Toradora 25 – So the love birds flew …

To be entirely honest, I will graduate from university tomorrow afternoon. I was expecting Toradora to come out some time after my graduation, but I’m glad it came out early especially for the last episode. Thank you, CoalGuys! This is a very nice graduation present.

Yasuko is attractive this time around.

Yasuko is attractive this time around.

The final episode of Toradora addressed the cliffhangers of the previous episode, and it was very good. I guess this is simply up to personal preferences, but I wasn’t moved to tears in this final episode. I think I smiled throughout the episode, however.

I liked how the episode ended exactly how it began: with two birds on a wire, together. Somehow, the producers made us realize that the pair were Taiga and Ryuuji, together in the thin and dangerous electric wire of life. The array somehow paints an illustration of placidity amidst danger and death: being electrocuted is no laughing matter, and yet they’re together with one another in facing it. I thought it was apt.

Ryuuji, despite having plans of running away, faced his familial problems and ultimately resolved them, having Yasuko and her parents reconcile. Ryuuji also discovered the depth of his mother’s love when she pushed through with single-handedly raising Ryuuji despite having everyone desire her abortion. (A more profane thought: Yasuko was very attractive this episode. Despite being just in pajamas and a loose ponytail, I thought she was absolutely stunning.) Ryuuji and her have also resolved their problems, and I’m happy for them as well.

I also loved the kissing scene between Ryuuji and Taiga which happened afterwards. I loved it when Taiga was all ‘once more …’ again and again. She remained true to her tsundere archetype and yet also so true to herself. That was a beautiful scene.

I couldn’t understand why she transferred to a different school, though. Was it to appease her mother, or at least to get to know her mother more? Compared to her dad, Taiga’s mom was truly concerned about Taiga despite their differences. I do know Ryuuji suggested they wait for the parents of both of their sides to approve: while Yasuko I think is all for it I doubt Taiga’s mother would like the idea immediately.

Here's some cute Minori.

Here's some cute Minori.

Finally, I absolutely, absolutely loved the final conversation between Ami and Ryuuji. She has finally shown herself to be a caring child, a child, yes, but one who cares for the welfare of others. Did anyone notice the birds flying through the window? At the very last second before the scene segues once again to between Ami and Ryuuji, the two birds part ways. Ryuuji has moved on, and so has Ami: she doesn’t mind so long as one person understands her, even if it isn’t love.

And it ends as it begins: life is a cycle, and love is a part of it.

P.S. I’m glad Noto and Maya are making progress with one another. Kitamura really is chasing Sumire. I admire that. Inko-chan also finally spoke its own name, and the birds finally fly away together. C’est la vie.

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25 Responses to “Toradora 25 – So the love birds flew …”

  1. TomTom Says:

    It was a pretty good episode overall, and expecially I found the first five or so minutes to be really touching with Yasuko crying, the kiss scene and what-not. An enjoyable end to an enjoyable series, definitely one of my favorites of this particular genre.

    Although a little early, congratulations on graduating, Mike.

  2. Baka-Raptor Says:

    At the midway point of the series, I predicted that Inko would say his own name, but I also predicted that Inko saying his own name would be a device for inspiring Taiga and/or Ryuuji. Does that mean I’m partially right or extra wrong?

  3. IKnight Says:

    I can’t comment on Toradora, but congratulations on your imminent graduation!

  4. Joe Jacobs Says:

    The show ended well. Didn’t knock my socks off, but I enjoyed the series as a whole. I just finished it like 5 minutes ago, so I’m going to let it sink in, but it was good. Ami still remains on of my all time favorite characters, and she proved, as she has many times before, to be the most mature of them all. Ami for the win!

  5. leinad Says:

    sure the scenes you mentioned were touching but you forgot the part where ryuuji found his picture together with taiga. I liked that scene. congratulations on your graduation!!

  6. Jarmel Says:

    Kinda bittersweet ending. The whole transfer was a bit out of the blue but still very good. I wish they expanded on Taiga’s feelings a bit more in the end as it was mostly about Ryuuji.

  7. Reactwhat Says:

    I think that it rounded things up quite nicely but it definately leaves you wanting more. Its nowhere near as bittersweet as things like Honey and Clover or 5cm p/s but it definately has its charm. I can see myself reading the novels as some point because I enjoyed the characters so much!

    The kiss scene was so well handled… captured the mood oh so well, hurray for Toradora.

  8. Michael Says:

    I must say I absolutely adored that final scene between Ami and Ryuuji. I’m sure Taiga deserves her happiness, but to be honest I felt more affected with that scene between them, even more than the kiss. Eri Kitamura was really great as Ami, and I thought she was among the most endearing characters of all time: that realization in the end juxtaposed with the two birds of the same feathers parting ways at the end of it all was simply a most touching scene. Yes, she was a kid. Yes, she wanted love, but in the end being just understood by him, as a true friend, was something at least enough for her.

    I loved the kiss, but that was even better.

  9. Turambar Says:

    Great kiss. Loved the kiss. Awesome kiss. Yeah, I don’t really have anything of substance to say at the moment. Maybe after I soak everything in for a bit.

  10. Keio Says:

    That was one great episode. I think it wraps up the entire series nicely. Now to go re-watch the entire series. 😀

    Congratulations on graduating. Tinalo mo pa ako. 😛

  11. Keio Says:

    Forgot to add: Taiga in that black uniform >>>>>>>>>> Oohashi school uniform.

  12. TJ Says:

    I think Taiga transferred to make up with her mother’s family, but yeah it was a bit out of the blue.

    It was a satisfying finale. Happy endings for everyone, and I’m particularly happy that Ami ended up with Minori lol.

    And congrats on your graduation.

  13. miasmacloud Says:

    Grats on graduation, mike. :3
    I’ll do that one of these days too www.

  14. Ryan A Says:

    Yasukoooo 🙂 yes, I loved her this episode. Good wrap up, and good wrap up. ^^ Toradora was good times, and I was very pleased with both Ami and Minori’s development throughout.

    Ah, what are you going to write on next Mike? I’m so very curious, you did great with this series.

    Cheers 🙂

  15. Glo the Legend Says:

    That was a very good, in depth analysis. I loved this episode too. I’m happy with the anime, but kinda sad now that it’s over.

  16. roan Says:

    I don’t particularly understand how you’re seeing this much in Ami, but meh. Are you going to read the (poorly translated) novels?

  17. masamune111 Says:

    This anime will always be among my favorites. T_T I’ll probably never delete it.

    And wow… that kiss was the best I’ve ever seen in most anime. Perfect atmosphere, perfect voice acting… you could just feel the love, and it was really amazing.

  18. DMetroneis Says:

    What prompted Taiga to leave was a desire to make peace with her mom – and perhaps try to help her as Ryuuji helped Yasuko. The whole series she’d been running from her family, and it was her relationship with Ryuuji that helped her see that, all along, she should’ve stuck it out. When she left, it was her way of turning her back on her inner conflict. Her departure was the culmination of what Ryuuji started when he first began to selflessly help her.

  19. DMetroneis Says:

    By the way, congratulations on your graduation!

  20. zomgalazerspewpewpew Says:

    I also liked the ending. A series with a closure.

    Btw, Filipino ka rin pala. Kinailangan ko pang basahin yung profile mo hahahha.

  21. Van Almeria Says:

    Congrats Mike! wahahahaha 😀 san ang party?

  22. Michael Says:

    Haha. Thank you to everyone for the kind words.

    I’m currently at a place with no internet connections, so I’ve to go to the city to even place this comment. I’ll be back later when I get a decent Internet connection once more.

  23. Z Says:

    waaah. another gay post! @_@

    dear mike,
    i hope you’re not gay. otherwise, i will kick your balls!

    translation: congrats mike! 😀

  24. RHO Says:

    I thought Taiga’s choice to reconcile with her mom was a great way to end the series. Unlike so many other series that basically have two lovebirds “abandon it all” for love right at the end, Toradora was more about becoming emotionally stronger, even in times of separation. I think that idea is the foundation of the love between Taiga and Ryuuji, and it’s beautiful.

    Congratulations on your graduation!


  25. Cameron Sharpe Says:

    I have to agree that the only thing you can do is ignore and sadly probably lose those friendships with those who have problems with it. Hopefully some of them eventually will come around,, but I wouldn’t bet on it or lose sleep over it. I like Steve’s idea of having fun with the racist jerks you encounter…being able to find humor in the situation can be a good way to deal with it.

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