Durarara – 04: love in the time of cholera

I think I have been a romantic for quite some time. In fact, my top five anime revolves around love stories that have impressed upon me, whether they focus on the romance itself, or are only tangential to the main plot. When I saw the fourth episode of Durarara (I’m grateful gg returned to their normal selves), I liked the episode a lot because I saw the patience of Shinra in waiting for Celty. He cares for her, even if she is a Dullahan, and has done so for the past twenty years. The only character more patient in waiting for their love is probably Florentino Ariza of Love in the Time of Cholera, one of Marquez’s seminal works. Nevertheless, I admire the patience that he has for Celty, especially because one of the features that attract and define a woman to a man, the face, is not with her. He does not even mind even if the head does not come back to her so long as she remains with him. I found it to be one of the better illustrations of unconditional love in anime, and the episode itself continued the ambivalent nature of the show: perhaps humans may be bad, but they are only bad sometimes; other times, they are good people, and most of them, overall, are decent, despite everything.

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4 Responses to “Durarara – 04: love in the time of cholera”

  1. Loz Says:

    … and perhaps, sometimes, they are just into necrophilia.

    Heheh, but on a more serious note, yeah I guess it was lovely how Shinra cares so much for her. Looks like more romance coming in next weeks episode too.

  2. Angelus Says:

    Shinra may never have seen Celty’s face, but having once dissected her, he’s seen a lot more of her than most guys have seen of their girlfriends…

  3. Ryan A Says:

    Decent despite it all, I can agree with that.

    Perhaps he thinks if Celty finds her head, she might leave… dunno. A road to cross at a later time. There is a large sense of naivety I get from Shinra, mainly because he seems to resist change (the inevitable).

    Great stuff :)

  4. one piece man Says:

    durarara good anime i like it ,,,

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