Touched by Touch – episodes 1-11

I’ve always wanted to watch Touch. It started back in 2006, when I watched the few Hiatari Ryoukou episodes released by MJN. Back then, however, I didn’t have the Internet speed or the hard drive space to tackle the huge requirement of Touch. I promised myself, however, that I would eventually watch it.

It’s been four years since that time. I now have a computer that’s competent enough, and an Internet connection that’s very good with respect to the service our country’s Internet providers can give. It took me some time to start watching the series because I wanted to wait for the entire series to be released on DVD. Currently, there are only 54 episodes. I’m not whining, mind you, but I have arrived at a point where I want to watch the entire series even if the rest of the episodes are LD rips. I have already archived the 54 released on DVD anyway.

I must admit that I can totally empathize with Tatsuya. I recognize that I have done wrong and that I can do better, but I fall into apathy as there are times where I’ve attempted to right the ship only to be shot down, whether by circumstance or by people themselves. It’s something frustrating, and I try to cope with it by living with insouciance as Tatsuya does even if like him I recognize that I have innate talent in me, and that I believe I can be better.

Let me share something that actually happened to me last year: I was actually in top of the class during the first three months of medical school, excelling in the first three blocks. While I rested for the musculoskeletal modules, I picked myself up once again in the neuroanatomy modules and believed I did well in the exams. However, when the grades came out I was just average. It was a major blow to me primarily because I knew I topped the class in the exams. I may have gone wrong in some respects but not enough to be average. Nevertheless, that became my grade. I wasn’t honestly devastated, but it just took the fight out of me, just when I was starting to strive for what I believed to be something I could excel at.

I thus really felt the pain that Tatsuya felt during the eleventh episode: after he fought with himself and the fact that he was overshadowed by his brother through sheer assiduity, he ultimately decided to join the baseball club until Minami decided to join the baseball club to be its manager. It was a slap in the face, especially because he knew how people were pairing Minami and Kazuya together. He had enough delicacy not to interfere in the pairing of two popular and excellent individuals, even though he also had invested feelings in Minami for quite some time. He may have just walked it off and lazed it away with his antics, although I bet it was also hurting him inside. He didn’t want to upstage his brother even though he could, judging from their past, and he didn’t want to interfere with the match made in heaven with Kazuya and Minami. It’s sad. He simply deals with it through mediocrity, just like I do with my medical classes. I will be all right, as long as I can pass. That is my success. I know that it is detestable for the achievers reading this post, but it’s really how I deal with my failures in life: I try to move on as best as I can – something that shows in Touch.

That’s why I’ll keep on downloading and keep on watching. Maybe I’ll also find some answers.

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  1. Baka-Raptor Says:

    Tatsuya is such a badass. As far as sole lead characters go, he’s my all-time favorite.

    Check your email. Is the address you sent me earlier still good? I need to send you Opal Mehta.

  2. Michael Says:

    Yeah, Baka-Raptor, your taste is impeccable. He’s a badass … and he’s great.

    Yeah, it’s still the same. Thanks a lot!

  3. kosze świąteczne warszawa Says:

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