Some thoughts on Blood-C

Whether you guys believe it or not, I have written about seven unfinished drafts just because I didn’t know what to write about. While the first episode of Penguindrum was great, I simply had to take care of real life shenanigans (and medical school, of course). It was good, but it wasn’t good enough for me to really write home about. I haven’t even started watching Usagi Drop, and have been nailed to the fifth episode with Steins;Gate – although I think that’s for the better because Steins;Gate is a series I’d prefer to marathon.

She's very beautiful.

Frankly, the only series I could write about is Blood-C. I think it’s a really great show from a personal perspective because Kisaragi Saya reminds me of someone all too well. Everytime I see her I couldn’t help but smile, and it doesn’t help that she also has glasses on, though Saya may have a more positive demeanor towards life. I like Blood-C for not making Saya truly serious. The incongruity of her actions in school and at night doesn’t make her character any less worthwhile. There are some people that perform grave duties but do so with smiles and with hope: just because a duty is serious does not transform the person behind it into someone unfeeling.

Of course, all these points may be moot later on, as we’re peeling just the skin, but Blood-C is very enjoyable, even if it’s not a series full of depth or the fluid action scenes that most desire.

And yes, it’s taken me nearly a month to post this. Forgive me.

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4 Responses to “Some thoughts on Blood-C”

  1. tomphile Says:

    Haha at the tag “serious”.

    Yeah, I agree. Serious tasks bring about responsibility. I’m sure Spiderman would have a field day with this idea. 😀

  2. Angelus Says:

    Ah, the “anime character who reminds you of somebody” thing – I have that too with Iwakura Lain.

    But about Blood-C, you mention incongruity, and it’s that which is causing me the biggest problems. Would someone who knowingly goes out to fight a ferocious adversary not change into some more appropriate clothing first? I’m thinking at least an anti-stab vest, a combat helmet and something decent to protect her legs. The sort of treatment she is receiving at the moment would hospitalize any normal person, and yet there she is the next day at school with just a Band-Aid.

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