A reflection on reminiscence

At times, reminiscence, despite everything, provides enough of a stimulus to coerce action. Like an intruder in the dust, its specter appears to different people at certain points in their lives, and this triggers irrational acts. What do I mean? I also quite don’t know.

This Manabi is cute. I think I'd be less averse to watching that series if I saw 17 year old girls instead of 17 year old girls looking like 10.

This Manabi is cute. I think I'd be less averse to watching that series if I saw 17 year old girls instead of 17 year old girls looking like 10.

For the past few days, however, I have been watching Gun-doh Musashi and downloading anime with the use of TorrentStorm. Both objects, while totally different from one another (it should be enough to note that one is an anime series and the other is a torrent client), share the fact that I have liked them in the past for no strong reason whatsoever. When it was last updated in 2005, I was primarily using BitComet and BitTornado. Aside from the fact that these two torrent clients were consistently updated, they also possessed significant advantages over TorrentStorm: the two clients maximized the use of my Internet connection (which wasn’t much). The efficiency of the two clients of TorrentStorm, however, could be perceived in the fact that I could never attain a constant 25 KB/s with TorrentStorm which I could with BitComet and BitTornado (I was on a 256kbps connection back then).

Three years hence, little has changed. TorrentStorm stopped development on 2005: it does not possess DHT; it cannot host trackerless torrents; and it still couldn’t download at optimum speeds, compared to the newly improved BitComet, or the light but heavyweight uTorrent. Because I was fond of the program back then, however, I am using it once more, and I like using it (especially for torrents which are not that exigent for me to complete). There isn’t logical progression in that decision: whereas the same torrent hadn’t gone beyond 5 KB/s with TorrentStorm, it hovered between 55 KB/s and 60 KB/s with BitComet. Yet I still am using TorrentStorm and will use it at times.

The reason is that reminiscence, in all my reflection, doesn’t have to be rational. As humans we cling to the memories we cherish in our past and try to review them and experience them once more. The simple design, the simple logo and the memories I had in using TorrentStorm were quite enough to trigger in me using and experiencing the client once more. This time, however, I have been enjoying its use more thoroughly. Perhaps the same could be said with Gun-doh Musashi: it is quite undeniable that its budget was very low, even for an anime series. There are still frames; most characters, even Musashi, are badly animated; the animation is often out of sync with the Japanese dubbing. While nigh intolerable, I’m at the last (troll)subbed episode. Despite everything, I enjoyed laughing at the bad animation and the horrible subbing. It’s not something most people could do, but it’s something that reminded me to lower my expectations in most things so that I will never be disappointed. In conclusion, memory is quite a powerful thing; perhaps this is why some people can only live in the past.

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16 Responses to “A reflection on reminiscence”

  1. jp Says:

    I’m averse to change but once it’s done I never look back. Things like Operating Systems, routines, friends and whatever that’s pervasive in life. I get nausea when I reminisce.

  2. Barbariccia Says:

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  3. Relena Peacecraft Says:


  4. Lacus Clyne Says:


  5. Marina Ismail Says:

    In Soviet Russia,
    comment writes you!

  6. Kab Says:

    I think you put to much stock in reminiscing over failed objects. But hey, to each their own. Although in my own way, I’m the same, I still use an outdated BT client as well, except for when I wish to DL select files from a batch torrent, in which case I still pull up Utorrent. I use one of the old “TheShad0ws experimental” clients. It’s a simple, streamlined interface, and I “usually” get better speeds with it then I do with Utorrent, no idea why.

  7. zeroj Says:


    i liked it more when it was called dbgt

  8. gaguri Says:

    Yes. Keep up the invention of new reasons as to why you like crappy anime like ToLoveRu.

  9. M1sfit Says:

    Memories are the standard by which we judge our lives. But i don’t necessarily agree that we should lower our expectations of live to avoid disappointment. We can try having high expectations yet be balanced as a person such that having your expectations not come true does not disappoint you. High expectations allows you to seek better than you already have but of course, I mean you only do that if there is the opportunity to do so.

  10. ETERNAL Says:

    Memories are ridiculously powerful indeed, to the point that it makes little sense. Many of my childhood memories are with gaming, and the main reason I got the new Animal Crossing and why I stuck with Mario Party until the 6th or 7th game was simply because I used to like them in the past. It defies logic, but somehow that reminiscence was enough to keep me playing them.

    Also, 17-year-old Manabi is surprisingly cute.

  11. Ryan A Says:

    Reminiscence, nostalgia, sentiment… valid stuffs. I have an unpublished post on this sort of thing dealing with TD.

    Oddly, I find myself re-watching the Nodame Cantabile live-action end-to-end when I’m just lounging at the apartment (which isn’t where I technically live). There is some stuff that just feels comfortable that way.

  12. Michael Says:


    I’m not really that averse to change, but I can also look back and enjoy the past. I think it’s one of the reasons why I can tolerate older anime series despite their subpar animation (compared to today’s standards).


    Thanks. :3


    Uh, I did use BitTornado at times especially when uTorrent or BitComet don’t work as expected. I don’t find anything averse with it: sometimes, the backward versions work better than the current versions (as with BearShare). TorrentStorm isn’t one of those, but it is still quite enjoyable for me.


    I think DBGT was better animated than Musashi.


    You never forget that post, did you? I didn’t like ToLoveRu per se, but I did think it was acceptable enough despite the bad ending and the bad animation at times.


    Point taken. But living a life of low expectations, however, is the life of a true optimist. By not expecting anything, everything becomes positive. If shit happens, well, it’s because they have a tendency to do so. But if everything goes well, happiness ensues.

    I see your point, though.


    Memories drive people to insanity and change or one of the two. It’s just that powerful. I myself can’t understand why I love playing old arcade games like Marvel vs. Capcom. But I like them, and that’s that.


    I find myself also rewatching series when I go back to my real home. They seem more enjoyable in that place, so I can see where you’re coming from.

  13. Asperger's Anime Blogger Says:

    I was reminiscing about learning Flash MX in Year 10 Computer Studies class, now I’m using it again and can now do stuff with it I was too young and stupid to figure out for myself.

    I also, just last night, found a box with all my old PS One games in it, including my favorite of the bunch: Croc: Legend of the Gobbos. My favorite PS One game alongside Lemmings / Oh No! More Lemmings!

    Personally I think the reminiscing about learning Flash MX will be more productive. I always wanted to be an animator of sorts or adapt some of my ideas into animation, but I never had the time or the hope that I could do it. Well now I can, and hopefully I get some good animations in Flash MX made.

  14. Asperger’s Anime Blog » Nostalgia is a bootprint on the arse of humanity. Forever. Says:

    […] Mike seems to have a positive view of reminiscing, as he associates it with something which has no real basis of quality anime but is nice: […]

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  16. September Leyendecker Says:

    I haven’t checked in here for a while because I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are good quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my daily bloglist 🙂

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