Who I am

I just noticed that I’ve already written three posts that deal with more or less serious issues (general or specific) in anime, but I still have the unedited about page. That’s funny.

Anyway, I’m a Filipino, in case you’re wondering (a lot of people are mistaking me for being American), and I go to university. I am currently enrolled in BS Biology, but I don’t know if that will change รขโ‚ฌโ€œ although I don’t like Biology at all, I was dubbed by my relatives to be the smartest in both their clans (bragging aside), and so they want me to be the s00p4h doctor. I don’t like slicing people up; I don’t like the smell of formalin pervading my senses, and I’m allergic to cats (dissection). I’m seriously questioning if I’m going to go on and eventually become a doctor, or content myself with my passion, which is writing, be they blog-posts, short stories, or poems. I’m putting off those thoughts for now, because we’re probably going to have a long talk about it when I return home (I’m currently staying in a dormitory.) Let me warn you, however, that topics dealing with this conflict of mine will often times permeate anime discussions depending on my mood, but you can trust me not to do it in excess but only to build up (or introduce) a topic about anything involving anime. It may be a specific episode to a specific series or simply general, half-assed, directionless rants.

I loved reading, but right now, since there’s anime, I stopped. I love watching Honey and Clover and think that it’s the best anime of all time. I’m going to fanboy less and less, however, and hope in writing more relevant posts. My name’s Michael, by the way, and I’m a second year uni student.


This post has my e-mail address and some addenda. ๐Ÿ™‚