What are your picks for Fall 2010?

The Fall line-up has come out. To be entirely honest, I wasn’t too pleased with what fall is offering, although as it is with every season, there are anime that could become one of the sleeper hits of 2010. Potential is very different from reality, however.

The fall chart

The fall chart

There are really only a few shows that I think deserve mention. Since I don’t want to reiterate what other people said for the most part, I’m trying to keep this post short and succinct. Panty and Stocking is obviously a lock, because it’s going to be done by Gainax. Gainax has this strange capability to make seemingly banal premises become awesome stories through the course of the series. For most people, all bets are off when it comes to Gainax.

Kuragehime is probably another series I’ll be following to the very end because it goes against the grain and is going to be directed by Baccano‘s director. I’m also probably following Bakuman because I like Kasai Ken’ichi, since he directed Honey and Clover. The World God Only Knows will be one of my more mainstream choices for the next season, because I really love the manga. I’m not expecting a proper ending, but I do hope they’re going to end at a point where there’s at least some closure.

That’s it. I’m not fond of following a lot of series (I think five is a lot as it is) because I don’t drop series and if I leave some of them in the dust the catching up just becomes more and more difficult to do. If word-of-mouth praises certain anime, though, I may just pick them up.

I also don’t know why, but I feel Kimi wa Petto vibes from Kuragehime. I haven’t read Kuragehime yet, mind you.

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12 Responses to “What are your picks for Fall 2010?”

  1. RyanA Says:

    I think I’m comfortable saying my forecast looks about the same with the addition of a couple sequels and maybe MM! for the artist.

  2. MeoTwister5 Says:

    I was told that this chart isn’t entirely accurate. I’d wait for chartfag’s chart since her work is mostly correct.

    Anyway based on what I DO know is coming out for Fall 2010:

    To Watch:

    1. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt – Panty has a gun made out of frilly underpants and likes to have sex with men. Stocking is a Gothic Lolita. Garterbelt is a black priest with an afro. This is the anime of the season. In Gainax doth we placeth trust.

    2. Yosuga no Sora – I’ve been hearing good things about the material. I need my SoL slow paced series. This is likely it.

    3. Mirai Nikki – I really should have read the manga a long time ago.

    To Try:

    1. The World God Only Knows – I actually wanted to try the manga but Onemanga went under before I had the time. Not exactly my cup of tea but it’s worth a shot.

    2. My Little Can’t be This Cute! – K-On’s ending in 2 months and I need my sugar.

    3. Star Driver – I haven’t had a true mecha fix in years. Maybe this is it?

    4. Soredemo Machi – It’s Shaft so expect this to be… well bizarre in some manner. As someone who couldn’t withstand the visual assaults of Bakemonogatari and thus never finished it, maybe I’ll end up liking this one.

    5. Kuragehima – I’m going in blind on this one.

  3. MeoTwister5 Says:

    I forgot to add Hakuouki 2 to that list. The series was surprisingly good and Hijikata is awesome.

  4. Michael Says:

    >Panty has a gun made out of frilly underpants and likes to have sex with men.

    Wasn’t this just a doujinshi? Do correct me if I’m wrong.

    You’re going to watch a lot of shows, wow.

    Kuragehime’s going to be directed by Baccano’s director, so I have faith that it’s at least going to be decent. I hope.

    Thanks for the comments~

  5. Taka Says:

    I usually give everything a shot but this season I probably won’t have time.

    Which sucks because there is a lot of shows I think have a chance to be decent to awesome.
    Focuses: TWGoK, Bakuman, Kuragehime, Panty and Stocking
    Sequels: Letter Bee, Sora no Otoshimono, Arakawa Under the Bridge, Index 2

    That all right there is gonna keep me pretty locked up.

    But if I have time: Star Driver, Ore no Imouto, Iron Man, Otome yokai, Soredemo, and Psychic Detective.
    If I feel like torturing myself: Motto To Love-ru (how does this keep getting OAVs and Seasons?)
    If I feel like killing myself: Everything else on the list that’s not a kid show.

    Such a huge freaking season.

  6. Vinzalf Says:

    I share your picks, except for The World God Only Knows. And also I’m going to check these two series made by Nippon Animation. They look like some interesting child-tale inspired stories, maybe with shorter episodes.

    I’m very very hyped about PanSuto. Gainax originals have never been a dissapointment to me, and the staff (a mixture of TTGL and Dead Leaves dudes) looks more than promising.

  7. Vinzalf Says:

    Also, Arakawa. First season was “better than fine”.

  8. Mon-chan Says:

    If you are Gainax fanboy, I highly recommend you to watch STAR DRIVER.
    Screenwriter Enokido Youji is the person who did on the Gainax original animes like Evangelion, FLCL, DIEBUSTER(Top wo Nerae2!), and Revolutionary Girl Utena (this is by JC STAFF though).
    He is real genius.
    Gainax, Shaft x2, manglobe, Bones, Brains base, and NO Kyoto “moemoe”animations.
    Fall 2010l line-up is completely my cup of tea.

  9. Michael Says:


    Yeah, we pretty much have the same picks.


    Arakawa was funny, but I prefer a more plot-oriented show, so I won’t pick up its second season. Gainax hasn’t been a disappointment, yeah, so … I’ll watch that too.


    I still think Spring was a stronger season, though. It will be difficult to topple down Tatami Galaxy.

  10. vendredi Says:

    Supposedly the next Gundam Unicorn OVA is out in November. Between that and the sequels there isn’t a great deal… although the reputation of Brains Base certainly could pull something like Kuragahime off.

    Ironman seems an interesting addition from a meta/market standpoint – I would have expected a compilation anthology, like the Batman or Matrix anthologies, but here we have an entire TV anime series. I wonder if it will be broadcast in North America?

  11. Wyvern Says:

    For the complete listing, broadcast dates and trailers of the upcoming series, check out http://countdown.mandragon.info/upcoming.html

  12. Kimbra Wasner Says:

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