No more Darker than Black season 3? That was THE END?

There will probably be no Darker than Black Season 3, and Yin’s most probably dead, as assumed by the director:

The text roughly translates to Okamura Tensai speaking of Yin looking to be very dead.

The text roughly translates to Okamura Tensai speaking of Yin looking to be very dead.

If this is true I’m going to be very disappointed. I thought the whole series was decent because it was going to be a set-up for season three. If this is the definitive ending to Darker than Black I guess … I’ll just say I’m quite disappointed.

Further updates will come.

EDIT1: Kaoru Chujo of Animesuki (who’s obviously more knowledgeable in Japanese than I am) confirms that Tensai believes it is the end of Darker than Black. How it answers most of the questions is still a big question for me, but he does say that the OVA will tend to add more to our understanding.

At least, I hope so.

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  1. Duke Dhunter Says:

    All i caught was Yin dies. so i will NOT be watching season 2 as they killed off my favorite character, i will instead live with the ending season 1 rovided thank you very much

  2. ichi Says:

    i don’t think they would kill of Yin. firstly, she is an integral part of Hei. if anything a third season will require adequate potrayal of Hei’s state of mind in dealing with loosing her. secondly, not so much due to any abstract quality of the anime itself – but more so due to the scientific anomolies of hell’s/heaven’s gate – Hei has been able to see people who had passed away ( like Nick Hillman etc. ) so the anomolies of hell’s/heaven’s gates could open a possibility for Hei to at least communicate with Yin if relevant to the story Which it probably would be due to Hei’s connection with her, at the same time though it was the second season that he delved in alcohol indulgence to deal with her loss so i doubt we’ll see him constantly greiving. The idea i got personally from the second season was that Hei received much needed closure from his relationship with Yin. And given his highly rational and now more mature state of mind he will likely have a completely new and more interesting personality in a 3rd season.

    A 3rd season is DEFINITELY needed. Not just for the open ends left from season 2 but also because it is a noteworthy story that demands to be continued. It’s difficult to say where the writers could go on this one but it for sure needs to be continued – my personal desire would be an entire 3rd season ( 26 episodes ).

  3. draig Says:

    As much as I want a season three, its been a long time since the end of season 2, I dont think a season 3 is gonna happen, I think thats why the manga was made to give a different closure to the series

  4. the116 Says:

    Guys, think about how long it took them to create a season two-it wasn’t released until two years after season three, and season two was only 12 episodes. Then the four Gaiden episodes came out in 2010. And since both bones and Tensai Okamura each are currently working on other projects, neither of them currently have time. So factoring all that in, it should take them around two to three years to make an announcement, when the production company and the director can both set aside time and then get the green light to start production. Honestly, if there is at all a season three, which I am hoping for since they left us so many questions, I think we can expect some sort of confirmation around late 2012/early 2013. I mean, in the interview Tensai Okamura doesn’t give away anything specific, only saying that such and such “seems” to be this and that. And you can expect them to be much more secretive about things this time, since the plans to have a second season of Darker Than Black had been leaked to the internet. Let’s all hope for a great(possible) third season that can answer our biggest questions.

  5. Jusstafan Says:

    Although the anime is freaking great, they have a manga continuing the story line of season 1 and yin is still alive :3 DTB:Shikkouk no hana

    It’s good And way worth the read!

  6. hello Says:

    they should follow fate/ zero and fate/ stay night, they should either continue on with darker than black series, alternatively they could go back before we meet Li-kun in japan and show us the heaven war because we do not really know how Li got his powers, and why he is cursed, also they should explain to how the heaven and hell gates opened.

  7. MangaMan Says:

    Unfortunatley, no, they will not be making a third season of DtB. Tensai Okamura has no plans for a third season as of 2009. They have made a manga, however, it is not a manga adaptation of any of the existing anime episodes, but incorporates an entirely new story to the franchise that takes place after the first season of the anime.
    I hope this helps, because I loved the Darker than Black series, I wished it hadn’t ended. But hey, we can still send emails and fan mail requesting one right?

    For more info you can reach me at taylo911 at


  8. Pragya Says:

    Okay, i actually love the ovas because of all the amazing yin and hei moments. Season 2 was medicore bordering annoying. I hated the whole suou storyline and wished for more yin and hei. I know there were some rumors of a third season in october but those were false. Bones in making Zetsuen no Tempest in the fall. I really think there is a lot of unanswered questions and there is a huge fan base for this anime, so it would be really illogical for them not to make a season 3. I hope they do, but do it right: 26 episodes. I looked up bones on wiki, and if they gave a sequel to eureka 7 6 years later, then there’s still hope for a season 3. Hopefully 2013????? Yin and Hei forever!

  9. stb Says:

    will personally strangle the higher ups of studio bones and Tensai Okamura if there will never be a season 3…you should never leave that sort of ending for fans. Some closure is needed!

  10. Hei Says:

    Tensaid Okamura, Please make a season 3.

    Do either a prequel before the events of South America , or a continuation with Hei and the Third Gate.

    Please, please.

  11. Phate Says:

    I’m glad to see that there is a lot of support for this anime.

    I just heard about it a week ago, and watched all the episodes.. and it cannot end like this.

    Love love love this story. Please. Animate. More.


  12. Dako Says:

    we should start a petition to get them to make a third season 🙂

  13. november 11 Says:

    “we should start a petition to get them to make a third season :)”

    I’ve just finished the s2 and now on the ovas. Season two was a bit disappointment and more so the ending. I (really really)didn’t want Yin to die. They left some/many openings in the end(which gave me some hope for s3) and I hope Yin is not dead. The kid in the end looks like Yin’s descendant or her child (maybe capable of reviving them). Just as Hei has his sis powers/memories, maybe the child possesses of Yin’s too. If I am not mistaken, Hei has his powers back i.e. his star. I liked the story and Hei x Yin’s moments (very much).:)

    Tensaid Okamura sensei, Please, please make the 3rd season, I want it badly.

  14. Katana Says:

    Don’t worry guys there WILL be a season 3! I have a friend whose cousin is working for BONES. So far he’s seen many trailers that could be possible outcomes for season 3, rest assured my fellow DTB fans. Also, yin can’t be dead. Remeber, Hei’s (actually Pai’s) full power is molecular manipulation. He could separate Yin from Isanami, killing Isanami in the process. That’s why his star was shining brighter than ever, he was using his power to the full extent. 🙂

  15. July Says:

    i know i’m a little late on the trend but i recently got done watching darker than black i watched all of season one all four OVAs and all of season two and I have to agree that there needs to be a season two!
    Also I doubt that they had killed Yin! I think that there’s more reasons supporting her being alive than her being dead! and I agree with what Katana Said “Also, yin can’t be dead. Remeber, Hei’s (actually Pai’s) full power is molecular manipulation. He could separate Yin from Isanami, killing Isanami in the process. That’s why his star was shining brighter than ever, he was using his power to the full extent.”
    there’s many questions unanswered !

  16. Clifton Says:

    While this is very old and all…did you watch the show’s ending? Or did you just skip from being upset.

    If you watched the ending, then you would have seen how Yin’s alternate form CAME TO LIFE…

    Meaning…Yin’s death or not death is not apparent. Despite what anyone else said, why would you have on a breathing apparatus who is dead? There would be no point to it.

    The Second Season was actually about Suo. From the very beginning to the end. It’s always been her arc. Therefore, one shouldn’t have expected for a full ending for someone else’s story.

    CONCLUSION: Yin is NOT dead.

    SECONDARY CONCLUSION: Suo was the MAIN character of the Second Season, not Hei.

  17. BK201 Says:

    okay i’m gonna put this as simple as possible season 2 was very mediocre i’m very unsatisfied with the ending and hei was only shown once in the ending seen caring yin and the whole suou thing who the hell came up with the idea to replace hei with a fucking 13 year old girl i mean really season 2 had one of the most stupid ass endings ever and july wtf was the point of him being a main character i liked more as a support character O and hei hits 13 year old girls now the hell? O and just so you know while the ova did explain some things it still left alot unanswerd season 3 is a must or im gonna lose all hope in the anime industry this was a huge shitfest.

  18. Goku4448 Says:

    Hei separated the izinami from yin. The boy yin at the end was the izinami.

  19. futureman Says:

    Nah, not gonna happen I should know I’m from the future. 2015 is just around the corner and no DTB.

  20. future, futureman Says:

    The corner has turned it is 2015 and DTB is but a memory, what a shame, the only way it can be saved is if a fan comes into some serious money and offers to pay for continuations.

  21. bman4ever Says:

    Greetings from 2016! Still no word of DTB S3. The world mourns for its loss.

  22. sherif abbas Says:

    hi, i really hope you remember what magazine was that scan from and if you can send me the whole article i know I’m way too late but i only watched it recently i wasn’t that into anime back then xD

  23. Claudio Estay Says:

    25 July 2016… nothing yet :’c

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