Saying hello once again: this advertisement brought to you by Dial Antibacterial Soap

I purchased some Dial antibacterial soap yesterday. It had signs of age evident in the accumulation of the dirt on its cover, but it was one of a kind and I really wanted to use it. There was no rational foundation as regards my desire for the soap; it was purely an impulse. However, I really did need some hand soap as I didn’t have any available with me at that time. Dial has been a trusted brand for quite some time, so I bought one of its liquid hand soaps (in addition to be visually impressed with the soap’s cover). It was also the first time in about half a year where I unhesitatingly ate at McDonald’s twice in one day. While I am certain that what I did had negative effects, I just got back from a trip to the mountains. I neither had good food or good hand soap in there, and I wanted to experience those again.

I think the bottle looked like this, but with an older design.

I think the bottle looked like this, but with an older design.

So I bought that Dial antibacterial soap. Deprivation is very powerful as a motivation, as what was once taken for granted is now taken as if they were diamonds in the rough. (It’s a good thing I obeyed my father’s advice).

One of our theology subjects requires for students of that class to participate in the immersion. Immersion is the process of living with and the experience of the lives of the marginalized first-hand. I went to the outskirts of Capas, Tarlac, smack into the mountain range near Mount Pinatubo, the explosive volcano that caused an outburst of lahar. I lived with Aetas, indigenous people in our country. Life was pretty difficult: it was my very first time eating rice without any viands whatsoever, but it was an enlightening experience. In addition, I was able to wash in two natural bodies of water: I was able to wash in a natural pool as well as in a hot spring. It was my very first time visiting those places; at least I could say to myself that I have had gone somewhere (although still within the Philippines).

Im wearing a blue shirt, and I was carrying a sack of bananas harvested from a farm on top of the mountains. My shirt looks wet because I just came from the natural pool.

I'm wearing a blue shirt, and I was carrying a sack of bananas harvested from a farm on top of the mountains. My shirt looks wet because I just came from the natural pool.

I love being around once again. One gets to appreciate anime more when he’s away from it for quite some time. I love Toradora; I love writing; and I love this blog!

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14 Responses to “Saying hello once again: this advertisement brought to you by Dial Antibacterial Soap”

  1. Ryan A Says:

    DIAL! haha, but seriously, I bet that was an experience. Living in the mountains with indigenous people. I don’t care what part of the world they’re in, indigenous people know the ways pretty damn well…. makes me remember, that living in nature allows us to understand when and when not to trust it… when we forget, we are vulnerable. ^^

  2. Baka-Raptor Says:

    Civilization kicks ass. I never take it for granted. You think you had it hard with the Aetas? I’ve been to India!

  3. Miha Says:

    wb, mikey ._./

  4. Michael Says:


    It was. I don’t think it was life-changing, but seeing how other lives are so different and yet so similar was quite a realization. Also, they know their ways pretty damn well indeed: climbing their farm on top of the mountain was an extremely difficult thing to do. Without any harnesses, we had to balance ourselves as we assented up the cliff. It wasn’t easy, and I fell on my face two times. I didn’t want to protract the post I wrote, but really, it wasn’t easy.

    We also had to walk for about 20 kilometers or so: from 10 in the morning to about 4 in the afternoon only an hour was spent eating. The rest of the time was spent for walking, and walking in water, sand, stone, and grasses was also pretty difficult. It reminded me of how much the life we live today is a cinch compared to the lives of other people.

    It was a great reminder.


    Civilization really kicks ass. Also, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 😀


    Thank you. 🙂

  5. NovaJinx Says:

    Whoa, looks really nice. I’m kinda envious, it’d be so cool to spend a few weeks living like that. Dude, if you really like natural bodies of water, nature and countryside, you gotta visit my place some time ;P

  6. usagijen Says:

    Quite an experience you’ve had mike, though I still say it’s a shame that you didn’t get to the Fullybooked event and get two free books of your choice (among the pile of loot), ohohoho~ 😛

  7. Michael Says:


    That’s nasty. I got burned. ;A;

    >two free books of your choice



    I hope that I can go there someday.

  8. NewGeekPhilosopher Says:

    I’ve been to Egypt, and there was marginalised people all over the place. Make Emos look bad for whining about nothing, and I know how it feels finding civilisation in a bottle instead of a genie on your travels, for me it was some Sprite.

    Go see Egypt before its ancient civilisation literally crumbles.

  9. lelangir Says:

    lol, my uni should do this…except there aren’t any volcanoes near the east coast, I don’t think. I guess they could send us to an Amish farm, or make us work at mcdonalds (haha irony) for a while, or in the kitchen we all eat at (and freaking hate).

  10. lolikitsune Says:

    And I love you!

  11. Michael Says:


    Finally, you got what I was driving at! I love you too!


    You post in a lot of places. That’s just awesome. o.o

    Also, that would be cool, working in an Amish farm. Wait, it’s not. >< NewGeekPhilosopher: Jacob, I will go see Egypt someday. At least, hopefully.

  12. THAT Animeblog - MDR TB: self-fulfilling prophecy Says:

    […] to “non-related posts” are awfully ambiguous: would “non-related” be like Mike talking about soap? Insubstantial introductory posts? Vacation messages? Birthday posts? Incessant meta defecation? […]

  13. tarsus Says:

    good for you mike. hope you didn’t get schistosomiasis or anything. i already told you about how we lived in the slums near the fishmarket, yes? painting houses and stuff.

    at least you’re not paying for this. scholars, we are.

    and don’t diss amish people! haven’t you seen the movie kingpin?

  14. Z Says:

    I wish you learned to appreciate the real world in your escapade.

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