A few thoughts on rubbing alcohol

I have never stopped writing; it’s just that I’m not really following many anime this season and the two that I follow don’t really need any writing about at that. I mean, other than some comments on a unique character such as Charlotte, there isn’t much to talk about. I mainly watch anime for entertainment during this time, although I’ll look into Madoka, since people I have a high opinion of seem to recommend it to me. I already have the first episode. 🙂

I still have some issues with esoteric beauty products and eBay, but I’m slowly weaning myself (hopefully never to be sucked back into stupidity). Here’s a recent write-up regarding my idiosyncratic nature. I hope I will become more creative in the future rather than just feature a permutation of myself, but here goes.

On Alcohol

「As her arrived from San Miguel he crossed the street to the nearby pharmacy and looked into the items sold. As it was a pharmacy that catered to the lower socioeconomic classes it was filled with generic drugs and local medicinal products. He saw a brand of alcohol he had never seen before: its brand name was Gentle Care alcohol. He bought one bottle and a local version of the well-known Vicks’ Vaporub.

He walked to the jeepney stop beside the Jaro cathedral and waited for a jeepney to his apartment. He chose a jeep that was nearly full as although he had to deal with being packed like a sardine it was certain to go faster since it did not have any more passengers to pick up. Like any businessman jeepney drivers seek to maximize their income: going fast with a full jeep is the optimal way to do it. After he paid for the fare he opened the alcohol and used some of it on his hands. He smiled when he discovered it was fragrant. He also opened the medicinal rub and thought it smelled like petroleum jelly more than menthol. It wasn’t malodorous, but it wasn’t fragrant. He would have thrown it but the economist in him prevented him from doing so: after all, he did spend some money on it. Like with many juvenile purchases, he simply sought to use it up as quickly as he could.

Upon entering his bedroom he was met with 80s video games underneath and on top of his double-decker bed as there was no one using the upper tier. He used up part of the alcohol he bought once again.

His alcohol dwindled as the days passed, and this was sped up with his friends asking for some. He sought to replenish his supply with the same brand despite knowing that it was probably going to be the last bottle of that brand he was going to see in his life, and so he decided to use up the last drops of his second bottle with a bang: he decided to have an alcohol bath, and he did. He then turned the alcohol bottle into a piggy-bank as remembrance for having used that brand.」

And in case you guys were wondering whether this is a true story or a cool story,

Sometimes I hate myself.

I was so bored with studying I kept on thinking about how I used up my rubbing alcohol and wrote that last week. I should watch more anime. Don’t worry, my next post would be less of a reflective catharsis than a proper write-up.

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2 Responses to “A few thoughts on rubbing alcohol”

  1. Angelus Says:

    Rubbing alcohol? I have real problems with that stuff – I have to use an alcohol-based antibiotic lotion that dries my skin out really badly 🙁 I prefer alcohol for internal use only.

    (And on the topic of Madoka, give it at least 3 episodes before deciding whether to stick with it or not!)

  2. Michael Says:

    I don’t drink so I guess I prefer alcohol for antiseptic use, haha!

    I will. Don’t you worry. 😀

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