The backlog eliminated: a compendium post (part III of the backlog series)

I had initially planned to have individual entries on the different anime I finished in the past few weeks, but I don’t like writing a ten-part series of posts without even having created a category for it and without planning for it in the first place. I’m writing this post more for my own sake: I think it would be good as a reference post, since I have deleted most of my backlog. The purpose of my backlog resolution was to free up hard disk space, since it had started to become dangerously low.

It never hurts to finish your backlog!

For reference, here are the different anime (and even cartoons) I watched over the past two weeks. I think it’s substantial.

  • Genius Party
  • Genius Party Beyond
  • 009-1
  • Freezing
  • MM!
  • Eden of the East movies
  • 1001 Nights
  • Alien Nine
  • Noiseman Sound Insect
  • Like the Clouds, Like the Wind
  • Cat Shit One
  • Memories
  • Shoka
  • Maison en Petit Cubes
  • Ursa Minor Blue
  • Yobi, the Nine-tailed Fox
  • Iblard Jikan
  • Eek the Cat*
  • Hanasekeru Seishounen
  • Gallery Fake
  • Victory Through Air Power*

*cartoons in the traditional sense

Over the past two weeks, I’ve done very little physical work. A small baby bump manifesting on my stomach is the testament to my immobility, and also to my persistence. Because it’s the last summer of my life, I sought to do everything I possibly could with my anime backlog: I was given a new laptop computer by my aunt and as I have to leave my current laptop with my younger sibling, I simply had to watch the entirety of my backlog before I will part with my computer. Before I start with discussing the anime, however, I must ask forgiveness in advance for the lack of focus in my posts. It’s difficult with such divergent anime: I can only hope you will be patient enough to read through the entire post. I will also rank the top anime from the backlog so as to allow the reader to have an easier time if he ever looked for recommendations.


I started watching Freezing because I am a guy. I finished it precisely because of that same reason.


MM! was a pretty funny show, but its lack of character development and resolution was quite irritating. It was nevertheless a show that was okay, but it was ultimately forgettable.

1001 Nights

I put a lot of value in the story as much as in the art. While the art was avant-garde, there was little more in the OVA. I thought it was pretty bad: Masaaki Yuasa’s series are great not only because of their art, but because of their wonderful interaction with the series’s plots.

Alien Nine

I hated Shinji back when I saw Evangelion’s TV series. I never thought there could be a protagonist as spineless as him, until I saw Alien Nine’s protagonist. She’s the epitome of futility.

Noiseman Sound Insect

This was among the artsy anime I thought was at least tolerable. The music is inoffensive, and the story was decent. It’s not something I recommend, but it’s pretty okay. It’s only about 14 minutes anyway.

Cat Shit One

I never knew bunnies and guns could be that enjoyable.

This was among the best OVAs I’ve seen in my backlog. Because it has been extensively discussed and there is little to analyze with the story, I’m just going to say that it’s a great OVA. The detail to the weapons used is just amazing. /k/ praised this OVA because of its accuracy; while I’m no connoisseur of weapons, it was an awesome watch.


Magnetic Rose, is, without question, one of the best short films I have ever seen. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: watch Magnetic Rose and drop the rest.


The animation is highly reminiscent of Kemonozume’s. The story is wanting because of the short time allotted to the OVA, but the animation is crisp and the battles are pretty well-done. It’s a pretty okay OVA.

Maison en Petit Cubes

This short film deserves its Oscar. It’s a pensive, symbolic journey into one man’s past with his exploration of the buildings already sunken by the water of the past. It’s a great short, but there’s something in shorts that refrains me from thinking of them as masterpieces. It’s much easier to tell a decent story in a short amount of time than a story that is longer. It’s a great film, however.

Ursa Minor Blue

see 1001 Nights.

Yobi, the Nine-Tailed Fox

This was an animated film made by Koreans. It explored the tale of the gumiho, or the mythical nine-tailed fox. It was a decent film, but it was nothing special. I guess I will delete it.

Iblard Jikan

Iblard Jikan is rightly described by most people as ‘scenery porn.’ Its story fails because there is absolutely none, but the art is just beautiful to watch. It’s soporific, and it’s admirable that they risked sacrificing everything for the sake of the art. It’s recommended as an OVA to relax, but little more.

Hanasakeru Seishounen

This man highly recommends this series.

I watched this series with a lot of inattention and apathy, because the series was just that bad. IT was funny only when it dripped with cheese and laid on the shounen-ai insinuations. The series could have been ended in 13 episodes, but it was written so poorly and lackadaisically that it took a very egregious 39 episodes to end the excruciating series. It took me a span of two years and switching on the compulsive part of my personality as well as a very liberal schedule (a whole lot of free time) to even have the desire to sit through its episodes. It was just that bad. I’m glad it’s over: the art was bad, the animation was bad, the story was bad – nearly everything was horrible. Only the cheesefest allowed me a few laughs.

Gallery Fake

I watched the entirety of Gallery Fake in the span of a day. It was just that enthralling. I don’t have many problems with the series other than that it did not have a definitive ending mainly brought about by the standalone nature of the episodes. I have always desired for closure as regards the characters in the series I watch: the nature of the episodes simply go against this. Because I put value in how series end just as much as how they begin and how they progress, I find the ending of the series to be wanting, and the series, to me, suffered because of that. It still remained to be a very good series: I also learned much from the tidbiys on art each episode had.

Eek the Cat

When I was younger, I watched cartoons like most normal children. I never forgot about Eek the Cat because it had such a wonderful protagonist: Eek was a cat who was concerned with the well-being of his family and others more than his own. It’s an altruism that is scarce in cartoons today. As it is a cartoon, however, Eek manages to survive despite different catastrophes befalling him. He was never one who manipulated others, and it is quite refreshing that there is a sort of cartoonish kismet that can be found in the series: most of those who perpetuate evil often get their comeuppance at the end of the episode. How the creators also ended the first season was well-done: the friends he made through the course of the series visited him and celebrated Christmas with him. The message of Eek stayed consistent throughout the series remained the same: it never hurts to help.

Victory through Air Power

The best Disney film I have ever seen, and the best Disney film no one's ever seen.

This film is my favorite Walt Disney animated film essentially because it did not cater to children and to the young at heart. Its topic was bottomline intellectual and it addressed the latent capability of aviation during the Second World War. The animation was utilized to present in an organized manner, both the history of the airplane, and the role of aviation during the Second World War. Although it is nearly 70 years old, it’s a film that is very informative and something I believe to have affected the ultimate role of aviation in the conduct of war. I only recently learned of the defenses that both France and Britain implemented against the juggernaut of the German blitzkrieg, and how they paled to the quick and explosive assaults of Germany. The film may be the most topical among Walt Disney films, but as a fan of history, it may have been his most important film. Major Seversky presented his points in an extremely organized manner, and it was what the Americans ultimately did in the denouement of the Second World War. They utilized aircraft that flew over Japan and demolished critical points in Japan with the use of the hydrogen bombs. It’s a very good film, although one would have to be open-minded to truly appreciate it. I highly recommend it.

The top five in the backlog

5.Maison en Petit Cubes

This is every bit as deserving of its Oscar.

4.Cat Shit One

This is a cocktail of rabbits, powerful guns, and counter-terrorism. The result is simply a blast to watch.

3.Gallery Fake

This series features hijinks through the art world with an empathetic anti-hero and his loving but aloof sidekick, and executes this very well.

2.Victory through Air Power

Informative, prophetic, and simply one of Walt Disney’s most brilliant films.

1.Memories’ Magnetic Rose

I never admired Katsuhiro Otomo for Akira. I thought it was a decent film, but little more. This film made me admire him a lot. Horror and brilliance was dealt with nearly simultaneously, and the haunting, beautiful result is simply a definite must-watch. I don’t care if you don’t watch the other entries of Memories – just watch this.

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7 Responses to “The backlog eliminated: a compendium post (part III of the backlog series)”

  1. ayame Says:

    oh you saw gallery fake! how??? I thought they damn fansubs weren’t finished. please if you know more inform me. I want to watch it hard! In the same style is Master Keaton- a recommendation from me 🙂
    As for Hanasakeru, I liked the art and some of the humour occuring from the two males, but after the half of the series… the situstion was dramatic. you see they changed director…

  2. Michael Says:


    I obtained mine with a complete torrent of Muji. It’s a very good show.

    Hanasakeru sucked big time. I regret watching that crap.

  3. Angelus Says:

    >They utilized aircraft that flew over Japan and demolished critical points in Japan with the use of the hydrogen bombs
    Critical points? It hardly mattered, they were exemplary targets. The message was clear – surrender or we do this to Tokyo. Nagasaki was of course a major shipbuilding center, but ironically it was also Japan’s most Christian city. Perhaps the fact that it was largely Roman Catholic had something to do with it. And as for hydrogen bombs, these have never been used in warfare, and hopefully never will be.

  4. Michael Says:


    Great point. The bombing of Japan was, however, predated by such keen assessments of Seversky in Victory Through Air Power. The destruction of the lifeblood was more important than persistent and blind bombings of the frontiers.

    I stand corrected. Thanks for posting! 😀

  5. /a/ Says:

    Why would you admire Otomo for Magnetic Rose when that was directed/storyboarded by Koji Morimoto, scripted by Satoshi Kon, and with character design/animation direction by Toshiyuki Inoue?

  6. Michael Says:


    You’re right. It’s not Otomo. It’s Kon, Morimoto, and Inoue. I stand corrected. But that was brilliant as heck.

  7. Anon Says:

    Hello, this is coming in pretty late, but I think you may have missed a lot in Alien Nine.
    I recommend reading this review, it brings up some very good points.

    Also, I found it pretty unusual to completely dismiss the anime simply because of the “spinelessness” of the protagonist who is just a 12-year-old girl, which is really nothing out of the ordinary.

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