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On trolling, shipping, and living

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

You must forgive me for my excursions into the world of ‘fansubbing (and subsequently trolling):’ the past weeks have been crammed with deadlines and requirements to be submitted that I didn’t want to even think about anime. I haven’t exactly turned my back on anime; I am still quite the avid fan of it, but it has had taken a back seat to my academic responsibilities. I’m not even killing myself studying: on the contrary, I just performed whatever was necessary of me so that I could be one step closer to graduation. Do not take it as laziness, however: I have had sleepless nights just to prepare for the examinations (I just had three). What I meant was that while I could have done a lot better with my studying, I did what I could in the time that remained. As could be expected, I (think I) didn’t perform well in two of those exams: I had to prioritize a subject, and I prioritized physics. Aside from being my forte, physics has also the most gravity as regards my weighted grade this semester. I’m hoping that I don’t get atrocious scores for the other two subjects, but I did study enough to avoid failure in the worst possible way.

Our supposed logo for Houseki, if only it didn’t offset the audio

「Houseki」 OVA released: the best OVA this year

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

We, the people of Bejeweled, are dedicated to popularizing anime that have been unfairly overshadowed by its more popular peers. Our aim is to produce the highest QUALITY subs in the fastest amount of time while subbing only the overlooked series.


Our first project, Houseki, was initially released last June. Due to the popularity of current series, however, it has been widely ignored. As a team, we planned to put a stop to that, and thus we decided on subbing it.

Bejeweled is a dedicated team of expert translators and encoders from all around the world. We only seek QUALITY in everything that we do: this is evidenced by this, our very first release. Since we recognized that not everyone is fluent in English, we have also decided to sub the OVA in Russian, German, and French for the viewers’ convenience. And also because we recognized that not everyone can use torrents, we also have decided to post direct download links as well as the customary torrent links.

We aim to please.

We welcome any comments from you and are inviting you to join in our channel any time. 🙂


Your face when watching Houseki.

Houseki is the tale of a sorceress with a highly unique weapon. She possesses a powerful beast that is rare and can breathe fire. Before we spoil too much, however, we shall leave you with the overwhelmingly positive reaction by critics:

“Bhavlina is hot!” –RyanA

“… listening to that awesome dub!” – nekosasu

“The best anime ever made. Period.” -Anonymous

” … I’m not a cowfucker anymore … ” –IcyStorm

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