Hatsukoi Limited: first love never dies

I am extremely glad that there are still people who read my new posts. They are most certainly not as frequent or constant as six months ago, but then again I wasn’t in medical school that time. Nevertheless, I promise to update (and this time, I will fulfill this) at least once a week. I have little ability in writing, and I feel that if I don’t use it I will lose it altogether. Medical school has been full of scientific and sequestered writing, and I feel that to retain this small creative edge I have to keep on writing, despite everything. I have made medical school my excuse, but if I only spent a little time everyday in cooking up a short post, I’m certain I will be able to have at least one post in a week.

I have studied like I have never studied before. This is the truth. I spent a considerable amount of time just attempting to familiarize myself with the nuances of the human body, and it’s no small task. However, I have also spent a lot of time doing nothing: I still played DotA, and I shopped on eBay (spending both considerable time and money).

Just the previous month I bought about four items that will be ultimately useless for me, but since I found them intriguing I bid on them and consequently bought them. I desire to stop this impulsive habit of mine, and I realized that it’s not difficult to channel this intensity on other things: why not anime? I want to save money: after thinking about things long enough I realized that I should just write and watch anime. Even with the decreasing quality of anime (with the lack of a budget), there are still a few gems that come up every season.

One of these gems was Hatsukoi Limited. I finally finished it two days ago, and I found it to be a wonderful upgrade of the manga. Among my favorite romantic developments in the manga was that between Arihara and Yamamoto, and I’m glad that in addition to keeping the gist of the manga (although removing the more dramatic and less believable rain scene in chapter 31), the director of the series made Arihara more mature in accepting that his sister has finally grown up. Instead of the whole chapter focusing on Arihara and Yamamoto, there was merely an insinuation by the director that Arihara has also finally grown up and that he and Yamamoto are consequently going out. Had they included the rain scene, I myself would have felt it overly cheesy. It is pathos, after all, and not bathos that drives excellent series.

First loves ...

First loves ...

I was more pleasantly surprised, however, with the way the director dealt with Chikura’s vignette. I did not like how the story was told in the manga, but I was pleased with how even the failure of love to bloom corresponded with the growth of her character and culminating with her ultimate acceptance of Sogabe’s feelings. I really appreciated how it ended as compared to the manga.

Finally, the series was no Ichigo 100%. It was an interweaving of tales, a collective bildungsroman, one can say, on the reality, the success, and the failure of first loves. The conclusion was wonderful: life is still starting for these children, and their loves, whether in failure or in success, are just really the starting points: these are the first days of the rest of their lives.

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  1. Angelus Says:

    I enjoyed Hatsukoi Limited too (and I’m still following the OVAs). First love may indeed be bittersweet, but never as poignant as last love. Growing older makes things work in reverse from when you were young – instead of worrying about the first time you do something, you worry instead about whether it will be the last time 😉

    Oh, and about that “I have little ability in writing” bit, your prose style and vocabulary are both far better than most people’s.

  2. Michael Says:



    I agree. It may be the first that’s the most memorable, but it’s the last love that’s unforgettable.

  3. Ryan A Says:

    Ah, just finished Michael. Interesting (and glad) about your comments on the manga version. I totally loved these girls and the way things developed, but oh I wish there were more ^^

    The end resolve was a bit weak (or chopped) for some of the relations, but still a satisfying watch.

    I think I can feel nostalgic about this one.

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