Anime as time goes by …

I’ve never been used to going out of the house: after going to a mall for a short time (about 45 minutes) I went home and fell asleep. In these excursions which punctuate my home-oriented existence, it has slowly dawned on me that practically everything has been made commercialized. I remain contented most of the time because I control the urge to consume and to purchase; it is indubitable, however, that without self-mastery I would be nothing less than a dilettante.

I'll just post my friend's cute puppies.

I'll just post my friend's cute puppies.

Akin to many things, anime is a commercial enterprise. Although it may have an apparent aim to entertain, there is always money that remains to be its silent driving-force. Ultimately, it would still lead people to purchase objects they really have no need for. Despite these, I am glad that anime has become what it is today.

Recently, DATS, as a failed attempt to celebrate Halloween, decided to sub the first episode of the very first series of GeGeGe no Kitarou. Being uninitiated to how anime worked during the 1960s (Animax remains unavailable in basic cable, at least for my province, Davao), I hazarded a look. At the very least I may have had some insight regarding the development of anime through time, and I’m glad that I have.

GeGeGe no Kitarou (1960s)

This series has been one of the series that withstood (and continues to withstand) the test of time. There was even another rendition early this year named Hakaba Kitarou. For its age, its pilot episode has (at least for me) remained to be highly entertaining. It didn’t result to stunning me with graphics, or telling a truly novel story; it simply was a jolly good yarn. I also absolutely liked both its OP and ED, because despite the simple music they were very melodic and enjoyable.

It would be quite an understatement to say that a lot has changed. Anime has become, first and foremost, a lot more colorful; it has become a lot more fluid and a lot more active; it improved its art and animation as well. That’s not even digging deep enough: anime has had a continuous and complete overhaul once in a while for the past forty years.

I’m very glad, however, that the basics remained the same. By adhering to those basics, an anime older than me highly entertained me. That means a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Says:

    The Puppies is really cute

  2. Baka-Raptor Says:

    Help me. I’ve been up all night watching dubbed episodes of Peach Girl. I can’t stop yelling at the screen. Ugh…

  3. Kairu Ishimaru Says:

    Damn those dubs.

  4. Michael Says:

    Aren’t they?


    Can’t you watch them subbed instead?

    Kairu Ishimaru:


  5. 0rion Says:

    Yay puppies

  6. Ryan A Says:

    Cute puppies!!!!

    Some things are better at a later date anyway hehe … though I’m pretty sure that anime has well matured, I wonder about current and future ones … how will they mature?

    Time is a good thing to be up against.

    also, BakaRaptor … DESTROY IT

  7. Kaioshin Sama Says:

    Hmmmm….the oldest anime I ever got to see was Tetsuwan Atom. Let me just say that on top of looking flashier and more colourful, anime sure as hell has a lot more frames per second then it did in the sixties. A lot more…..and with theme songs that were addictive as hell. Not just because they were made specifically for the show instead of commercial J-Pop/Rock added in to sell new singles, but because they were mostly made as a catchy sing-a-longs.

    By the way, if you want to see commercialized, step inside a record store (don’t know if you have an HMV where you live, but they’re the best example) and listen to the music they are playing over the store speaker. Now look at the shelves and make note of the CD cases. Yeah…… Anyway, I’m not sure if anime has become more commericialized or just changed and broadened the manner in which it sells itself and associated brand labels. Back then they’d still be pitching Atom toys at you during the commerical breaks and such, but nowadays you also get those sponsor messages before the show begins and after it comes back from commerical break. Yaaaaaaay….now there are commercial logos overlaying the actual content of my anime. ๐Ÿ™

    @Baka Raptor: No! Bad! Don’t even joke about such a thing.

  8. Michael Says:


    I don’t think Baka-Raptor was joking. o.o

    I also got to see Astro Boy back when I was young, and it does have a lot more frames, a lot more color and a lot more ostentation. I’d argue that it’s become more commercialized, though.

    Ryan A:

    I’m hoping they will. Because if most anime would become akin to the travesties of Gonzo, it’s a future I’m not looking forward to.

    Also, Peach Girl dubbed …

    I can’t believe anyone could take that, really.

  9. zeroj Says:

    i really don’t like classic anime. Despite of shounen (which is, in my opinion, considered a big classic), every other classic is a pain to watch because of two reasons: the animation and the rough style of trying to teach us lessons about life (like dat Astro Boy and Candy Candy)

    haha i recall how I loved candy candy when I was a faggot kid watching anime over my TV

    but now it looks really bad and all how I ended up loving these kinds of shows. Time changes opinions, as we change too our likings for good animated anime. For example, there is this huge debate about if we should care about the GOOD DEFINED plot that classic anime had instead of the shitty ones that our modern anime has… it just never ends.

    Fighting over good or bad plots, with a bad or good animation… always bring the good trolls, even if they are trolls, they have some pretty good arguments. How about Gundam. I really enjoyed the 3 movies of the original Mobile Suit Gundam… but I hated the animation. This is because I was born at 1990 and picked up anime at a bad time. Too bad.

    that’s about it. I prefer good animation and whatsoever. I recommend watching Ippo if you haven’t. It’s the best anime ever

  10. NewGeekPhilosopher Says:

    I love the puppies too… even though I’m a cat person.

    I like watching older series because of their “standing up to the test of time” as you said Michael. I have watched Kimba the White Lion and Speed Racer in parts and intend to watch the whole thing of both once I get back on my feet with this new season blogging business. Hyakko was almost stolen completely from me when I wasn’t looking at Yukan Blog.

    I also like the Disgaea anime (the only video game based Anime ever to not suck) and Love Hina, which is completely Victorian compared to Strike Witches and Kanokon or however it’s spelled.

    Also Read or Die has a special place in my heart, as does Azumanga Daioh…

  11. tarsus Says:

    speed racer was my introduction to anime.
    no wonder i thought it was all RETARDED.

    fortunately, i fell in love with samurai x and ghost in the shell. really great shows.

  12. sunsetterxxx Says:


  13. C.C. Says:

    Awww those puppies are absolutely adorable. @_@ Cuter than Lelouch even.

  14. Z Says:

    Hug pets now, itch later! I itch everyday! ๐Ÿ˜€

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