Site promotions: in preparation for my anniversary

Tomorrow, I am once again going to resume schooling. Having said that, my consistency with post production will dwindle, but I assure my readers that I will still write on the next episodes of The Tatami Galaxy with its analyses on my mind. I have been looking for series to watch, and this series has been such a welcome arrival. I have a strong feeling that the final three episodes of the series will be the redemption that we have been hoping for our tragic Watashi; I also have quite a feeling that it’s going to be great: Masaaki Yuasa has never disappointed me before.

In a month’s time I will be celebrating my four-year anniversary writing here on anime|otaku. I am nearing 6,500 comments, so I am going to allow the 6,500th commentator to give me any topic related to anime to write about. Of course, I will have a right to decline, especially if I feel that the write-up is going to be too time-consuming (forgive me, I am a student of medicine, after all) or simply stupid in the first place. I will also write on certain special topics provided by my two benefactors, Crusader and Angelus; these will come at a later date.

So keep the comments coming! I truly treasure your insights on a series such as The Tatami Galaxy, and there is such a plethora of interpretations and imagery that the anime offers that I can see no dearth of analyses for it. I will return to editorial writing in due time (or as temporary intermissions), but for now I find it fit to spend a significant amount of my writing time purely on the interpretations that The Tatami Galaxy offers.

Thank you for the insightful comments, as well.

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