Beyond the episode: Kimimaro’s monologue of foreshadowing

A certain anonymous translator had provided me with a transcript of Kimimaro’s current monologue that (as of this writing) may have been taken down already. I think it is very telling, but it is difficult to interpret due to the unpredictability of this series. For everyone’s benefit, here it is:

The words that man said. That the true thrill of deals is not in winning or losing. It`s creating, without losing too much or winning too much, the maximum amount of profit while still taking into consideration the effects on the world around you. I believed those words. To accept your destiny of living in this district, and to avoid bringing misfortune to those around you. That that was the right thing. There`s no mistake about it, he said. I was completely convinced. But Sennoza, he rejected the things that man says and does. He said that if all that’s left is a hopeless future, there’s no meaning for the present. What does that mean? How is it different from what that man says? If the objective is to diminish the effects on the real world, aren’t they doing the same thing? But that man says there’s a difference. He says that’s the reasoning of the big fish. I couldn’t understand it. And so I had to fight. That was my only option. However I do not feel as if I won. I was supposed to be fighting for the people around me, but maybe that was wrong.
If Mashu is the representation of my future… If Mashu is the future that was lost… It’s not about sacrificing the present to protect the future, it’s about returning to the future what was supposed to be there from the start. I don’t understand. What is right, and what is wrong. What am I meant to do?

A fluent anon interpreted it as such:

Personally I think that the future that is “lost” is actually a future that would have taken longer to obtain….The potential is there, but since in todays modern society people want everything in their hands instantaneously no matter what the cost. So instead of living your life out normally, you are effectively speeding up your own life span (since if you lose, you tend to have everything you ever wanted to achieve taken away from you.). What I feel that assets in general mean, are what is it that a person wants the most in their life. For Kimmimaro it is someone to love and appreciate and take care of, and at the same time care about him just as much. Msyu essentially is for all intensive purposes the future he most desires. Hanabi could actually be a physical representation of that, or she might not be the actual person, but a stepping stone towards the person he truly wants to fight for.

How about you guys? What do you think about this monologue in light of the aired episodes?

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2 Responses to “Beyond the episode: Kimimaro’s monologue of foreshadowing”

  1. Sapphire Pyro Says:

    That line also struck me when I read the monologue. (thanks for sharing it, btw)

    Wow… anon’s interpretation makes sense. I like it.

    I had an initial interpretation of it, more literal than anon’s though:
    Kimimaro’s future is the collateral to participate in the Deals, right? In a sense, his future was taken away from him.
    Since Mashu is the representation of his future, she was the future that was supposed to be with him from the start.
    He may have been attracted to Mashu physically, but possibly, unconsciously, another reason why he fell for her is that she’s essentially The Future he most desired, which is to live a simple, happy, and peaceful life with a family.

    But ugggh… I’m not sure of what to think of the “not sacrificing the present to protect the future” part yet @_@

  2. Anime Quotes Says:

    it’s hard for me to feel a sense from that monologue till i read that once again, atually it has made me feel something sad -_- nice post

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