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Recommendations of good, recent anime, please?

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

I’m sorry, I haven’t watched any anime for the past three months. That will change quite soon, but I spend the only free time I have on one Korean drama, primarily because I’m so attracted to the leading lady. It’s pathetic, I know. Recently I’ve taken a bit of time writing up short stories during lulls of our duties, and I recently finished one. I know I’m a travesty right now because I call my site anime|otaku and don’t even update on anime, but give me time. It’s not that I don’t want to watch anime, it’s that I just don’t have the time to be able to marathon or pour myself into a series, as much as I want to.

No wonder why I’m in the Friend Zone. 😛

Are there any recent series that I may like? I’m curious because I have plans finishing Hyouka, and then I have ABSOLUTELY no idea about what series to watch. I finally finished downloading all of Sakamichi no Apollon, but the great anime this year is a blank slate to me. If there are good, potent romances, please let me know. The only recent anime I’ve downloaded is Robotics;Notes, because I read on the Steins;Gate page that it was an offshoot. That was that.

If you guys could help me with your recommendations, please do so. Within three weeks I’ll probably update more frequently. 🙂

This is my latest short story, by the way. If you guys have some time to waste, I hope you can read and review this short story here. I’m sure there are problems with it, but hey, it’s just for fun. 🙂