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What are the anime to watch in Summer 2009?

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

I’m only starting to understand the intermittent updates by TheBigN, and that has a lot to do with the rigours of medical school. It’s actually worse than high school, because after you’ve stayed at school for more than a third of the day you also have to study for another third just to probably pass. There are also weekly exams, which don’t make things any easier.

With that said, I haven’t really watched any anime after finishing Shikabane Hime. I was irritated at the ending, primarily because it was classically Gainax, but it was, as a series, pretty good. I wished Makina and Oori became more than friends within the anime’s span, but I guess that wasn’t meant to be.

I have a few questions: which spring anime of 2009 have already ended? What are the good ones to watch, aside from Cross Game and Eden of the East? Has a poster for Summer 2009 come out yet? What are the anime to follow?

It’s actually a reality that I’ve realized a steep decline in my Internet use. From the more or less 35 hours a week in college I’m barely using five this time around.


‘I can’t go on, I’ll go on.’

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

While other post-graduates were busily preparing for what to bring the next day, I was on the computer looking at a red-and-black screen, dodging a missile at one point and ducking an alien at another. While they were excited to open a new chapter in their life, I was totally focused on vanquishing the ecclesiastico-military palette.

Enjoy watching.

I was playing the Super Cobra (using the Adventure Vision BIOS) on the MESS and I sought to finish the game (by myself) without infinite Cobras to see whether the game would present an alternative ending or not. I was so besotted with the completion of the game because it would give me closure, a closure that I desperately needed to prove to myself that my lust for that failure of a handheld system was juvenile. I vowed to myself to finish it before classes would start primarily to prevent any distraction from my studies. While I had quite a few misgivings regarding medicine, I am a man who sticks by what he has chosen, and as I had chosen medicine I am going to stand by it (despite the fact that I barely slept yesterday and probably wouldn’t later). After about five days of persistence, I was finally able to finish the game with a limited number of Cobras and I also finally discovered that there was no difference in the ending whether one had infinite Cobras or not: the game kept on without end.

Having played as if demon-possessed for a few days, I could not help but notice the different flaws that the Adventure Vision system had. For one, it was very fragile: a short fall and the rotating mirror mechanism that allowed the game to proceed would break. There would be no more game, and no more system. Another flaw to its design was that it was primarily built with red LCDs. The VirtualBoy was merely an upgrade from this console: both have the same red LCDs that cause eye tiredness, headaches, nausea, and dizziness. Finally, the games other than Super Cobra have barely any replay value: the system possessed mediocre graphics at the time, and once one finished with Super Cobra there wasn’t really anything else left to do but to start all over again (or stop playing, which was what I did).

My finishing of the game came at the most opportune time, because after I completed it I could finally disassociate myself with the game and with the obsession that plagued me for a good few weeks. I could also finally focus studying for the medical profession that I have chosen; and while I am still not quite sure of the decision that I have made I am extremely certain on my commitment to my choice. I can only hope that I can surpass the obstacles that I am encountering currently and the even bigger ones that I will face in the future.

Thank you for everyone who has supported me throughout my stint of blogging. While I probably will not stop watching anime, and while I will probably still blog, it will most certainly be not in the same volume or length as before. Right now I have dealt with three-hour night sleeps: I will probably have to deal with worse.

As Samuel Beckett most aptly put it, ‘I can’t go on, I’ll go on.’

The beauty of Evangelion: you are not alone

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

I only watched the first Rebuild of Evangelion movie a few days ago. It was on my computer for the better part of a year, and while I had time to spare I simply forgot about it as time passed. When my sister got sick, however, I volunteered to be there with her and the only thing I could do to prevent getting bored was to watch whatever anime was left on my computer (and that was quite a sizable amount). I decided to watch the first movie after recognizing its presence, and I didn’t regret the decision. (more…)

Adventurous visions and the Adventure Vision

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

I have searched high and low in different Philippine cities for the Entex Adventure Vision. It’s an American-built quasi-handheld console that is purported to be the Holy Grail of all video game collectors. Now, I don’t really believe in or have faith in people who keep their rarest consoles boxed and sealed, unused. Whether rare or not, a console should be played, not stored.

It may look like that, but it's so cool!

It may look like that, but it's so cool!

I was taken in by the Super Cobra cartridge for the Adventure Vision; I thus wanted to get an Adventure Vision for myself, even before I knew of the exorbitant prices people paid for one. Granted, I knew I was most probably never going to find anything, but I simply wanted to reassure myself that I did everything that was possible for me in the attempt of procuring that console (except that I was without cash to burn).

As an alternative, I downloaded an imperfect ROM of Super Cobra for the Adventure Vision. It had flaws with both the sounds and the graphics, but I thought it would at least give me some peace of mind if I finished the game so that the pangs of desire would no longer penetrate so deeply. I set to finish the game with that in mind; however, the ROM being flawed, I played through an infinite regression of the final level of the game. There were no congratulatory messages; there was no return to the first level despite my time and effort put into the game.

So, yes, I still want the console and the cartridge. But writing my grievances out often makes me feel better regarding my bad lot, so here I am. I technically finished the game, so all I have to do now is to curb my obsessive nature and just wait and hope that the day I’ll finally have money to pay for a console will also be among the days where a working Adventure Vision still exists.

Until then –