Freezing: why I quite like it

I did not expect anything from Freezing, and judging from the rather average scores in AniDB, was right not to. I’m glad I didn’t, as well, because I was pleasantly surprised with how entertaining and involving Freezing is. The well-drawn ladies, of course, factor into the equation, but I like how Mamiko Noto voices Satellizer, and how the romance between her and Kazuha is slowly developing. I was surprised when I discovered Satellizer was also Mamiko Noto, since I didn’t hear this range from her in her other roles. Her voice was clearly huskier and more masculine than most of her other roles, and that’s kudos to her.

I have never hidden the fact that I am a sucker for idiosyncratic romances. Among those romances is a relationship between an older woman and a younger male. There’s something attractive from its deviance, and when it’s well-executed it’s just a joy to watch. Take for example Rika and Mayama’s complicated relations in Honey and Clover, or the exciting relationship between Jin-Ho and his sensei in Unbalance x Unbalance. When the complications and the dynamism are established and the strength of their love is shown majestically, I as a reader or a viewer feel elated.

The beautifully-drawn breasts, I must admit, are among the factors that have invited me to watch more of Freezing. But it is essentially how Satellizer thaws from the influence of Kazuha that keeps on sucking me in. I frankly thought that Freezing was going to be as mindless as Ikkitousen, but it’s not. There are reasons, for example, why Satellizer acts like a frigid bitch, and why everyone else is going for her. I’d probably act like an asshole all the time if I was molested, too. I even wonder why she’s that strong even when the whole world is against her (except for Kazuha).

It’s no candidate to be the best anime of 2011, but it’s fun to watch for me, and that’s all that matters. (Plus, it’s a bit more tastefully done than Ikkitousen, and the plot actually makes a bit of sense. That’s not bad.) It’s also a great way to waste thirty minutes of one’s time after a taxing day, moreso if one’s a guy.

I just feel depressed, however, when I know that it’s probably not going to end soon and the anime probably won’t even touch on further events from the manga.

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  1. RedMaigo Says:

    I had already read the manga, up to the latest chapter, and it actually wasn’t that bad. Kazuha as the weak beta male lead pissed me off in the beginning. However, as we find out what happened to Satellizer and why she doesn’t want to touched became clear, I realized why someone like Kazuha is just what she needed. I will admit that I didn’t have high hopes for the anime. I watched the first episode and wasn’t impressed with the animation quality. I may give the show another chance but I have too much in my back log to give it a shot right now.

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