Otome Youkai Zakuro: first impressions

Technically, the last true season of the year has begun. While it doesn’t seem to be as impressive as the offerings of the spring season, there are quite a few anime that I have decided to give chances to, and one of them is Otome Youkai Zakuro.

The production values for the first episode were awesome. Let's see how far this quality gets.

The production values for the first episode were awesome. Let's see how far this quality gets.

As I expected nothing whatsoever from the anime, I was pleasantly surprised by its first episode. While I was expecting violence from the blurb on the Fall charts, it was actually relatively peaceful, as it dealt with the interchange and coping of humans with their youkai counterparts. I do believe that people who are quite fond of action will be turned off by this series, because it is essentially another slice-of-life show about the struggles of a growing interspecies relationship between the main characters.

Well, I liked that. It was very different from what I imagined it would be, but with seemingly top-notch production values and lovable protagonists the series would be a very good way to waste one’s time. It probably won’t provide much food for thought, but its first episode was a delight to watch and the interactions between beast and human were just priceless. Whether it shifts into high gear with palpable tragedy (unlikely) or just breeze its way through maybe three hours of the viewer’s life, it’s something innocuous and may even be precious later on. Essays probably won’t be made on its content, but it will make some people smile.

I certainly did. 🙂

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5 Responses to “Otome Youkai Zakuro: first impressions”

  1. vendredi Says:

    The aesthetic style and intended target audience of this show reminds me of Hakushoku to Yousei (Earl and Fairy), another J.C. Staff show from a couple of years ago, to the extent that I wonder if it’s the same group of people working on this one. Earl and Fairy felt a little generic in it’s premise and set-up, but I’m cautiously optimistic about Otome Youkai.

  2. Author Says:

    I’m not as optimistic, unfortunately. The reasons are two: Chiaki Kon and ongoing manga. Coincidently, I thought the production had a feel of genericity.

  3. Michael Says:


    I’m cautiously optimistic, too, but optimistic nevertheless.


    Ongoing manga are usually banes to airing anime. :c

  4. Angelus Says:

    They see me necroposting…

    This series is drawing me in more and more each episode. The quality of the artwork doesn’t falter, leaving the half-spirit girls just as ravishingly beautiful as they were at the beginning. What is it about these strange creatures? They are outwardly demure, and yet they can capture a man’s heart in an instant, leaving everyone totally bewitched.

    But there are half-spirit girls in this world too, who, with a word or a glance can turn a man into their prisoner even though you might think that they are the ones being held captive. So be on your guard, lest you spend the rest of your life yearning for one of them.

  5. Anette Giarusso Says:

    First-class article it is actually. My girlfriend has been awaiting for this info.

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