I knew that the transition to medical school was going to be anything but smooth, and I was correct. I had a lot of misgivings before the start of classes and a lot of imagined problems with my soon-to-be classmates. Somehow, however, I was able to persist and flourish: perhaps this is the reason that they call man to be the superior being, as his capacity to adapt is nearly limitless.

I got myself one of these.

I got myself one of these.

I changed my study habits: from a total absence I strove to read at least two hours a day, and to this moment I have been moderately successful (sometimes I just become too tired and simply sleep). It has fostered a paradigm shift for the better, as I am consistently competent in class (no longer am I the scrub I was during university). Despite this, there are still a few negative repercussions present: my university life was the culmination of a laissez-faire attitude towards my studies, and I existed back then solely to humor and enjoy myself (which I did very successfully, going on DotA and anime binges days at a time). Currently, however, I am at a loss at what to do to humor myself (at a relatively inexpensive cost). I search for vintage games on eBay (that is primarily the reason why the past posts have all featured Adventure Vision and also the reason why I have specifically created an Adventure Vision category), and I have managed to win bids on an Atari Lynx and an 80’s Entex Space Invaders handheld. I want to rein in this passion and quasi-obsession on bidding for them, but I really don’t know what to do. I know what I am doing is stupid, but I feel unable to suppress it. The solution, as stated from a lecture on Community Medicine, is for counseling.

I also got one of these.

I also got one of these.

What do I do, guys? Any suggestions? I have already spent about 165 dollars on different merchandise abroad, and I feel hesitant to spend some more, because while I do have the money I want to spend it on more relevant on pertinent things. I can vouch for the 40 dollars spent (I got myself a set of new headphones because my SC-HESH wasn’t performing like it used to), but the rest were spent on vintage video games, the incipient new addiction of mine. I was also actually planning to spend 800 dollars on an Adventure Vision despite being unsure of whether it would arrive in the Philippines and whether it would arrive in the Philippines at one piece. I currently am watching eight items in my eBay account, and most of them are affordable video games (that are made pretty expensive because of the shipping). I have plans to purchase two of them: one of them is a vintage, two-player Football game, and the other is a Defender clone. Both of them were produced by Entex. (By the way, between them, what do I get?)

In regard to my quasi-obsession, I can control the amount I spend on any given item. Most of the time I do not let it go beyond 30 dollars per item, but it still is undeniable that I am spending money on items that I do not need. (I blame my parents for not buying me video games when I was young! [Just kidding, mom, dad!]) I really just need another distraction, something that I could do that doesn’t disrupt or empty my wallet and bank account. Any pertinent suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

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14 Responses to “Obsessions”

  1. JP Says:

    Trailer Park Boys have been keeping me busy lately. You’ve never seen a Canadian television show I don’t think. Grab’em on torrents anywhere.

    But if you want something more tangible, find a cheap used instrument. Like a violin or piano or guitar. It might be a lump sum but the value for your dollar is pretty good. These things last for years.

  2. meganeshounen Says:

    Violin playing sounds like a good idea. I’d love to learn how to use that myself…

    And seems like you’re starting (school)life all over again. Even with the retro gaming thing you have right now…

    Anyway, in this place of ours, one could find pleasure in the simplest things… we just need to realize that.

  3. Michael Says:


    I hadn’t seen you for some time now! lol, how have you been doing?

    It’s not actually a thing. It’s some sort of de-stressing, primarily because I don’t play DotA much, and I study a lot compared to my university existence.


    Someone suggested that to me, and I recognize it’s a very tangible and worthwhile suggestion. The problem is, it’s very time-consuming, something I don’t have in spades.

    Nevertheless, thank you for the suggestion. I appreciate it a lot.

  4. Baka-Raptor Says:

    Um, how about anime?

  5. EK Says:

    From one former med student to another: it’s not impossible to watch anime while in med school. You do have to choose more carefully and plan more carefully though.

    A lot of guy classmates still played their online and offline games all through med school. I think it’s stress release. Just choose your priorities, decide what you are willing to part with and what you absolutely need to stay. Gambatte.

  6. Michael Says:


    I’ll look into that. It’s pretty hard, though … D:


    I have been following Hatsukoi Limited (then I stopped), and now I’m just re-watching Honey and Clover. It doesn’t help, however, that I don’t have consistent Internet.

    I do still play DotA. I’ll look into that, too. 🙂

  7. Ryan A Says:

    K, most time-efficient (time/enjoyment maximization) medium in j-media is likely manga ^^. As for gaming and buying associated stuff, I think it’s a fair activity (it can be relaxing… like collecting old records of a rare period/genre). No matter, when you have free time, just be sure to slow it down and enjoy. 🙂


  8. Avalon Says:

    Mike, do you ever check your email? I sent you the most epic official Code Geass picture ever and you didn’t fucking put it up. Very disappointed. >(


    I even typed out a bunch of shit about symbolism and stuff. Go read it.

  9. MaiOtaku Says:

    I second the sentiment: How about anime. Lots of anime. Lots and lots.

  10. Michael Says:




    Will look into that. 😉

  11. Asperger's Anime Blogger Says:

    Man, I used to spend lots of money on recent handheld games for my DS but I’m starting to realise there’s not many more games currently out for it that interest me. Always wanted to try Chrono Trigger though, as it was never released in Australia until now for the DS. So I guess Australia fails.

    My current obsession is books, anime DVDs, figures and Lego. Particularly the Lego, I made a Bollywood castle for Baka-Raptor even though he hates his own Indian culture. Will post pics once I find my camera…

  12. Lupus Says:

    Flash games.


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