From the lavender water of an obsolete sports drink …

I am a pretty thin guy, but I don’t let my slimness get in the way of physical fitness. While I have temporarily stopped weightlifting because of academic concerns, I have not stopped doing cardio through playing basketball. I enjoy the sport despite my skill, and since this is probably the only uninterrupted free time I would probably have throughout the next school year I decided to just enjoy myself for the time being.

This is the obsolete sports drink.

This is the obsolete sports drink.

While on the way to our local sports complex, I ventured into a store I have never gone in before to buy Gatorade. It made sense to sell Gatorade across a sports complex, and I was not wrong: they had, indeed, a slew of Gatorade drinks for sale. One item caught my eye, however. It was a sports drink that appeared just as quickly as it disappeared back when I was still in Manila, in university: it was Celerity, a sports drink locally developed to compete with Gatorade. It did not help that its taste wasn’t as refined as Gatorade’s was, and so its appearance was merely an evanescence into nothingness: the company that developed it probably threw the towel, as the website it had at the back of its label is now defunct; currently, the site is just another place-holder for

The lady selling the drinks did not allow the sale of the product as it was of old stock. I persisted, and she gave it to me for free. (I have a special respect and fondness for things of age.) I clearly remember trying it once, although its taste did not appeal to me. After opening it to try it, it still doesn’t, and the developers of the drink simply just wasted their money in attempting to develop a hip and fit sports drink, which was all the rage a few years ago.

Here in the Philippines, a lot of items overstay their welcome: here today, gone tomorrow, because the welcome to most of these novelty items were, in reality, absent in the first place. I was thinking about how this was in contrast to the Japanese way of doing things, where the avant-garde auteurs such as Masaaki Yuasa seems to know how long the welcome remains welcome in anime, and never seem to overstay their presence.

For example, we have The Tatami Galaxy. In contradiction to more popular anime series, it has no big-breasted women surrounding either a wimp who later on realizes that he’s a lot better than he thinks he is or a total badass who attracts the women like piranha to blood. It does have a wimp as a protagonist, but one who is quite vitriolic and vituperative at the time being, primarily due to his own failure to recognize his faults. It does not have women who surround the lead, and while it is a romance, is a far cry to the romantic comedies often flooding anime seasons. There is one beautiful girl, but it is not the beauty that an otaku expects: Akashi’s beauty is a more subtle, refined one. She is full of intelligence instead of eclat.

It is enlightening to note that The Tatami Galaxy is only 11 episodes. For an anime series, that’s very low. I think this is due to Mr. Yuasa recognizing that the anime he directs is niche, and he does not need episodes full of sound and fury to tell a love story and a story about love. I think Mr. Yuasa notes that only a few people are willing and open to watch series of his designs, and he keeps it short and yet intellectually stimulating for those interested. I saw the same mental flow with Kemonozume, and I am grateful for his concision.

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  2. Ryan A Says:

    The lady selling the drinks did not allow the sale of the product as it was of old stock. I persisted, and she gave it to me for free.

    OH MY GOD, I hope you didn’t get sick. lol. I need to watch Tatami Galaxy ๐Ÿ™ hard to catchup.

    Nice point on avant-garde staying avant-garde ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Michael Says:


    I didn’t. Knowing enough of food chemistry, sports drinks don’t really expire. As long as one stores them in a place that’s both cool and dry, even if they’re not refrigerated, they don’t really expire. The date on their labels are dates where the drinks’ taste will be unaffected. One may drink them after that, however, as sports drinks are basically water, electrolytes, and a little sugar. ๐Ÿ™‚

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