Gundam 00 S2: firestarting that latent addiction

I recently finished my first anime marathon ever since I started medical school. To sum everything up: feels good man. With that said, I was able to do it because I resolved to wean myself off bidding on eBay. I am extremely grateful for those who commented on my previous post and the grains of wisdom within their comments. I was wavering with symptoms of withdrawal beforehand, but I am glad to say that it has been a week since I have bid on anything on eBay. It may be a minutiae to many, but it is something significant to me. As I believe this will become a relatively lengthy post, I will divide the post between its central part [the anime part] and the personal part [my continuing battle against addiction], as I feel writing about my problems will help solve it.

I really like Feldt.

I really like Feldt.

Central part: Gundam 00 S2

It seems as if I started watching this series only yesterday, but such is the testament of time’s swiftness when it has already been roughly a year since it began. I took a little time off before writing this post so as not to be as driven by emotion as I was when I finished the series.

I liked the second season. For me, any anime series that persuades me to marathon it reflects its likability to me. I could not finish it in one sitting as my eyes are not as undamaged as they used to be, but with every day I followed the series I watched until my eyes were so tired that I could not do anything else but sleep. I liked it enough that I had a hard time sleeping after every viewing, thinking about the ramifications and the consequences of what I had seen.

I have a difficulty properly having an exposition, but I will try by first differentiating the first and second seasons. The first season was more of discussions, talk, than it was action. On the other hand, the second season focused more on action, and in contrast to the focus of destruction in the first season more emphasis was placed on rebirth in the second one, especially exemplified by the protagonist Setsuna F Seiei, who in contrast to the heartlessness and aloofness displayed in the first season had a lot more heart, empathy, and emotion [although it still was not much].

I appreciated the second season more than the first because I appreciate the development of romance and two out of the three characters I hated most were justly executed, and by their own selfish desires at that. These two characters are Wang Liu Mei and Nena Trinity. I never liked them since the first season, and I was glad they got their just deserts in the second. I was also happy for Marie and Allelujah who finally discovered one another and remain reunited even by the ending, and glad for the ending of Kati Mannequin and Patrick [Star]. I knew it was not going to end like a fairy tale, especially because this was part of the Gundam series, and I expected someone to die. I was not smiling when Anew died, but in retrospect I am glad it was her instead of the other girls.

I loved Sergei Smirnov’s character. The writers developed him as a tragic hero, and his death was quite an awakening, not only to his idiot son [the third asshole I wanted dead], but also to Marie. I appreciated how he tried to be a good person despite being a military man and how he was a lot different compared to most of the people in the upper echelons of the Federation. He may not have the fluency of words and verbiage, but he had a lot of heart to compensate. His character was great.

Have some cuteness.

Have some cuteness.

I was glad for Saji and Louise to finally reunite despite everything, but I was wondering [because it was never explicitly stated] whether the medication she got from Ribbons was the cause of her acting crazily at times, especially at the sight of Gundams. Saji finally grew balls, and Louise finally got back to her senses, but I never really cared for them, only happy that at least they did not lose each other. I would not have mind were they totally removed from the storyline, since it was from them that a lot of the series’s angst and tragedy arose. They were irksome for the most part.

The four Meisters [especially Setsuna] were brooding for the most part, but it at least led to somewhere, unlike the two I mentioned in the previous paragraph. The two above could have totally been written off from the story and it would have had a lot more cohesion and coherence within it, at least in my humble opinion.

Marina Ismail was also very underdeveloped, and she got irritating especially in the latter episodes as well. There is little wonder why Setsuna did not even pursue her as a lover because she was not worth it. She may sing all the songs in the world but it will never have stopped the war. I guess she was merely a construct so that Setsuna slowly discovered his humanity, but I felt her as unwanted.

There are even some more flaws if I just looked further, but my post is not merely to criticize the show. I just wanted to present the other side of the argument. Despite all of these problems, however, I felt the show was good because it led me to wanting the heroes get their happy ending and triumph over the evil [both within and without]. There were some loose ends; there were problems in continuity at times; but at least to me it is undeniable that I wholeheartedly watched it and liked it a lot because it had at least a story that flowed and had a lot of action in it. Finally, I can say that the crew of the Ptolemaios have endeared themselves to me. I actually wish Setsuna got a clue that Feldt actually likes her and like her back, because at least Feldt fights with him and shares the same standpoint on peace: that it is not given on a silver platter or just sang about, it is fought for. I am also glad that Feldt in her own subtle way has moved on. I actually hope Setsuna will finally have a girlfriend, because at the very least it will give him more of a human heart that loves another human, not another Gundam. [There was this scene in episode 18 where the different pilots of the more powerful robots were shouting out the people they loved. I laughed so hard when all Setsuna muttered was ‘Gundam,’ and Tieria, ‘Veda.’] I hope something will bloom from the flower that Feldt gave to Setsuna.

Overall, my personal rating for the second season of Gundam is a solid eight out of ten. While the story would only be six at its highest, the characters (the useful ones, anyway), the music, and the graphics more than make up for the flaws of the series. I absolutely love Tomoko Kawase (Tommy heavenly6) and the animation for me was top-notch.

What did you guys think about Gundam 00’s second season?

My continuing battle with addiction – non-essential [just personal stuff, really]

Before I went to enroll myself for the second semester of medical school yesterday, I picked up another package I bought from eBay. It was a circa-1980s electromechanical game made by Tomy, and this one was a game where one moved a mouse dodging cats on the way to cheese. I really like playing it, but its capacity as an interesting time-waster is not really high: eventually one gets bored playing it after about 15 minutes. I have no regrets purchasing it, but I realized I wasted money yet again.

This was the latest package.

This was the latest package.

I have no regrets buying these things: I just wish to stop buying because I recognize them to be unnecessary and inessential. For example, while the vintage Pioneer SE-2P headphones have been very useful [and I have now since accustomed myself to its shape], I had no need whatsoever of it: I have a newer set of headphones by Panasonic, and they function really well. Likewise, I had no need of purchasing an electromechanical game that would entertain a child of today by five minutes at best, and yet I still went on to purchase it.

The last purchase I made was due to a mistake in naming the item [Entrex instead of Entex Turtles], thus lowering its value. Instead of getting it for four times the amount I bought it, I just bid on the item because I knew it wasn’t often that I would get an opportunity such as that one. Indeed, I got it significantly cheaper. But I still spent some more money.

I do not think such will be the case for the following days, however, especially because I have once more awaken myself to the dark side of anime: it has become the central addiction in my life [currently, at least] and I have never felt better.

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4 Responses to “Gundam 00 S2: firestarting that latent addiction”

  1. Pablo-kun Says:

    You and your compulsive spending. At least purchase something like the Apple pipin. And for your Gundam rambles:

    1.Did you not cry when Lockon died?

    Ribbons-cannon –> Cannon –> Guncannon.
    Are you seeing the pattern in this?

  2. Michael Says:

    Actually, I want(ed) to have the Apple Pippin. But I’m not really a compulsive spender (I don’t bid anything beyond 20 USD), I just want to collect unique video games.

    Lockon didn’t die in Season 2, Pablo. And Mr. Bushido to me felt unnecessary to the show, but bolstered it somewhat. I just didn’t feel like I had to mention it.

    Lastly, wat?

  3. Zack Says:

    First of all, regardless of this post being about season 2, if you didn’t cry when the first Lockon died, you have no heart.

    Secondly, I agree with everything you’ve said! I was practically on the floor when the crew proclaimed what they loved(although don’t you think Lockon’s love for Anew was slightly underdeveloped?), and I was practically praying for Saji and Louise to die by the end of the season(I’m glad they ended up happy though, of course).

    However, none of this matters! The most important thing is Feldt and Setsuna! I’m really hoping they develope things further with them in the movie(or perhaps further seasons!?!). If the series doesn’t end with Setsuna and Feldt getting married with the cast and crew around to celebrate, I will simply not be satisfied with life.

  4. Carla Spradley Says:

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