No longer an anime fan

I’m no longer an anime fan.

I have no excuses.

I’m an anime fan has-been. I don’t have Internet right now, so all I do is read books and go to work. Being a medical doctor is harsh. There’s really little time for anything else than duty, and that sucks.

I still love anime, though. I saw the first episode of Psycho-Pass and was quite impressed with it. I honestly miss my analyses on Tatami Galaxy, however – or my excursions on Code Geass years ago. I want to have an Internet connection, but I have to make do with reading instead. All I can do now is go online at certain times, and that really doesn’t bode well for anime watching. Currently, I am taking back my life, trying to decimate the backlogs of novels to read.

Anime should be next. I’m quite hopeful, but I need an Internet connection to do that. It’s frustrating.

7 Responses to “No longer an anime fan”

  1. Beep Says:

    Well, I’d say that being an MD is far more preferential to being an anime fan. Consider the qualities of life between the typical 20+ otaku and you’ll never look back.

  2. Author Says:

    Congratulations on entering the society. And you’re still a fan.

  3. SmithCB Says:

    You always have manga to chck into every once in a while, especially the manga that are currently being made into series. You can keep relatively current and be able to see what happens with the anime if you ever get back online. They should have a series about a doctor who finds he can cure anime patients . . . and they talk back to him. Talk about breaking the fourth wall!!! Thanks for being a doctor, by the way. I hope we’ll never have to meet, but we’ll know you’re out there!

  4. only_me Says:

    “Iā€™m no longer an anime fan.”

    You’re just being tsun~. šŸ˜€

  5. Ryan A Says:

    I think you’ll find a happy medium somewhere between life and anime.

  6. Michael Says:

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i’m a 4th year med student who uses anime as study breaks to have adventures and to fall in love all over again. i hope my work will not end up consuming me in the future. and here i just sent u an email too after reading your wonderful review on cross game. šŸ™

  7. eisuke Says:

    well i still considered you a anime fan ,its just that you don’t have time and sometimes people don’t have time but in my opinion if you don’t have time is okay and if you were not a anime fan you would not watch psycho pass and if what you need is just internet then there is a lot of places you can get free internet or we can make a donation just for you and the money you get from the donation it would go to you so your able to pay internet šŸ˜‰

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