What makes Megumi Katou beautiful

I was picking my brain on the reasons why I liked both Oregairu and Saekano, and I realized that the central reason was that Megumi and Hachiman are so similar to each other: they provide the stability in their fickle clique, and often act as the ‘catchers in the rye:’ they quietly struggle to make things work for their friends, and while the most perceptive among them appreciate what they do, it takes a lot out of them.

Maybe it’s also because I see myself in them. I’ve always tried to be impassive and unemotional, but at times that has come to harm me. I love how both Hachiman and Megumi act rather than speak, and actually do more than their peers. That was typified in the current episode of Saekano: because Megumi wanted to stop Tomoya’s wavering, and actually forced him to decide with regard to Utaha, she didn’t tell him anything but immensely helped toward the completion of the scenario. She hides behind her silence and sarcasm, but her actions speak a lot more than Utaha or Eriri’s words: she is dedicated to both blessing software, and to Tomoya.

That is why she’s among my favorite anime characters. She’s the silent protector; she’s the dark knight – and Tomoya is the princess.

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