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First impressions on Bartender

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

Yes, I know I’ve been emo these past few posts, but that’s going to stop with this one. As you may have already known, the subs for the first episode of Bartender have been released by ADTRW. Initially, gleaning from the comments in AnimeSuki Forums, I thought it was going to be quite similar to Ernest Hemingway’s short story, A Clean Well-Lighted Place where the bartenders in the story explore the life of a deaf old drunkard while looking inside themselves as well (with Hemingway establishing the fundamental difference between the two bartenders through their dialogue). I thought of it as that originally simply because some people have been comparing it to Mushishi‘s melancholic depth, and I personally found in that particular story something laconic and yet pervasively sad.

It wasn’t to exceed my expectations, however – and thankfully I had prepared myself to curb them in case things didn’t go as I expected. At best, it is an interesting show; I, however, personally cannot even compare it or juxtapose it with Mushishi, because what I had seen of that series was better than what I had seen of this. I know I have to give this series some time, but its impression on me wasn’t really as positive as what I felt with Mushishi and its first episode.

I didn’t like how they went with the episode narrating past events in the life of a tired and lonely businessman, but I guess it was OK. Compared to Asatte no Houkou in terms of impact, however, this pales personally. (I prefer not posting pictures; the art and animation is quite mediocre.)