Toradora! – 20: extras

This was something I found poignant especially after reflecting on the scene with my third re-watch: Kitamura was already recognized in their school as the God of Broken Hearts. Instead of Taiga praying to the Buddhist gods (traditional religion in Japan), she prays to Kitamura instead without him figuring out what the hell she was doing. The scene further added to my pathos towards Taiga: she recognized that her heart was already broken, and instead of miring herself in depression she simply prayed that she could get over it. She doesn’t, but she still tries her best, as what could be seen in the scene with Ryuuji afterward.

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  1. Keio Says:

    Check this out – Chibi Dora!

    <3 chibi girls

  2. Michael Says:

    Haha. Thanks.

  3. leinad Says:

    thanks, I didn’t understand why did Taiga do that until I saw your post.

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