… and so many things that I want to forget

In the past week, I’ve only watched a single episode of a certain anime, and I realized something: the best only get better with time. The DVD re-encodes of niizk of Honey and Clover, the anime that still remains to be my favorite among every anime series I have watched, have reminded me of how majestic the series was. I absolutely loved the prognostication of the first episode: life, indeed, is like a wheel (and this wheel symbolism is something that pervades the entirety of the series). It goes up; it goes down; but it keeps on going on. At the end of the first episode Takemoto explicates to us that there are some things we do yet we don’t know the reasons why, just as there are some things and people we like without knowing the reasons why. Despite everything, however, life must go on.

This belief somehow reminded me of a line in Pablo Neruda’s poem, No Hay Olvido (There’s No Forgetting). It’s actually the last line of the poem. The line goes: ‘and so many things that I want to forget.’ All our lives we are beset by the face and the fact of our own humanity and failures, yet we must go on. We keep on, because to keep on is to keep on living.

I love Honey and Clover. You should, too.

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  1. Ryan A Says:

    Garururu. Forgetting tends not to be the problem with time, but remembering. Still, some things are very tough to forget, but the ones which are easy to remember are often something to smirk about. Oh, the journey we have here. ^^

    Cheers! Hope you find more time for entertainment and such 🙂

  2. Kairu Says:

    Im probably the only one who is still not watching Honey and Clover..

  3. Anon Says:

    Honey and Clover was an experience for me, and still remains my favorite anime.
    Im happy there are others who are able to appriciate what Honey and Clover gives its viewers.

    Im sure you already know, but on itunes the Honey and Clover dub has been released. You should check it out!

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