Some rants on grammar nazism

I figured that I’m just going to write whatever comes into my mind. Although I do still want to get back to anime, it’s quite difficult with 24-hour duties every three days, and the board examinations at the back of my mind. I have been studying reviewers over the past month so that once the boards do arrive, I’d at least feel competent enough and know enough to pass.

I’ve recently been a stickler for English grammar, especially because I find it quite grating to see people use English as if they were smart yet butcher the language violently. As a result, I’ve tried to be more careful with what I write online. (If I do make mistakes, feel free to call them to my attention, as I will address them as promptly as I can.)

That’s essentially it. I’m currently reading some Nick Hornby: after months of reading classics and medical books, it’s a bit refreshing to read crisp, humorous writing. I hope I can finish the book today, barring any deluge of obstetric patients. 🙂

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