Why I prefer Takashi x Saeko

I can’t explicate based on logic as to why I like High School of the Dead, but I can unequivocally say I love it. Much of that love is towards Busujima Saeko, who, aside from being terribly attractive, can fight and is very useful. I mostly love High School of the Dead because of her.

Most of my top anime involve love stories: I’m really just a guy who likes a well-told romance. While romance is not the focus of High School of the Dead, there is an explicitly implicit tension among Saeko, Takashi Komuro (the main protagonist), and Miyamoto Rei, a close friend of his in the past. I recognize that the creation of a couple probably isn’t even in the mind of the mangaka writing the story, but if I were to choose, I hope that the ending will have Takashi and Saeko as a couple.

First, I understand that Rei has suffered much due to Shido’s actions. She had gone back a grade even though she was an excellent student, and to her, Takashi wasn’t around to comfort her. It can be implied that Takashi probably told her to face reality, as he was never the kind of guy (as we see more and more of his character) to placate women: he’s more of the guy who tells it straight even if people don’t want to accept it. Rei explains that she got tired of waiting for him, and as Hisashi was a more caring guy, she just went out with him instead.

I utterly loved this scene.

I utterly loved this scene.

The problem I have with this defense of Rei is that if one really loves someone, one doesn’t let anything limit him or her from expressing that love. The same can indeed be said of Takashi, but I think any guy would get turned off from a girl who acts bitchy towards that guy, even if he tries to understand that girl. Rei did not clear things up and she did not have any intention to until Hisashi died. This alone is enough to condemn her actions. Had she truly loved Takashi, she would have told him straight up that she was struggling with the events in her life and that she loved him despite everything. She didn’t do it.

But Takashi is a guy! He should be the one to make the first move!

The problem with this is that you don’t want to anger a raging lion. Rei verbally abused Takashi, and it showed even in the post-apocalypse. Any guy would be irritated, if not downright pissed off with being cursed and bitched upon, and I think Takashi just walked away. Takashi may have problems with his ability to show his feelings, but Rei had the bigger problem with the inability to control it.

As I see it, it was Rei who traduced upon their pinky promise. Takashi just suffered quietly and persisted. Not even her current flirting or words could change what happened in the past.

In contrast, we have Busujima Saeko.

Saeko is pretty much someone newly introduced to Takashi, and were it not for the apocalypse would probably never have been acquainted with him. Saeko is pretty much the positive antipode to Rei: she’s quiet, deliberate, and cunning, but she also has her problems.

This is purely personal, but I think she is more physically attractive than Rei. Having said that, I admire her qualities, both good and bad, as evidenced more clearly by the ninth episode of the anime series (and the later chapters of the manga). I do believe that there was only some attraction to Takashi due to his manliness, but her feelings developed later on and was made more obvious in the anime counterpart of the series.

She is not needy, unlike Rei. Most of her conversations with Takashi end up pleasant, with her not asking anything from Takashi. In her emotions, however, it is quite obvious that she is invested with Takashi, and it only becomes more and more perceptible as the series progresses.

Much of her character can be deduced from her sharpness in understanding other people: during Rei’s recovery in the Takagi house, when Rei was flirting with Takashi, she quietly waited outside and for her turn. In the anime, this was after that night in the temple, where maybe something more than saliva was shared between them. Did she berate Takashi? She just entered and stayed quiet.

She understands that it is the apocalypse, and that loyalty between a man and woman is pretty much very difficult to maintain. So what does she do? She recognizes that she is a woman, and if there is ‘anything that Takashi needs, I can present my womanhood (paraphrased).’ It’s the kind of love that is not suffocating or wanting, but ever-present. It’s that kind of love that is quiet and pensive, yet passionate. It’s a love that’s quite opposite to what Rei currently shows to Takashi: it is devoid of jealousy or of need for compensation.

This happened because Takashi saw her true self and accepted it (maybe in more ways than one). Her simple recognition of who Takashi was and her acceptance of him and her self is just a delight to watch. Besides, it would be a more special ending by going against the grain, right?

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  1. RedMaigo Says:

    Its never going to happen. Either Busujima dies gloriously or gets passed over, which is a shame. I feel that Busujima is the only other mature person in the group. Everybody else is trying to figure it, fails miserably, or only achieves it for limited periods of time; especially during crunch time (zombie attacks).

    But if Takashi does not pick the Kendo Girl (she is a trope after all) she can go into the Kendo Girl Hall of Fame with the others like Motoko Aoyama et al.

  2. Marzan Says:

    Unfortunately RedMaigo is right. Unfortunately many anime creators stay within certain parameters and stereotypes. Rei has been the star character from the start and the one that Takashi made a childhood promise with (remember Love Hina?). That will trump all character development.

    It’s a shame really. Saeko is unbelieavably hot!

  3. Michael Says:

    Red Maigo and Marzan:

    Yeah. You guys are probably right. It just hurts worse that way. 🙁

  4. RedMaigo Says:

    @Marzan It’s funny that you mention Love Hina because Saeko Busujima gives me that Motoko Aoyama vibe all over again. It has been awhile since I have seen such a noble and homicidal kendo girl. These type of girls have been lacking in most anime over the past few years and I for one have missed them.

    I mean Bamboo Blade was nice and all but modern day samurai girls are a rarity nowadays.

    @ It doesn’t hurt that much. If Takashi is fool enough to pass over Saeko then whenver I finally find that worm-hole/portal to the 2D world then Saeko is mine!

  5. Michael Says:

    @Red Maigo

    Unless, of course, the author willingly subverts common tropes and does a very good twist at the end. That would be brilliant.

    Girls like Saeko have been lacking in the past few years. I like her because she doesn’t act as if she were perfect, but she’s still really good at what she does. She has her flaws, but I love the fact that she doesn’t whine and cling to Takashi unlike Rei. I’ve always despised women who use men like Rei does.

  6. Akizu Says:

    It’s really frustrating to see the obnoxious, needy females leads end up with the guy. Just once, just for ONCE I want to see the main guy end up with a female that is NOT the female lead.. or is it just illegal in the laws of anime/manga? I guess we will have to wait and see.
    I will cheer for Saeko. I love me some Kendo girl. It really is such a shame that the kendo girl stereotype is always a side character and very underappreciated and never really given much a spotlight. :<

  7. SpicePrincess911 Says:

    The kendo chick is ONE of the leads for sure she is it may not look like it but it is (hopefully I’m not wrong) I don’t think that Takashi is gana end up with the other girl because look what happens throughout the seris (misspelled)!!!!!!!

  8. dreamreaver Says:

    well i’m rooting for saeko too,if i were takashi and she accused me of bashing her bf head by jealosy then your about to leave to save face and suddenly she say sorry i wll say “shut up!! your own your own!!

  9. Alex Says:

    I can’t believe people are bringing up the childhood promise. Let me remind you of something…it no longer applies. Rei destroyed said promise herself..so it’s null and void, so don’t liken it to Love Hina or any other childhood promise.

  10. Edge Says:

    I also like the Takashi x Saeko pairing, it’s the best pairing in the series. I didn’t really like Rei at all, she’s like a bitch that just dumped Takashi then verbally abused him amidst the fact that he’s the acting leader of the group and that he also have responsibilities to take care of. It is also hinted that Saeko might be pregnant with Takashi’s child. Saeko is best female character I’ve seen so far; quiet, sexy, cunning, understanding, dependable, and caring. In my opinion, Takashi could have really impregnated Saeko since in episode 11 when Rei cries to his side he didn’t kissed her instead he somehow told her that she must face the reality and accept it (This could indicate that he’s being loyal to Saeko since he might have impregnated her).

  11. TheGUY Says:

    Marzan Redmaigo Michael,
    I think you all are right Saeko might be the good fit for Takashi since I didnt see the manga (instead the anime) I dont see what happens next. I’m not allowed for the manga to much perv contents and I am watching in secret 🙂

  12. ksheeraja Says:

    I want saeko to be the one whom takashi loves.she is beautiful,intelligent n strong willed.just as a girl wants to be whereas rei dumped takashi earlier n when found that there was no man left she just turned up.such a BITCH.

  13. ivywinters7 Says:

    ok basically i am a saekoX takashi person , idc what ppl r saying about how rei has a right to her bitchy actions, becuase she doesnt . to summarize rei …she is an irritating and demanding person , and yes if she truly loved him she should have persisted to tell him that and made him understand! but i dont like her much anyways so im glad she didnt >> then when her bf dies she quickly clung to takashi …she is a very co dependent person as far as i can tell , and co dependent ppl usually cant stand themselves when theyre alone they constantly need to b in a relationship or some crap anyways yea she can b a good fighter or watevr but saeko beats her by a trillion points, saeko is a wise , respectful, understanding, beautiful, and mature girl and she apparantly loves takashi a lot bt doesnt let herself express it bcus as stated in one episode she feels as though she doesnt deserve love bcus she believes herself to be a monster. i respect her and hope she ends up with him she deserves him more than rei ever will . If the manga writer makes him end up with rei then he is truly dimwitted which i doubt he is bcus he came up with the sophisticated saeko …i hope hes also smart enough to make them a pair , anyways one thing i have noticed is this if in the beginning the main character is with someone , then they will not stay with that someone , they will b with another person most likely in the end bcus if he does stay with rei then thats too predictable and the author truly does not know how to tell a good and interesting story . anyways bottom line saeko and takashi belong together i jst hope takashi will come to his senses and realize that

  14. SaekoxTakashi Says:

    First of all rei is was not the star of the fuckin show it was takashi then takagi, and then Rei and the whole :<

  15. rei needs to die like asap hate her so much god!! Says:

    Rei needs to die the thing that pisses my off is that she just like on the the next one if ik that takashi
    Takashi likes saeko cuz on the first ova he was dreaming about saeko and how he had sex with her and in ep 9 saeko had sex with takashi and i know cuz she was buttoning her skirt and this is funny but i would have hit him with my sword but lets get real takashi likes saeko guys all the rei fans go suck it bitches rei suchs dick really she broke the promis and she made it so i think that she needs to go die plz go die rei my life will be so much better and the rei fans again can go suck it

  16. rei needs to die like asap hate her so much god!! Says:

    Rei needs to die the thing that pisses my off is that she just like on the the next one if ik that takashi
    Takashi likes saeko cuz on the first ova he was dreaming about saeko and how he did it with her and in ep 9 saeko had did it with takashi and i know cuz she was buttoning her skirt and this is funny but i would have hit him with my sword cuz he squeezed her boobs without a nose bleedeed i felt bad for her boobs
    forget real takashi likes saeko guys all the rei fans go suck it bitches rei suck it really she broke the promis and she made it so i think that she needs to go die plz go die rei my life will be so much better and the rei fans again can go suck it

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