Who’s your type?

I wonder why I haven’t restarted Steins;Gate. I know it’s good, at least from what I’ve seen, and thousands of people probably have seen something good to praise the series so avidly, even going so far as naming it as truly the best of the year. I’m actually troubled because I don’t know whether to restart it, seeing as it’s been months since I’ve last seen an episode of it, or just to continue it and recall as time passes. I’m leaning toward the former, however, as it’s better to have a more solid grasp of the matter especially with series so full of information as Steins;Gate.

I have this problem with anime. It’s so hard for me to start one if I’ve stopped watching, but it’s also so hard for me to stop once I’ve started. I watched Cross Game in a span of three days in medical school, no less, so after I did my assignments I just blazed through the night, slept through the classes, and continued this for two days more. I have no doubt that S;G is going to be good, because I just had that feeling during the summer break when I was watching the aired episodes. I couldn’t continue because I had already watched everything to be seen during that week, and just put that on the back of my mind when class started the following week. It didn’t help that I busied myself with a lady, as well. 😛

Oh well – that’s all in the past now. I really just want to watch Steins;Gate because of Kurisu, as intelligent, nice, and attractive ladies turn me on in any medium. I guess that was the reason why The Return of the Native was so memorable for me; it’s also probably the reason why I’m magnetized to heroines like Jean Grey. I find myself attracted to ladies who do not make themselves up or wish to attract attention to themselves, but who are smart and most definitely beautiful in their subtility. That may be quite a bad reason to start (or restart) watching a series, but I’ve stumbled on some gems because of that.

And yes, Akashi-san is totally my type: she’s an intelligent student of Engineering who’s quietly caring for Watashi. She’s also very attractive. So who’s your type?

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4 Responses to “Who’s your type?”

  1. Angelus Says:

    I think you already know who my type is 😉

    They don’t need to be very attractive, they will become that in my eyes, but intelligence is a mandatory requirement. University students? Maybe. Given my current situation, though, the thing I would be looking for most is a large private income.

  2. Michael Says:


    Motoko Kusanagi? Oh snap … ! Too bad she’s a bit of a bisexual. Intelligence is a mandatory requirement. Do remind me of certain specific characters that you like currently. 🙂

  3. KayDat Says:

    I know what you mean about restarting shows…sometimes a show just doesn’t seem to stick or pirk my interest so I stop watching it an episode or two in. Even though I know it’s been getting rave reviews I just can’t get around to continuing watching the show; I’ll probably end up watching it several seasons later, but by then the train has long left the station.

    And yes, Cross Game rocks.

  4. Conor Says:

    I do this all the time with both anime and books, have started and restarted Ergo Proxy and reading Proust’s In Search of Lost Time no fewer than 15 times between them! Will get them both finished one day, I’ve promised myself.

    As for women, I’m a horribly shallow person who partakes in things much more over the short term, I can’t even commit to a mobile (cell) phone contract! Because of this they just have to be good looking, but if I were to pick a type to have something more with I can’t help going for the outspoken, controversial type, the ones who’ll say what’s on their minds no matter what anyone thinks, if they’re slightly leaning towards being evil then it’s a definite plus as well but if they’re going to pull off being that type well they’re going to have to be good looking! 😛

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