A short preview to Summer 2011

I haven’t been around for the past two weeks because I have been difficulty dealing with some scholastic responsibilities. Besides, [C] had already finished, and it was a great, if ultimately flawed, series. Aside from probably a weekly archiving of Steins;Gate, I haven’t been watching anything: I haven’t even finished Ano Hana, because even if it is one of the best series from the past season I still thought [C] was more interesting. I don’t think I’ll also watch anything novel soon, seeing that our first finals for the year is coming our way next week.

I looked at the usual places and I haven’t seen any of the series I’ve been waiting for. For the time being I only have two, anyway: I’ll watch Blood-C because I love the character designs and especially how the lead character was animated, and I’ll watch Mawaru Penguindrum because one can’t ignore the director of the Revolutionary Girl Utena series. Last, but certainly not the least (I almost forgot), I’m watching Usagi Drop, because its manga has been critically-acclaimed. It also tells the story of a kind but aimless young man trying to cherish the life of a growing little girl. That’s my kind of anime.

I’m not as keen on this year as I was the previous year. I was coming off watching what was the greatest series of all time for me, after all. Does anyone know what Mawaru Penguindrum is going to be all about?

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6 Responses to “A short preview to Summer 2011”

  1. tomphile Says:

    If you’ve missed out on Ano Hana, you’ve missed out on a lot.

  2. NyuuuuSaaaan Says:

    All I’ve heard is a quote saying something like “It won’t be an Utena-like show. Rather, it’ll be a penguin-like show”. For now I’m just psyched about the OP and ED artists. Anything that can be surrounded by Etsuko Yashimaro and Coaltar of the Deepers has got to be pretty good.
    I do suggest you try Ikoku Meiro no Croisee, though. It looks to be a wonderfully relaxing series without all the loli fanservice I feared. And I’m basically talking out of my ass here, but I have a feeling it’ll have a few things in common with Usagi Drop.

  3. Michael Says:


    No, I just missed out on finishing it. I know it’s a great series.


    Penguin-like show?

    ETSUKO YAKUSHIMARU? That lady is awesome. Kamisama no Iu-toori is hands-down one of the best EDs I have ever heard.

  4. Angelus Says:

    Having watched Ikoku Meiro no Croisée yesterday, I watched Usagi Drop today. It’s refreshing how two things that, on the face of it, might seem so similar can have such a very different feel. That said, Usagi Drop’s animation style strikes me as having a very “Koi Kaze” feel to it…

  5. Ryan A Says:

    Hi Michael! Do check out Penguindrum. I’ll be interested to see your thoughts 🙂 I’ve only seen two series of this season, Croisee and Penguindrum, and it’s already a pretty dense viewing experience.

  6. Jeff Says:


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