I fell in love with her like I was falling asleep: slowly, then all at once.

I’m a liar. I still haven’t watched any anime as I only watched one Korean TV series this month. I have actually been studying, because our final examinations are looming in the distance and I contend that I won’t be able to do so once I’ve rotated into surgery, because it’s just going to be really tiring. I even think it’s ironic that I became the most productive during the slightest rotation in our internship: while my other peers were busy having fun, I was busy actually reading up on different topics so as to be more prepared for the exams. I personally find that I could only really study whenever I have a mind free enough to focus, so I’ve been able to do so this past month and a half.

I’ve read four textbooks, for instance, with two spanning a thousand pages, and I’m really glad I did. I had to fool myself into reading them, but I read them anyway. Because I’m not fond of studying medicine, I have had to devise schemes to coerce myself into studying. One of them utilizes my fondness for the past and for what is vintage: the past two textbooks I’ve read were quite dated, although since the human body hasn’t changed for the past tens of thousands of years the essential data haven’t really changed much. (I didn’t study Internal Medicine because of that.)

I’m slowly buying all the older versions of still-usable texts from a local textbook store because of that. My fondness for antiques is like potential energy that translates allows the entelechy of my reading the books, and I still haven’t stopped. It’s one of the perks of being a reading geek, I guess.

Anyway, I just want to greet everyone who still reads this blog to have happy holidays! Also, I’m not one to usually read young adult fiction, but I’m glad I read The Fault in Our Stars. It’s a damn good book, even for an elitist like me. The quote in the title is from that novel.

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  1. lpf Says:

    Once again, glad to have an update. Do your best at what you want to do.

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