Drifters of the Dead: more on Saeko and Takashi

Many think of Drifters of the Dead as little more than fanservice. They are right, for the most part. Intoxicants are quite effective, however, in lowering one’s inhibitions as one can see in alcohol-episode pregnancies. Hydrangea is also an intoxicant, and in the OVA, a hallucinogen. While it may have served as an excuse for ‘symmetrical docking,’ it’s quite telling of the characters’ internal milieu, and it’s addressed something most of us have been suspecting for a long time: Saeko has utterly fallen for Takashi, and it’s never been more obvious here. While what actually occurred was an accidental episode of lesbianism, it’s quite enlightening that the first thing she does when her inhibitions are removed are to come on to ‘Takashi.’

If there was no precedent, Saeko wouldn't have said anything like, 'I don't want you to think I'm a loose woman,' after all.

This sheds more light on the episode in the temple that Saeko and Takashi had, and insinuates that more than just literally sleeping together happened there. I’m sure that she couldn’t do it on normal grounds as there’s a looming Rei in the background, but this more than affirms the mutual exchange of emotions between Saeko and Takashi. I actually can’t help but wonder if there was an intercourse between her and Takashi especially because it was only Takashi who brought the bat. The kiss between her and Rei may have happened afterwards. It’s difficult to figure out because of the illusive nature of the episode, but it’s something nice to mull over.

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  1. Thomassabo Says:

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  2. Spike Spiegel Says:

    I infer “Thomassabo” is not American, does not have English as a first language, still types in gibberish, and is unlikely to realize this is a blog about anime.

    On topic: Saeko + Rei girl/girl action FOR GREAT JUSTICE!

  3. Cassandra Says:

    I kept to the same conclusion myself. Saeko and Takashi were probably together up to a certain point because of Takashi’s bat being in the background. Then Saeko and Takashi fell on the hydrangea’s control further and they split apart and that is when Saeko and Rei’s moment of lesbianism happened and Takashi’s rather big hallucination as well.

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