Adventurous visions and the Adventure Vision

I have searched high and low in different Philippine cities for the Entex Adventure Vision. It’s an American-built quasi-handheld console that is purported to be the Holy Grail of all video game collectors. Now, I don’t really believe in or have faith in people who keep their rarest consoles boxed and sealed, unused. Whether rare or not, a console should be played, not stored.

It may look like that, but it's so cool!

It may look like that, but it's so cool!

I was taken in by the Super Cobra cartridge for the Adventure Vision; I thus wanted to get an Adventure Vision for myself, even before I knew of the exorbitant prices people paid for one. Granted, I knew I was most probably never going to find anything, but I simply wanted to reassure myself that I did everything that was possible for me in the attempt of procuring that console (except that I was without cash to burn).

As an alternative, I downloaded an imperfect ROM of Super Cobra for the Adventure Vision. It had flaws with both the sounds and the graphics, but I thought it would at least give me some peace of mind if I finished the game so that the pangs of desire would no longer penetrate so deeply. I set to finish the game with that in mind; however, the ROM being flawed, I played through an infinite regression of the final level of the game. There were no congratulatory messages; there was no return to the first level despite my time and effort put into the game.

So, yes, I still want the console and the cartridge. But writing my grievances out often makes me feel better regarding my bad lot, so here I am. I technically finished the game, so all I have to do now is to curb my obsessive nature and just wait and hope that the day I’ll finally have money to pay for a console will also be among the days where a working Adventure Vision still exists.

Until then –

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  1. Kairu Ishimaru Says:

    Is it weird if I think I want to buy that kind of console? wwww

  2. Michael Says:

    Nah. It’s a fun console. wwww

  3. Ronin AnimeLover Says:

    So you’re digging up for “legendary” consoles like this one? Hmm, that’s new.

  4. Ryan A Says:

    That thing look sic! For some reason, I’m being reminded of an arcade article I read on Also, that download sounds just as bad as Ghostbusters for NES D:

    So now that I know what this is, I can keep my eyes peeled ^^

  5. Michael Says:


    I’m trying to. All the places I’ve gone to were dead ends, though. 🙁

    Ryan A:

    Yeah. It goes for as much as 5K USD when it does appear on Ebay. D:

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  7. tarsus Says:


  8. Michael Says:

    Ay, paghulat lang, Josh.

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