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Barely breathing

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Medical school is akin to barely breathing. We had three exams just a week ago, and two more this coming week. Despite knowing that Spice and Wolf II is currently airing, and that there are still some anime that are worth watching (plus, is Lelouch really alive? When will the OVA come out?), I don’t have a consistent Internet connection and I also don’t have much of time to really enjoy myself with anime.

I’m glad that I’ve finally (somewhat) controlled my urges to eBay: I did it by being interested in a relatively expensive (and very rare) video game, which would cost me a lot of saving and a lot of waiting. I’m halfway through that mark, so it’s good. I wish I could comment and read what the blogosphere offers, but medical school takes away most of your time. It really is a schooling, both inside and outside the classroom. Imagine reading a whole book for only a week … with a comprehensive exam upcoming immediately after.


See you~!