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A theft of a post

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

It’s funny how my viewership survives because of my Code Geass posts. For those who failed to understand my previous post, internship in medicine is actually a bit like residency, only with less responsibilities. When one is on duty, that means he or she practically has to be in the hospital for 24 hours – sometimes as much as 36 hours just looking after his post and fulfilling his responsibilities. It is honestly tiring and draining that when I come home from duty I usually just freshen up, play a game or two of online chess, and then go to sleep a bit after eating. Believe me, I’d want to watch anime as always but there’s simply too much to do in the form of paperwork in the hospital.

The last series I watched was Hyouka, but it was cut short by our rotation in Internal Medicine. The lead is inventively smart, although I hate her female counterpart. It’s been weeks since I’ve watched an episode so I now forgot who they were. Give me time because I’ll be back – eventually. 🙂