With respects to Satoshi Kon

I haven’t really been a fan of Satoshi Kon. I’ve seen parts of his movies, but I have never fully seen any movie of his, and for that I must be crucified. It speaks volumes, however, when one of his films was used by no less than Christopher Nolan himself in the creation of Inception: I have read that Ariadne was very similar to the psychologist in Paprika.

What he has done is no small feat: he was able to create visionary pieces of art that have transcended even the boundaries of anime, being appreciated by mainstream film critics like Roger Ebert (for Paprika), as well as people who have the fortune of watching one of his films.

I know I haven’t enjoyed him in his lifetime, but I will certainly watch all of his movies in the future. I’m currently downloading Perfect Blue.

Thank you for your contributions to anime, Mr. Kon, even to a non-fan like me. You will be missed, not only by hardcore anime fans, but by everyone who cherishes a good movie and a good story.

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7 Responses to “With respects to Satoshi Kon”

  1. Vinzalf Says:

    A sad day for creativity indeed. One of the most talented and interesting anime directors for me.

    You’ll be missed, Satoshi Kon.

  2. MeoTwister5 Says:

    You need to watch all his works, if not at least Millenium Actress (definitely), Tokyo Godfathers and Perfect Blue.

    Like right now!

  3. KayDat Says:

    Makiko Itou, a food blogger, has posted a translation of Satoshi Kon’s last words, and a list of 100 movies chosen by Satoshi and his team. Thought I’d post it here, for those interested.


  4. Michael Says:




    I know.



  5. RyanA Says:

    I feel bad for not being more familiar with his works, because they are likely those gems which transcend a genre. That’s awesome.

  6. vendredi Says:

    I have to echo the sentiment that Millennium Actress is his strongest film, but do hope you get a chance to enjoy Paprika; having seen that when it came out in 2006 is part of the reason why the Inception hype has baffled me to some extent.

  7. Amerowolf Says:

    He was my idol, I was hurt indeed by his passing. What hurts even more is the goodbye message he left on his blog. I suggest going to find a translated version. It’ll hurt you not just as a fan, but as a person.

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