On Left 4 Dead, the anime

As I have said in my previous posts, I really haven’t intently followed any anime series this season. First, nothing really ever caught me the way that Tatami Galaxy did last season, and second, I was feeling the rigors of medical education more and more to really mind. (I have a pending exam in Microbiology as I write this.)

It shouldn’t come as any surprise, thus, that I have not really been consistently watching anime this season. High School of the Dead didn’t occur to me as my cup of tea as well, as I am more oriented towards well-written romances rather than actionfests. I really didn’t plan on starting it in the first place, but certain denizens of /a/ have called to my attention the recently-aired sixth episode and how it was effusive with huge, nearly naked breasts.

Best friends for -

Best friends for -

I had to watch it, of course. I did, too, on raw.

I must admit that I was aroused with the different women, and I hope that the DVDs arrive sooner rather than later. I hope they’ll also fix the animation of the breasts so as to make it look more real, but beyond the aesthetic and sensual appeal of the different girls in various states of dishabille I also appreciated the emotional impact of the episode from what I understood of it. These were indeed teenagers thrown into an unpredicted and grisly situation, and while Takashi and Saeko exhibit a lot of maturity (from what I remembered in the manga, anyway), their ages still show. I especially liked how different Saeko, Rei, and Shizuka flirted with Takashi: it’s obvious that nearly all the girls in their group are attracted towards Takashi, but Saeko is a lot more subtle than the rest.

Of course parallels can be drawn between the Left 4 Dead franchise (great games, by the way) and this series. There’s a group of people that have little to do with each other (although it was taken to the extreme in Left 4 Dead games) who have to work together to live through an apocalypse of zombie infestation.

However, I appreciate the emotional core of this show more than its novelty in its genre, the women, the violence, or the badassery. In the sixth episode, the girls were drinking to at least be able to forget the reality that they currently face. When one is drunk the ego is somewhat dulled, and the id has a tendency to rear its ugly head (I think this is one of the foremost reasons why I never want to be drunk. People act stupid when they are, and while they are entertaining spectacles to watch, they are not to be emulated). Rei was the most obvious perpetrator of this, clearly affirming her desire for Takashi, although he didn’t even kiss her.

[Most of you may notice that I’m not as specific as my Tatami Galaxy posts and am more topical than exegetical. I merely enjoy watching series like HOTD and don’t really think of them as food for thought, which is the reason that the posts are more diffuse than those in the past. ]

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2 Responses to “On Left 4 Dead, the anime”

  1. RedMaigo Says:

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been here so forgive me if I’ve missed a few of your reviews. Life and school have also gotten in the way so I don’t watch anime like I used to.

    I too was not going to watch HSOTD for the simple fact that I think the zombie genre has been played out over the last ten years or so. I originally found out about the manga a few years ago but threw my nose up at it as borderline exploitive hentai with zombie violence.

    However, I broke down and watched the anime adaption of HSOTD because a friend of my told me that it was great in spite of its derivative qualities. I am glad I heeded that advice because, so far, it has been a rollicking good time. Episode 5 alone was epic in its bad assery and action.

    HSOTD is like a Hollywood summer block buster; turn off your mind and enjoy the ride entertainment. The creators of HSOTD were on the money when they released this gem during the summer months.

  2. Michael Says:


    Thank you for the comment. I haven’t watched as much anime myself, and school is certainly one of the biggest factors.

    The series has been a good time. It’s not genius, it’s very derivative, but I enjoy it a lot. As long as you can enjoy the ride and are open-minded enough, who cares, really?

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