Darker than Black 2 explained: did Hei kill Yin?

This is neither official nor sanctioned, but another interpretation from the arcana of the final episode of Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini. I will not be like others, however, that will execrate BONES for their trolling, or curse them for what they have done to the franchise. I will simply try to explain things the way I understood them.

I personally saw the ending as decent: it wasn’t great or awesome, but it was quite solidly done. The episode affirmed, in a subtle way, that Hei loved Yin and vice versa. The point of contention is really whether Hei killed Yin. I personally don’t think that he did, primarily because in the final scenes there was a bifurcation of personalities: one Yin was black, and another was white. The White Yin was the one who asked Hei to kill him, whereas the black Yin stayed in the background. This made me personally reflect on Izanami as just a personality that branched off from Yin, especially because I just finished watching the particularly moving Kara no Kyoukai. The black Yin may be a male personality of Yin, and the white Yin is the Yin that Hei knew and loved all along. It is said that in the gate one gains something in exchange for something equally precious, and the return of female Yin to her own body and to Hei is paid off by the loss of her Izanami personality to another body, the male doll eerily similar to Yin and armed with her contractor-killing powers, as well. Hei’s gain of Yin is accompanied by his loss of Suou, a person who has grown valuable to him. With Shion’s ‘flawed’ world he lost his life; with Suou’s loss of memories she gained a new life in another world. The same can be said with July, who has once again become human in the world Shion tailored. It’s quite allusive to Fullmetal Alchemist with its idea of equivalent exchange, but it’s not altogether illogical.

All in all, it’s a decent ending.

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  1. Angelus Says:

    I’m not sure I can go along completely with the bifurcation thesis because, in the gate, black Yin and white Yin are speaking as if still one person – black Yin says “It’s not too late,” and white Yin finishes off the sentence with “kill me”. Anyway, I’m afraid I’ve ended up in the group who feel that Bones was trolling them – not just killing Suou but destroying her personality memory by memory, and then after all that, pulling a “lol eva reset c/w toast” ending so she can live on in some planetary-scale Truman Show with Shion as the posthumous author.

    But just because I thought it was a terrible way to end the series, I still felt somehow that it was a marvellous piece of anime because of what it said about memories (not just this episode but both series) and how they define who we are. Our memories are so much more than just “a miserable little pile of secrets”. I know that my memories can be such a deep source of pain, and I’ve spent years in therapy trying to come to terms with them, but I’ve got to the stage now that I would not be without them even if someone with an ME offered to rid me of them. They’re part of me, part of who I am, and I would be diminished as a person if I were to lose them.

  2. Exia Says:

    I personally am not mad or felt like I was trolled by Bones at all, but I do think that the ending suffered from very bad pacing, which enhanced the outlandish nature of the ending. If we had at least two more episodes to help flesh out the ending, I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t be such wild backlash from so many viewers. All in all, I feel that DtB2 is a fine anime only marred by a rushed WTF ending. However, the promise of an S3 due to the events of S2’s ending may provide redemption, at least for many viewers out there.

    As for the specifics of the ending, exactly what happened to Yin is questionable. Hei could have reunited Izanami (Black Yin) and normal Yin (White), or killed only Izanami, or reunited them and then killed them. What I do know is that Izanami and Shion (Izanagi) meeting ripped open Hell’s Gate to create Boy Yin seen at the end, and that he is pretty much what one would see as the Antichrist seeing as how the Mitaka documents say the being born from this will bring suffering and calamity.

    However, your interpretation makes a lot of sense as well, given how Hei smiled when Yin asked him to kill her. The fact is, until we get S3, this particular part of the ending will remain up to speculation since a lot of evidence points one way or another.

  3. erra@tsukino Says:

    Me too. I don’t actually believe that Hei kills Yin. His smile shows that it wasn’t meant to be that way. Although I am not fully understand this season 2, I know there’s something mystery when white Yin ask him to kill her. It must be Hei’s wish to gain Yin back and as an exchange, he’ll lose July and Suou. I believe that Hei didn’t kill her. At the last scene, we all see that only a bright purple light is somehow absorbed by Yin’s body, right? I know it must be Yin returns to her own body and being carried by Hei to another place where nobody can disturb them again.

    Sorry to say but this is the most disappointing season for DTB, because there’s not much scene about Yin.

    I hope that if BONES decided to give way for season 3, I don’t care how the story move along, but I just want it has to be Hei and Yin moment all times. Without Yin, there’s no reason for me to watch DTB.

    Whoever post this explanation, thank you for making Yin’s supporter a bit relieve. And know, we’re all believe that she’s not dead. She’s just unconscious from exhausted and now Hei will take care of her.

  4. erra@tsukino Says:

    Me too. I don’t actually believe that Hei kills Yin. His smile shows that it wasn’t meant to be that way. Although I am not fully understand this season 2, I know there’s something mystery when white Yin ask him to kill her. It must be Hei’s wish to gain Yin back and as an exchange, he’ll lose July and Suou. I believe that Hei didn’t kill her. At the last scene, we all see that only a bright purple light is somehow absorbed by Yin’s body, right? I know it must be Yin returns to her own body and being carried by Hei to another place where nobody can disturb them again.

    Sorry to say but this is the most disappointing season for DTB, because there’s not much scene about Yin.

    I hope that if BONES decided to give way for season 3, I don’t care how the story move along, but I just want it has to be Hei and Yin moment all times. Without Yin, there’s no reason for me to watch DTB.

    Whoever post this explanation, thank you for making Yin’s supporter a bit relieve. And now, we’re all believe that she’s not dead. She’s just unconscious from exhausted and now Hei will take care of her.

  5. Modnar Says:

    After I did a bit of reading on some of the alluded mythology I came to a similar interpretation as you. I’ll be looking forward to the next season.

    Looking at all the bitter and cynical comments over at anime-suki, I can’t help but feel they all need a Suou in their life too. She was an excellent character and was essential in eliciting the humanity in Hei after the hell he went through.

  6. Ryan A Says:

    Yes, I agree. FFVIIKnight and I chatted it out in crazy, and some of the main conclusion points were that Yin is alive, and Hei is with her… at least that would make the most sense.

    The ending, what actually happened, was a bit oversized for the series imo, which is why it is tough to deal with as a fan. I did enjoy it though, and Suou’s place in everything was really special for me. Do wish Yin had a different part in this storyline.

    Another season would be good speculation.

  7. Akura Says:

    I’ve watched the season finale too and I agree that it ended quite soon. Now we’re all left with more questions than answers. I mean, did Hei REALLY kill Yin? (Hopefully NO) Who’s the Yin-look-a-like? and What happened to Hazuki?

    =The first question really MUST be answered ‘coz a lot of fans are confused w/ HOW that can even happen. Did Hei get his powers back and used it against Yin?

    =The second question is quite the enigma since apparently Yin (boy version) has the ability to rip the spectre (souls) of normal human beings like Mr. Smith.

    =The third question is a personal one since I’m also a fan of Hazuki-kun… seeing as how Genma got what was coming to him, I can only assume that she might make an appearance on the next season… hmmm, a Hazuki & Hei partnership would be something to see (since both of ’em are awesome assassins) ^^

    =As for Suou, her ending is bittersweet ‘coz she got the normal life she deserved but lost the man she loved. But at least July is happy (finally)…:)

    =Overall, the DTB 2 ending is begging for a Season 3… since the upcoming OVA would only show how Hei and Yin lived and got separated… HeiXYin forever!!!

  8. Michael Says:

    The second season was just a promo for season three, I assume.

  9. CBBp Says:

    The fact that Yin says “it’s not too late” and then “kill me” and then the fact that The new being is still crated and the gate is opened means Hei did not kill Yin. Because if he did the new being would not have been made. Hei simply used the other side of his power, the side that alters things. My guess is he some how put the “good” Yin back into her body or something of the sort.

  10. RJB Says:

    I love these speculations because all of them make a lot of sense. I think I might be able to re-watch the ending without cringing this time. The first time I saw the finale, I was thinking it was going to be this huge moment that would explain everything, but it left out the answers I wanted and gave me more questions instead. I am in particular favor of this theory. It made me feel like there was hope after all (which I think was intended in that last screen shot).

    You know, it’s funny. While all of your guys were saying how you thought that the boy Yin was the Izanami persona, my initial reaction was, “What the heck? This thing looks like Hei and Yin smooshed together. Did Hei use his molecular-changing abilities to merge them?” Which, now that I think about it, is really rather creepy. Still, that last shot of Hei and Yin walking away screwed me up. Especially when Misaki said that she felt like Hei was still out there and alive shortly after the boy Yin was introduced. For the fandom’s sake, I really hope you guys are right.

    As for Suou’s little speech at the end, she said she believed she would meet Hei again (without knowing who he was, of course). I’m a little fuzzy on the whole second Earth thing and am a tiny bit put off with it because until they do something with it other than make people happy (although July smiling was adorable), I feel as if it left a lot of doors open. Then there was the whole thing with the second Earth moving farther away and those Doll twins mentioning a new Gate…Really, the root problem is that there was just so much packed into that ending. There’s a ton of new material to work with. A third season would be more than appropriate.

  11. GG Says:

    I think Yin is still alive. In the final episode Yin told Hei that it is not too late to kill her. Maybe, the prophecy (Amber memory of the future) will not be fulfilled if Izanami died. But in the end we can see that the future that was written in the Mitaka document became true (The birth of boy yin look alike and the creation of another earth). In my opinion this is the proof that Hei did not kill Yin, if he did kill her both of the events would not happen.

    The future itself would probably be the price that Hei must pay to get Yin back. For choosing not to kill Yin, Hei would carry the responsibility of killing the yin look alike (which probably be the main antagonist in S3 imho).

    I hope that there will be S3 in which Yin is alive and have more screen time than in S1 and S2. Yin x Hei forever 😀

  12. whosaidthat Says:

    After reading all your theories I could think up an explanation that would answer all my questions and put me at ease till a season 3 (hopefully) is released. So personally i think that hei did not kill yin , he put the good yin and bad yin (i guess u could call her yang?) back together therefore not altering the prophecy.hei must of wished for suou to live in a happy world thats why she was sent to that other world that was created by shion.July wished something similar and was sent to that world also.that boy is the being that was born from the meeting of Izanami and Izanagi propably the main enemy if there is a season 3.this is in my opinion the explanation that makes the most sense.Although I didn’t like the idea of erasing suou’s memories and sending her into a fake world…I’m hoping that she and hei meet up again because it just felt wrong.Overall i think the ending was rushed up and lacked any real answers leaving us with more questions than we can handle.

    Excuse my horrible grammar I tried typing this as quickly as I could
    lol goes to show nothing decent can be done when rushing.

  13. lol Says:

    i reli agree wif all of the commet above ,well if there is going to be a season 3 i hope it will take away all our question marks n btw hapi ending would be nice too

  14. Shizbot Says:

    Aren’t you all forgetting that there’s more to Hei’s power then electricity? i.e, the power to alter particles at a molecular level (remember S1 when he changed the molecular structure of the anti-gate particles?)

    And his star did shine as f*ck, so he must have done something with his powers… Right? (when and how did his powers return btw? Did they return when the meteor shard was destroyed?)

    Ah well, I’m just bursting with questions… Looking forward to a thirds Season.

  15. theonlypersonhere@gmail.com Says:

    Well after watching the OVA 4 Gaiden I have been obsessed with DTB. Season 2 ending was quite disappointing, although I’m a bit confused I wanted to know the real truth. I strongly assume there will be a Season 3 if not I will be very depressed. I just don’t know why some people would disagree that, perhaps they haven’t seen S2? Or Gaiden. But Hei is only suitable for Yin be far due to OVA 4. I just don’t get why in the end Hei will agree to kill Yin with a smile in the end of S2. Maybe I missed a point? Help me out

  16. Sharmayne April Cassino Says:

    In one episode of RnG, one of the earlier ones, when Hei was on the boat with Mao, July and Suou, didn’t Mao ask where Yin was? And Hei responded “I’ll ‘kill’ her”…?

    Maybe that’s what Yin was referring to at the end, when she said “kill me”?

    But then what did they mean by “kill”?

    I really don’t know.
    That ending left me confused. :\

    Season 1 pwned!
    Season 2 tried to explain what happened in season 1 but failed? (It just made fans more confused! :$)

    There better be an awesome season 3 in the making! D:

    And I believe Hei walking away with a naked Yin in his arms, and his star shining in the sky proves that he is not dead! He is now living somewhere with Yin! 🙂


    ~Sharmayne April Cassino

  17. Sharmayne April Cassino Says:

    I found a VERY good answer to my question above, as well as the ending of Ryuusei No Gemini!


    It states that Hei felt obliged to kill the “Izanami” part of Yin, not the original Yin, since Hei felt like he was the one who changed her, stated by Mao.

    I found the essay post interpretation by that person to be very well thought out, and that’s why it could be the actual meaning….

    Well, it made sense to me because I am a HEIxYIN fan! xD

    ~Sharmayne April Cassino

  18. vxxLostBoyxxv Says:

    I feel Like there was a Yin & Yang (Black & White) / White Yin & Black Yin

  19. DTB FAn Says:

    Hei did not kill Yin. He used his abilities to alter particles to seperate izanami from Yin. That explains the bright light we saw whiles Hei was touching Yin. At the end we see Hei carrying a naked Yin. Yins nudity was caused by her seperation from izanami. It looks like Hei is carrying a dead Yin but Yin is actually unconsciouse.

    Hope this explanation helped.
    Its been a while since season 2 of DTB ended but i really hope a third season is released.

  20. Jello2040 Says:

    I agree with DTB FAn Says: because there is no way Hei would go through all that and just end up at the end having to kill the only person he has/loves left in the world.

  21. Richie Says:

    I agree with most of what you guys are saying, but you all seemed to miss “white” yin and “black” yin.
    Yin and yang people, they most likely had the whole thing planned. Because yin is good, and only started doing evil when Izanami possessed her, they are not the same person. They both abandoned the old body and fabricated new ones, so I believe hei killed izanami’s incarnation. As for the condition of yin, I’m not sure what happened to her.
    Personally I think that sending suou to the other world when she loves this one, wiping her memory of Hei and her friends, and sending her to a replica earth when she was accepted in this one was horribly cruel and mostly a mind-fuck, but I do support it because her memories were gone, although there were many other options available than to go there.

    I hope there is a season three to explain

  22. Mysterious Bear Says:

    What I particularly liked was that at the moment that Suou was losing her memories, she acknowledged that her memories is what made her…well, her. It did not matter that she was a copy or anything like that because she was valuable enough as is.

    I particularly did not like that she was moved to a different world. That is the only thing I have a hard time coming to terms with. And what about Hei promising that he will always be at her side? Well, I guess spiritually or some nonsense like that, it is true.

  23. Jeffrey Says:

    Hei is izanagi without a doubt. There are many contradicting things shown in the series but I think i’ll be able to defend it. If hei is indeed izanagi, then why when they’re already together before why didnt the child, which is believed to be Kagu-tsuchi, emerged right from the beginning? Why did yin wanted hei to kill him even though that will result to giving birth to the child (as the legend says) when yin absolutely doesnt want the world to go to chaos and more people dying cause its also the wish of hei (thats why he chose the third path in the first season) so why?

    First as stated above, izanami isnt complete yet so being together with izanagi in the first place wont trigger the birth of the child and I also doubt that izanagi(hei) is already complete the first time izanami has awaken in the ova so nothing happened. Second, yin wants to hei to kill him because she loves him, she doesnt want him to suffer cause no matter what he chooses, yin must die(either dying giving birth to the disaster child or die not doing so to prevent the tragedy from happening) since it is said in the series, izanami isnt complete yet that time. Another thing, even izanagi left her to be alive that time and even told hei to unite with her.

    Other facts are the talks yin had with the person inside her (which i think is the real izanami) to wait for hei to be ready and the spirit agrees, that just means he’s really an important person both to them for the spirit of izanami, that would be only be izanagi.

    Also remember madam orielle, who gave her the job on cia by telling him about yin being alive? isnt that coincidence? she knows the plan all along of uniting the two so she purposely did that. She even said “let the two meet each other” she’s pertaining to hei and yin that time.

    Other fact. Remember the cd amber left to the police officer(i forgot her name). Amber said there to address something to hei, so he wont commit another mistake. Misaki (is that the name) then desperately wanted to see hei to tell him something amber wants to tell her. Since amber saw the future and amber knows of the mitaka document, obviously what she wants is to have a better future for contractors as well as humans in general so he doesnt want hei to commit a mistake this time. Question: What mistake is amber pertaining that can affect the future of the whole world? Only thing that comes to mind is that if he’s izanagi, where he can change the future depending on what route he’ll choose (kill yin or unite with her). That made me make up my mind hei is really izanagi.

    What’s with shion then? Shion isnt izanagi, he’s just a normal contractor..He went to the gate to see izanami because she’s the only one who has the power to grant his wish which is to transfer the memory of contractors and people izanami killed to the new world shion has made. Cause if he’s izanagi, why would he die? lol its supposed to be izanami dying. The gate also is the place where your dreams can come true thats why he came there. At the cost of his life, he was able to make a new earth. For Suou, at the cost of her memories, she was able to live on another earth free of sorrow, as well as july at the cost of his life. For hei, at the cost of his friend suou’s life, his contractor power came back. and yin’s wish is to be with hei forever and the cost of her life (in the end you’ll see hei carrying yin)

    DId yin really die?
    I believe not, hei didnt kill her. There are things that made me say that. 1) Remember misaki again, wanting to see hei and tell her about amber’s vision? she was frantically wanting to tell hei that so that he wont make any mistakes and after the light was shown seeing hei carrying yin, then she was able to calm down and she’s not anymore obsessed with hei. why? all the answers she wants to know have been answered already, and AMBER’S WILL has already been made by hei which is to avoid bringing chaos to the world. So hei did really kill yin? no, i believe he just made her sleep for the rest of her life so that izanami wont awake anymore, using his electricity she made yin fall asleep. You know hei would neither choose any of the two options. He choose a different path again like in season 1. Proof is the yellow field misaki saw once she got closer to where hei is, its the same event that happened in season 1 where hei chose the third path. So amber’s will has been followed, where hei doenst suffer and the world wont as well.

    then what is the reason of the appearance of the child in the gate? remember, amber says there are many futures a head of them so i think it’s a new mitaka document for a new kind of disaster that may happen. That’s why misaki tells in the end, “we’re just beginning” meaning there are other prophecies that may happen like the birth of an unknown being in the gate.

    well that’s all..sorry for the long explantion 😛 that’s how i think how things happened in the series..

  24. Sharmayne April Cassino Says:

    Now that I’ve re-watched the whole DtB series & I’ve read up on the Izanami & Izanagi Japanese myth… is the boy at the end that kills contractors Hei & Yin’s son? That would make Hei- Izanagi, which makes sense if Yin- Izanami & they mated at the end when he touched her???? Or maybe him using his powers to separate Izanami from Yin was symbolic of the creation of boy Yin? Arghhhh BONES Y U NO MAKE SEASON 3??

    That aside, OVA Gaiden was beautiful. OVA 4. Amazing. I’m such a Yin x Hei fan, all of Gaiden made me so happy.

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