I mentioned before, the anime ending is entirely up to your interpretation however as far as the story is concerned, I intended for Lelouch to be dead. During my spare time I always keep track of current events, even in countries such as America. Instead of quarreling over the Code Geass anime, I recomend that all of you cherish the historic moment of your election you should all be proud to have a president like Obama, hopefully he can restore the reputation of your country. All of you should focus your attention on school because you must have the knowledge and skills to compete with the rest of the world and sadly laziness dosn’t take us anywhere neither does quarreling over the Code Geass anime. So let’s put an end to the animosity and call it a truce. Nevertheless, I wish you all the best.
    Ichiro Okouchi

  18. God Almighty Says:

    That was the most stupidest move I ever seen.
    Dumb ass!

  19. God Almighty Says:


  20. Zing Freelancer Says:

    [quote]So? How does Charles dying by Lelouch’s will due to the gods killing Charles matter? It clearly shows that the gods where killing Charles before Lelouch could possibly get Code unless you can get Code by someone looking at him.[/quote]

    Are you pulling another stupid move?
    Let me try to explain it for you.

    If a gun is in front of you, lying on the ground. It wont kill anyone unless you pick it up and pull the trigger. That what Lelouch did, he pulled the trigger and apparently, one shot was not enough so he pulled it again by saying “Be gone”

    Seriously, that was a nice gag, the infamous Ichiro Okouchi shows up on a nameless blog forum and want to put a stop to our disagreement. This is wrong in 10 fucking different ways dude.

  21. Lulu dead ppl hater Says:

    damn this is the 2nd time the Okouchi dude showed up & I agree w/God Almighty & Zing. Its stupid that Okouchi comes 2 a random blog & tries 2b a peacemaker, now he’s pretty much setting himself up as a target for every1 2 attack

  22. Geassfan101 Says:

    Wow, talk about akward moments

  23. Lelouch vi Britannia Says:

    Its all a part of Zero Re;quiem, so please go along with it.

  24. zongetsu Says:

    >>So? How does Charles dying by Lelouch’s will due to the gods killing Charles matter? It clearly shows that the gods where killing Charles before Lelouch could possibly get Code unless you can get Code by someone looking at him.

    Lelouch not only willed it, he geassed the gods. Yes, he GEASSED them. That meant that they obeyed his command and KILLED Charles. The problem was though, they couldnt instantly kill him. They werent going to form a gun and shoot him, he was in another dimension so it was only right that he slowly disappeared from existance. Think of it like a drawing in pencil. THat was Charles. The gods were merely erasing him. Its not like they could instantly do it, erasing takes time. Lelouch on the other hand just made it go faster by commanding Charles directly to “BEGONE!”.

    Geassing the gods to not stop time (Kill charles/marianne) was indirect
    Geassing Charles/Marianne to “BEGONE” was direct

    I dont see what you dont get about it.

  25. sunsetterxxx Says:

    lol wut?

    I already said all I had to say in here but just dropped by and read the last things about the BEGONE! thing and I had to revive.

    Guys, srsly… In what way were Charles and Marianne killed by what Lelouch said? First of all, they were already being “erased” when Lelouch said that. Second, what power does Lelouch have to make them begone with just his words? Don’t say Geass ’cause Geass commands only possible things like if for example you command a guy to shot himself and resurrect one hour after, it won’t happen. So it’s not like Lelouch would be able to command Charles and Marianne to “begone” into FABULOUS pink sparkles ’cause it’s not like they had control over that… it was being done to them. Plus, when you are Geassed you accept the command, Charles and Marianne didn’t seem like they were ok with the “order”.

    tl;dr = The gods or w/e killed them. Lelouch’s begone seemed to speed up the process just ’cause it would look cool (something that is an explanation for many other things in Geass).

    PS: If the gods killed him for Lelouch, I don’t see why Lelouch would be getting the Code btw… Unless your guess is that he got it when Charles grabbed his neck…. so, w/e. No longer trying to convince anyone here, just expressing my opinion out

    PS2: Someone shut up Zing Freelancer plox

  26. Charred Knight Says:

    As someone already stated Geass does not work the way you think it does. Lellouch can’t kill Charles with Geass, so he tells the gods not to stop time so to accomplish that they kill Charles and Marianne who are in the way.

    Also now apparently with have fake Okouchi, fake God, and now Fake Lelouch Vi Britannia.

    I wonder where fake Tomino is

  27. Zing Freelancer Says:

    >>> Also now apparently with have fake Okouchi, fake God, and now Fake Lelouch Vi Britannia.

    Life is full of surprises? I take the responsibility for faking God and Lelouch, but I dunno who started it by faking Okouchi. I just thought it would be amusing to give the faker a fake response to make him understand that his gag is way to outdated.

    >>> f for example you command a guy to shot himself and resurrect one hour after, it won’t happen.

    That happened in world of C and in that place, people can talk to dead people and lots of other weird shit happen. As I mentioned before, it might be possible that a Code cannot be destroyed, so it got transferred by default to most suitable candidate nearby.
    But no doubt that Lelouch have been the trigger for Charless dissaperance.

  28. Charred Knight Says:

    I just want to know who thinks I am stupid enough to believe that Okouchi actually gives a shit about us, and could even find us. Code Geass was obviously only written for the Japanese in mind, as opposed to stuff like Hellsing, and Black Lagoon which is more to America’s taste.

    If Okouchi was secretly putting “Lelouch is alive” hints, they wouldn’t be because the World of C is a weird place, it would be that Charles gave Lelouch Code before dying.

  29. Zing Freelancer Says:

    I got a feeling that we are walking in circles…

  30. Geassfan101 Says:

    This debate is walking in circles, first we argue about the anime evidence, then we argue about C.C., and then we get off topic and start talking about Gundam and how it inspired Code Geass

  31. Zing Freelancer Says:

    I believe every one should go and watch Macademi WAsshoi before posting any new comments 🙂 that way, you will heal your depressed mind.

  32. miasmacloud Says:

    Okay, so it’s February now. I gave it some time. Did they re-watch R2 21 yet or not? I’m guessing no, and I can only assume that they’re not re-watching to avoid arguing with me.

  33. Lulu dead ppl hater Says:

    Just face it the debate is over & its 2 late 4u 2 do anything about it

  34. zongetsu Says:

    Did you watch R2 ep 21 yet???

    Lelouch can kill charles with his geass because he has obtained the ability too. It just happens that his method of killing him and his geass are one in the same.

  35. zongetsu Says:

    We win =]

  36. sunsetterxxx Says:

    No, you don’t. We have better stuff to do and are sick of you and code geass. but well, if that makes you happy….

  37. Lulu dead ppl hater Says:

    Well if thats the case u shouldnt even waste ur time talkin 2 us

  38. Charred Knight Says:

    I remember this idiotic debate, looks like people have finally started to figure out that Lelouch died.

  39. Lulu dead ppl hater Says:

    actually u have it the other way around, ppl are realizing that he’s alive

  40. zongetsu Says:



    maybe people just figured he lived

    RIP Charred Knight

  41. NewTypeUSA Says:

    Interesting discussion.

    I’m a few months late here I know, but I’ve been following the English translation (after having seen the Japanese sub) and comparing the two. The [as] airing is at episode 22 and I must say that I’ve gone from the “Lelouche is Dead” idea (mostly because of the Okouchi interview in Continue issue 42 and the R2 Guidebook) to the “I’m not so sure now” way of thinking.

    I own the R2 Official Guidebook which clearly states that Lelouche Vi Britannia is dead.
    However, after watching ep 14 and 15 again it would seem to me that when Charles dies the first time after stealing VV’s geass he bleeds quite a bit from his gunshot wound so it would seem a person does have to die before their code activates.
    Only a person with a full “fixed” dual eyed Geass can take/steal a Code (as Charles did with VV in episode 14/15) so it is possible that Lelouche stole Charles code after the God of C’s world granted Lelouche a full Geass.

    It also dawned on me that we never see VV’s Code symbol and only see CC’s symbol when it activates, otherwise its hidden.

    Considering that the Newtype Japan interview with Taniguichi’s statement that the ending was made for the viewer to interpret themselves it stands to reason that Lelouche Vi Britainnia died and that RR or LL was born.

    I’ve read the Code Trainwreck blogs and many other threads on various websites about this.
    Including the 276 page thread on AnimeSuki Forums and I’ve heard all the arguments on both sides.

    Lelouche Vi Britainnia is dead, of that I’m of the opinion is definite.
    Lelouche having a Code from Charles I see as a distinct possibility and thus the creation of the R2/L2 persona becomes possible if the viewer so chooses to believe that.

    As for Okouchi, he’s done with Geass IMHO, and for HIM Lelouche is dead.
    However, that does not mean that for Bandai/Sunrise Lelouche is dead.
    If a new Code Geass is deemed a worth while venture by Sunrise then Lelouche (IMO as L2) may make a reappearence, tho I think Okouchi will have nothing to do with it.

    That’s my 2 cents. 🙂

  42. NewTypeUSA Says:

    Here’s some more change.

    I’m not sure I’m buying into the “guy driving the cart is Lelouche” idea just yet.
    Some people I’ve discussed this with both online and offline have put forth the idea that Lelouche is in C’s world and that this is how CC is speaking to him (like she did with Marianne).
    Granted there are two sides to this argument too, as some people feel that only Marianne could commune with CC in the manner they did due to her Geass power.
    If that is the case then the “guy driving the cart” is intended as an artistic simulacrum (though not literally such a thing) that allows for the possibility of it being Lelouche; tho not a definite identification that this is him.

    In this way the Director, and Screenplay writers end the story and leave it open to the interpretation of the viewer.

    As for the Nunnally thing mentioned by so many where she sees into Lelouche’s mind.
    That’s one of CG’s major plot holes that you could fly a 777 through IMHO.
    It can be interpreted to mean that either;
    a) Nannunally is now a female Professor Xavier or
    b) Lelouche has a Code (since we don’t know if this particular aspect of a Code manifests itself before or after a Code is fully active; and I doubt we’ll ever know).

    The one fact we can all be certain of here is that in any fictional work no character is ever truly dead.
    The Emperor from Star Wars is a good example of this.
    Dies in a reactor shaft in Jedi, comes back in the novel Heir to the Empire as a clone.
    Bobba Fett is another good example;
    Dies in the Surlack pit.
    Comes back in a graphic novel adaptation.
    Admiral Akida from Space Battleship Yamato is also a good example;
    Dies from Radiation poisoning in The Quest for Iscandar.
    Stays dead for two other TV series and two movies and then comes back in Final Yamato…he was in a coma…who knew. 🙂

    Lelouche is the same kind of character.
    He reminds me of Char Aznable a lot.
    Char “died” in the original Gundam on Boua Kou and then came back in Zeta Gundam as Quatro.

    If Lelouche stays dead, so be it.
    If he comes back in a new anime, so much the better.
    Either way CG was awsome and to me very much a work of art…and like a real piece of artwork its meaning is not set in stone but rather something that each viewer can choose to interpret their own way and walk away happy.

  43. zongetsu Says:

    Newtype, you were just like me when I finished the show, very confused.

    It took a while to figure out but i say he is alive. When you weigh the ideas “lelouch alive” vs “lelouch dead” him being alive, to me outweighs him being dead.

    The reasons are obvious. Zero Requiem was never intended to “punish him”. Sure at times he wanted to die, but to deny him the thing he wanted most was wrong. THe same applies to suzaku. Lelouch the one who wanted to live, suzaku the one who wanted to die.

    In the end, i think they both wanted to live even if they were to be “punished” they would just have to live a different way. In a sense, the both died as their name and title was erased from existance. Lelouch and Suzaku no longer would exist. All that would be left would be presumably LL/RR and Zero. Is that not death in itself? To have your existance erased and take up another, just as char did?

    But, the thing is, Suzaku’s geass was to live. Geass is someones wish. So perhaps even though on the outside he wanted to die, deep down he wanted to live, just as CC did.

    However there should not be any more code geass because with his survival, the deal is sealed. Geass no longer exist in the world. As we have seen it, only two codes exist which means only two people can give geass. The one who bears a code only gives a geass when they want a wish granted. CC is one of the bearers. If her wish is to be loved, then lelouch could easily satisfy it if he is too immortal. His own wish would too be granted, to have created a world his sister could live in. Another factor that relates into this subject is lelouch’s other wish to destroy geass. Back after Shirley died, he told himself that if geass is the power of kings, then only one person should be able to have it. Thus kill the geass cult.

    Add CC’s words into it.

    C.C.: “Forgive me. This is my sin for letting you all run rampant. Therefore, the genealogy of Geass shall end here. (little tear streams on eyes) That’s perhaps… Lelouch and my…”

    Lelouch and my what….genealogy of geass ends here? Pretty sure you can figure it out, but at the time, it works well with the scene making you pretty much miss it. But what do you think?

    With that, he would have ended it perfectly. However some people cannot understand the difference between their own emotions and the obvious.


    If lelouch lived, he’s a douche because he didnt atone for his sins.

    Yep, i see that all the time.

    I would buy into the idea because on the other side, they got nothing but “word of god” which is okouchi’s own statement.

    THe way i see it, geass-net does not even exist. Im still trying to find it. Ive talked to some people in japan and i still cant seem to get a hand on it. Maybe its a fan run thing but its cellular? But i got the scans and they say pretty much what it says above. But then ask yourself, why would they not put nunnally having mind powers in the guidebook? Why do they still not explain it?

    see the contradictions

  44. NewTypeUSA Says:

    Sorry for the delay in my response Zongetsu, but I’ve been watching the show again; got a few more of the Japanese books and magazines, and am now moving over to the “He’s alive” camp.

    Here’s why;

    (In addition to what you’ve pointed out) Sunrise made a statement in the January 2009 edition of Gekka’s Animedia magazine;


    “You have all shown us a lot of kind appreciation in making the DVDs and CDs so popular.
    We were truly blessed to have such passionate fans…truly, thank you all.
    Like we have said before, Lelouch may have died (?) but Geass itself will not.
    The show has just ended, yet we feel it might be a good idea to make something else.
    In any case, we might be able to announce something in the near future…”

    The (?) is not my addition it is as it appears in the article.

    Even Sunrise acknowleges that they want this show open for continued sequels should that prove profitable in the future.
    I give it four to six years before we see the next Code Geass TV series.
    It will follow the Gundam 0079 pattern IMHO.
    We’ve had the TV series.
    Then the new manga.
    Now we’ve got the OVAs.
    Then we’ll have a few side stories.
    Then the new series with Lelouch and friends (probably in the near future of R2, maybe five to eight years).

    This is what the “He’s dead” crowd is missing in their arguments, the fact that Code Geass is a property owned and licensed by Sunrise who will NOT end it until they’re good and ready to do so; and that means Lelouch will undoubtedly be alive for the sequel.

  45. zongetsu Says:

    Yep i have that translation of that article as well. Mind boggling isnt it? That could possibly mean that Okouchi himself was misunderstood as he said lelouch lelouch’s story came to a full stop as he met his end. Lelouch’s own reality may have ended but what after that? He could no longer bear the name, lelouch lamerouge/vi britannia. Death is not always literal.

    As i see it, i dont really truly believe that there will be another code geass. Just because of what lelouch set out to accomplish. He wanted to end geass because he saw it as a sinful power that only one person should have, himself. If he was alive with CC, they would both have the only codes known to existence and no longer need to grant geass as their own wishes would have been granted.

    If a new season came out it would undoubtedly be a spin off. Another time another dimension or perhaps the far distant future.

    Have you seen the rather recent promo poster that had lelouch alive along with CC in the background?

    According to some “dead group” believers, this does not count towards anything. The argument is that the poster is a promo and represents nothing. It is merely to milk the audience. However my question is why alone would they not promo lelouch’s death as they would promo him being alive. That would be misleading and cause confusion.

    I dont disagree with the “dead group” when they say he died. He did. But he was able to come back to life. SO they only have one part of the whole picture. Ntm his clothes are very similar to that of the cart driver excluding the vest, hat, and face cover.

    Lelouch obviously lived.

  46. NewTypeUSA Says:

    Thank you for that promotional cover.
    That is clearly an indication that (as you said) Lelouch came back from the dead (I would imagine via a code, most likely his father’s).
    CC is in the same outfit she had at the end of R2, they’re in a field of sheep (indicating the country side where we left CC and the Cart Driver/Lelouch) and he is indeed in peasant clothing with the dog (minus the hat, cloak, and vest).
    I’d say that’s pretty obvious what Sunrise is saying here, they’re saviour of CG has “risen from the dead” just in case the world needs him again.
    I realize that right now people don’t think there will be another CG that starts where R2 left off, but I don’t trust Sunrise.
    They’ve done it too many times in the past.
    The original Gundam is the best example of Sunrise’s business model for anime and I think CG will follow that pattern…but hey, that’s just my opinion. 😀

  47. sanjayts Says:

    Lelouch obviously lives; apart from all the good arguments provided in this discussion the fact that Lelouch never planned on *not* fulfilling his promise, any of it. He made the world a better place and now it’s time for him to bring a smile of CC’s face which is exactly what we see when the 25th episode ends. What can be better for CC than spending her entire life with a immortal Lelouch? 🙂

    But then again, this is all IMO, AFAICT etc. etc. so no flames please. 😉

  48. Chyaddo Says:


    I found this page late but I just wanted to say thanks to zongetsu for convincing me that Lelouch is indeed alive. I watched the series while it was airing but just this week decided to watch it again. I was feeling pretty sad that he died but this gives me hope to the contrary. Thanks a lot for conveying your thoughts! That’s all I wanted to say.

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