C and mysticism: the Qabalah, the Sephirot, and the Tarot

When Kimimaro sold Masyu’s stock in the fourth episode of C, the symbol struck me as something I’ve seen in Evangelion before. It was actually the symbols of the Qabalah: it was the Sephirot. The Sephirot is the symbol for the 10 emanations of the Qabalah. The Qabalah is a Judaic school of thought that discusses the relationship between God and the universe He created. As I’m not expert in its philosophy, I’ve provided links where one can read about it. (Kudos belong to wasabi of MAL for telling me what the diagram for the Qabalah was actually called. He reminded me of something I already suspected.)

The stock that Kimimaro sold was actually the location of the Malkuth, or the Kingdom. It is the only attribute of God that does not emanate directly from God. It emanates from God’s creation (one could perhaps interpret it in this series as the players’ assets). The description, as always, fits:

[The Malkuth is a]Female vessel for the pregnant nurturing of the male lights of the emotional sephirot into action/becomes the Keter Will source for any subsequent lower level in Creation/accomplishment/realization of the Divine Plan.

Msyu’s Kingdom is actually located in her womb (her vagina), the location where a normal lady can get pregnant. It is the location where the female vessel can and will get pregnant. Msyu, as a woman, is also the source of the realization of Kimimaro’s plan. Finally, tarot symbolism is heavily related to the Qabalah, as this picture suggests.

What connects the emanations - are actually the major arcana.

It may not really affect the plot in a major way, but I’m glad with the series’s attention to detail. The tarot and qabalah are quite closely connected, as they both explore the tree of life.

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3 Responses to “C and mysticism: the Qabalah, the Sephirot, and the Tarot”

  1. Sapphire Pyro Says:

    So that’s why the symbol that appeared behind Mashu when she sold her stocks seemed familiar *_*

    I wonder if it’s also a Malkuth for the other Assets….

  2. Michael Says:

    Sapphire Pyro:

    Thanks for commenting. It’s clearly the Keter that seems to be the one you couldn’t sell. I think it will be the Malkuth consistently for the others as well.

  3. A! Says:

    The sephirot is more about reaching a higher state. The malkuth is the base physical state. The kefer is the ideal. In a way the ascent from malkuth -> kefer is a quest/journey in of itself. Appropriate since the FD is about leveraging people’s futures to pay their way in the present.

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