Occult Academy: one of 2010’s best

I’ve read somewhere that Occult Academy was the last project of Anime no Chikara. I’m not certain about the veracity of this claim, but if it were the last series under the block, then at least the block ended beautifully: I just watched the final two episodes of the series, and it has more than made up the weak episodes in the middle. The series also has the cohesion and the integrity that I found wanting in the previous two projects.

Maya does not approve.

Maya does not approve.

It’s already too late to do a summary, but I admired Bunmei’s transformation from a wuss into the hero of their time: it was a great sacrifice on his part. I loved the fact that there were no obvious confessions in the show. The romance between Fumiaki and Maya developed without any explosive event between them specifically: one just saw the growing discomfort Maya had whenever he and Mikaze were together, and after Maya’s catharsis in the tenth episode it was really only him who was there to console her when she realized she made a mistake about her father. One could see the culmination of their relationship in the later episodes, but one could never expect what Bunmei did to restore the integrity of the future world. After finally deciding by himself and for himself, he regained the self-confidence and responsibility that he gradually lost through his own weaknesses of character, and decided to battle the aliens with his regained powers. While he died in the process, he was able to restore the world back into its normal state: it was his crowning moment of awesome, and while it was only short, it was a joy to watch.

Although the series is not a masterpiece (the weaker middle episodes attest to that), it was a well-made and very good series. I absolutely loved how they were able to develop Maya and paint her as a character that wasn’t really tsundere, but just someone who tried to be in grips with her guilt and sense of loss. Her anger towards the occult was her reaction towards what consumed her father and dissipated his love for her, and her hatred towards Bunmei was (justfiably) due to his incompetence and weakness. Once she discovered the reasons to their status, however, she loosened up and slowly became like who she was before: she loved the occult, and showed the caring and concerned person she always was.

Aside from her subtle progression as a character, I loved the dynamism of her facial expressions in general. I have never seen a character evince so much emotion as Maya. From her anger and disdain to her joy and happiness, the uniqueness of her expressions were also one of the reasons the show was good: it clearly showed effort from the creators. While I would have liked to seen her as an adult, I found solace in the quality of her feelings for Bunmei: she was faithful to his memory and to her promise to the future him to take care of the present him. What a great show.

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  1. Joojoobees Says:

    I agree. It was flawed, but did certain things really well, such as giving a credible basis for Maya’s various emotional reactions.

  2. Michael Says:


    This is one of my lesser favorites of 2010. 🙂

  3. Anime Manga Encycopedia Says:

    hmmm.. I think Durarara is the best

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