The return of stupid

I purchased a relatively inexpensive Game and Watch clone after roughly a year of abstinence, and the reason is that my pangs for vintage video games have returned once more. I found the purchase of the Super Micro (with the help of Angelus and Crusader) to be sensible, because it represented something truly novel in the world of handheld gaming and Othello never really gets boring, especially if one loves to think abstractedly. The profligate part of my mind is currently calling for me to purchase the Romtec Colorvision. It’s a system that I’ve been attracted to for quite some time already. Over the past year I have been able to save a considerable amount, enough for me to be able to purchase it. If I did, however, it would bite in to roughly half of my entire savings, because the system is also quite rare (though not as rare as the Super Micro, I believe).

Sometimes I wonder why I'm so brainless at times.

What prevents me from purchasing it is the fact that it’s just another LCD game, and I have quite a few of those. It’s quite similar to the Donkey Kong, Kingman, and Mario’s Cement Factory tabletops in that gameplay is extremely repetitive: in the Colorvision’s permutation, the mission is to get certain items from the tips of the screen, and then use those to beat the evil witch on the top while avoiding attacking bats. It’s practically the storyline of Kingman being rehashed: while I was able to spend about thirty minutes at a time to play that LCD game, that was an extreme circumstance and I would usually be bored out of my mind by then. I know how those types of LCD games play, and I also know how stupid it would be of me to spend for something as expensive as that. There are renditions of those classic games in Flash; there are also emulators around to sate me. It’s just the irrational side of my brain beckoning me to waste money on something I do not need.

There are other things that I desire that would be more useful to me: I could probably spend a bit of my savings on Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84, or on Christmas gifts. I just can’t see myself spending more than a hundred British pounds for a game like that, even though I want to. I guess that’s why the rational part of my head made a compromise with the avaricious and mindless part: I instead paid for a Game and Watch that was less than a tenth of the cost of the Colorvision. I hope that could tide me over. Because as much as the shirts I’ve bought over the previous months were also a strain, I knew I was going to use them until they fit me no more; and although the Super Micro was more expensive than the Colorvision, I could rest assured that its gameplay would never be repetitive, because such are board games that stimulate the mind. I have none of that security with the Colorvision.

I may entertain the thought once more, perhaps after graduating from medical school, I guess. It really just doesn’t make sense to buy it right now. I should try for that chess book instead. Please, don’t let this stupidity persist.

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  1. KayDat Says:

    Ah, game and watch. I still get an urge to crack out the old Zelda G&W every couple of years to play, and I still get a bit of a kick out of it, even though it’s quite easy. I still remember as a kid though, I had trouble playing, but now I’ve grown up, it’s easy to analyse and figure out the game pattern.

  2. lpfManiak Says:

    I have read a few articles there, and I have to say it: I love your blog.

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