[Yojo-han Shinwa Taikei] Escaping the Tatami Galaxy: a fearless forecast

Over a meaningful discussion of The Tatami Galaxy in 4chan, ahr re-introduced the cover image of the Tatami Galaxy’s novel to me. I was just thinking how fecund of meaning the picture was, and I think it suggests the reason why Watashi has to grasp the opportunity in front of him (which is to turn off the light by grabbing the Mochiguman).


In a blueprint, the opening of the door is denoted by a quarter-circle. It can be seen in the image that this opening (the escape from the tatami galaxy) is actually signified by the moths and Ozu. I remember in the tenth episode that the moths themselves come and go as they please from room to room: I think it will be Watashi’s method of escape in the final episode.

Watashi himself notes in the tenth episode, before it ends:

Anyway, it seems like these fellows can cross through the parallel worlds and gather in them one after another.

If he turned off the light, the moths will actually go somewhere else, and one of them will be a path to his escape.

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8 Responses to “[Yojo-han Shinwa Taikei] Escaping the Tatami Galaxy: a fearless forecast”

  1. MorningGlory Says:

    How Watashi gonna use moth to escape the Tatami galaxy.
    Follow it??

  2. Vendredi Says:

    Meaningful discussion on 4chan’s /a/ board? I’m impressed.

    This idea makes perfect sense. And where do the moths always end up going? Why, they always seem to end up floating onto Akashi’s forehead, of course.

  3. Michael Says:

    I didn’t address that one, but don’t they!? 🙂

  4. Michael Says:

    Yes. He’ll follow the moths after he’ll turn off the light.

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