Three-second flights and my rehab in anime

I changed boarding houses and now have an even more difficult schedule to handle, as in addition to academic responsibilities I now have duty to attend to. That has contributed to the dearth in my commentary; in addition, because my new boarding house does not yet have Internet, I have difficulty obtaining the newest series and updating my site.

I have, however, finally made strides with regard to the anime series I didn’t watch. I’m now halfway through Denpa Onna to Seishuun Otoko, a fourth through Madoka, and have enjoyed the newly-released Ano Natsu de Matteru. Among these three, however, I’d like to talk about Denpa Onna.

Its third episode was one of the best episodes of anime I’ve seen recently, even though I wasn’t quick to warm to the series. Although the plot waned in quality for the succeeding episodes, I appreciate what Niwa did during that episode, sacrificing himself in its climax that she may be enlightened. I still don’t know the reason: perhaps it was because she was his cousin; perhaps it was because she was beautiful; perhaps it was both and he loved her, but he managed to grab her back toward reality, and it was great to watch.

It was a noble thing to do, after all. He looked beyond what reality and others saw Erio as, and recognized that she had problems to deal with and resolved to help her as much as he could. From that point on, I saw him as a great guy. Not many people would risk their lives just to bring their cousins back to reality, but he did it and he did it in such a picturesque way that there’s little I could really offer on that episode but praise.

I love sacrifices made for the sake of love, and despite my shortcomings in it, I love watching love bloom between two good people. That’s probably why I love watching Ano Natsu de Matteru: they’re perfectly decent people who have goodness towards each other. I’m sure I could do better than merely confiding my impressions, but give me time and I’ll do the analyses that I loved to do back when I had a lot more time. 🙂

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4 Responses to “Three-second flights and my rehab in anime”

  1. Ryan A Says:

    I really need to make some time to finish Denpa Onna. I think I left off right about where you are (episode 6?). Hope you finish settling in and at least get a stable net connection soon.

  2. JC Says:

    I honestly loved that episode of Denpa Onna as well, and it was a moment of such dazzling spontaneity. (Which is why I am still kind of bitterly disappointed by the path the series chose to take later on, but that’s another story.) I also thought of you when I started watching Ano Natsu! It gets compared to Anohana a lot though, and I think that’s downright unfair tbh. There’s such a sense of nostalgia about it (Onegai Sensei throwbacks!!) and they’re a bunch of really good kids who are there for each other and and ughh everyone is treading such a fine line.

    Hopefully things settle down for you soon!

  3. Angelus Says:

    I’m having computer issues too, my main computer is down right now while I try to find a new motherboard that is still sufficiently retro to accept my current antique processor, memory and sound card.

    It’s good timing for watching Denpa Onna as the BD containing the final episode is out tomorrow (I think).

  4. Angelus Says:

    …and talking about that final episode, I think I could be forgiven for saying that it definitely goes out with a bang! In an instant, it turned the tables completely on Makoto and left him, like Erio, struggling to cope with reality after an encounter with what can only be described as “otherness”.

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