Kara no Kyoukai – 08: the philosophical epilogue

I’m usually fond of anime that a lot of people would call pretentious. I can often appreciate the drive of the plot despite the graphics. Sometimes, it’s even the graphics that bolster the OVA or series for me, like Tatami Galaxy and its art. I can sincerely say I am grateful for the epilogue to arrive.

She's going to kill you.

I like philosophical talk within anime. It often reminds me that anime is not merely a medium for entertainment: it also tackles issues with the self. Great anime do so successfully. The first seven episodes of this series integrated philosophy and psychology well into its action-packed storyline. While I also liked the epilogue, I do recognize other people’s claims of it being soporific, as it really did bid me to sleep. The epilogue should have been shorter, as I feel the latter half of the episode was just a different permutation of what was mentioned during the first part. It’s not that I didn’t understand the episode (I re-watched parts that sped by too fast for me), but it could have done much with editing.

It’s an epilogue that identifies the origin of Shiki, and reflects upon the quotidian existences of most people. It’s little more than that, although I loved that touch by Void Shiki on Kokuto at the end: I think she fixed his limp, as there were already two set of footsteps instead of one. It could have been shorter, however. Even without the epilogue, we’ve already established Shiki’s fondness for Kokuto. It probably just rubbed off on her primordial existence, because even she has a fondness for Kokuto.

Void Shiki’s decision to sleep until Shiki dies is quite reminiscent of Arcueid’s decision to sleep so that she would no longer harm other people as her vampiric desires were awakened due to her fights. Overall, it was decent closure to the series, but it didn’t possess the quality its predecessors have, not due to the absence of action, but due to the poor editing.

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