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In the waste land of allusions

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

I still dislike Ergo Proxy. The appearance of Disney characters was just too much for me, and it didn’t help that the allusions of the series did not really improve one’s understanding of the show. The series also had inconsistent animation. There were times, however, when the series stepped up to bat and retained some of the awesome quality that it had in its first two episodes: I loved the series’s portrayal of their wasteland, and I also loved the episode where Re-l for a moment represented Ophelia, a character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

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The Lunar New Year: (3) Differences in anime and literature

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

I have been unable to sleep early since the onset of my sickness. Since I have ideas still roiling around in my head, I decided it would be best to write another post (it would also bring me closer to my aim of fifteen posts).

This book is worthless.

I gave some of my books today to a friend of mine. There was supposed to be a gift exchange among the different students of Biology (my course) for last year’s Christmas, but I wasn’t able to give that friend anything (since I picked him from the lottery) until yesterday. I gave So Human an Animal, Hyperion, and Greenmantle. All are notable novels to some extent, but they simply did not appeal to me. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, however.

I decided to give it to that friend of mine because he loved reading about different things and would probably appreciate the ideas of those books I gave him. I chose the novels in such a way that they had variety in them: every single book was different from one another that if he failed to like one or the other, there remained another option. This experience made me think.

Not everyone likes Honey and Clover, even though I think it’s the best anime series ever. It can be noted that the writer of that article also dislikes Twelve Kingdoms. While the reasons may be very valid, for example someone’s irritation with the character designs of Honey and Clover, as they are admittedly unique, there may be some reasons also that simply stem from the personality of the viewer.

Real looks like an actress . . .

I’m sure how the viewer was raised up or grew contributed to his future choices and decisions (even as supposedly simple as choice of anime series), and I’m also sure most of us will never know the reasons why one likes this and the other likes that. However, do we even need to?

Anime, first and foremost, is a medium meant for entertainment. It is not like literature in that some literature aim simply to make people think either in its sense or nonsense. I fervently believe that The Sound and the Fury was written like that because it did not mean to entertain in the first place: it meant to force people to think, to intellectualize and experience how the thoughts of a retardate, an intelligent madman, and a rational asshole flow all within the same nuclear family. If it meant to entertain primarily, the story won’t have been written in such a method.

. . . and he looks like a model

Anime, however, even at its bleakest and most complicated, is a medium meant to entertain first then to provoke thought second. Things are just like that. For even with the supposedly labyrinthine anime like Ergo Proxy, the heroes are very cute and pleasing to the eyes (Re-l was hot; Vincent was a bishie). There are no ugly leads. Because as long as one is entertained, even if he or she didn’t understand the totality of the (non)story, he will remain attracted to the series (even if only to the lead character), and this makes money for the studios.

And as long as enough money is made, both sides are happy. The cycle returns again to its starting state.

P.S. I finished this post at almost three in the morning. If I ever wrote something wrong, kindly address me in the comments. 🙂

Proselytizing in anime and media

Monday, November 12th, 2007

I would have to say that this post will be my coup de grace to my consistent blogging, because class (sadly) starts tomorrow for me. This post may be longer than the 800 words I have hovered around with these past posts – kindly allow me this deviance.

I was actually searching for Neliel pictures but they are in short supply :<

Because of Totali‘s recent participation with this blog, I have come to appreciate his way of writing about series I like. I opened his full blogroll recently, however, and his description of my site was that I do not write about anime. (more…)

Lost and found

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

I have been reading only a few blogs about anime this past half year. That amounts to quite some time, but then again, I have had to experience a terrible first semester which left me no time for exploration. Indeed, the experience of a bad semester left me little room for expansion of my perceptions as well as the explorations of others, but it gave me a lot of time to reflect and to ponder primarily why I was not what I used to be, which became the source of mostly introspective and reflective posts. I often looked inward, not outward, and although I had an unlimited source where I could cull my thoughts, I believed I was trapping myself within me, like what Japan did before the 1900s. True, it gave the nation the improvement and solidarity that it sought, but it also blinded them from knowing their bounds. I guess the similar thing was happening to me. I did not know where my limits were as a person, and as an avid fan I limited myself to only my own value judgments with regard to the anime I watched. (more…)

Dark hues of violet and blue

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

After coming from a difficult exam, wondering what to do with my life, I walked around our dormitory’s supposed parking-space and watched the starless night sky in the heavens juxtapose and seemingly absorb a mountain of leaves hanging from a tree. The sky was a dark hue of violet and blue, and its soft contrast with the now-black leaves forming seemingly a mountain placated my quiet self that was in turmoil within. I guess that no matter how I told my parents that I wanted to shift, deep inside I was still the same: I was still turmoiled; my thoughts were constantly in upheaval, and I was just like Shuu (of Honey and Clover): I was drifting. Unlike Takemoto, however, I couldn’t even try searching for myself, so I just looked at the night sky and hoped that the inner peace that it gave me would last more than an evanescence or something fleeting. (more…)

I don’t think FLAG is all that

Saturday, August 12th, 2006

It’s already up to the 22nd episode of Ergo Proxy; the final episode would have aired tomorrow. It has already been three weeks since my last Ergo Proxy update: some frequent visitors (Danchik and others) have asked what happened to me. Aside from the pressures of school (think about it, we had classes from Monday to Sunday), I also am disillusioned when it comes to Ergo Proxy. I seriously believe that the show has gone to hell. It doesn’t even have what I consider to be plot; its plot is just a string of extremely loose and disparate events seemingly connected with one another. I know pretense and falsities abound sci-fi shows and series, but this was just pushing it. I like Ghost in the Shell in that although it was also covered with pretense, it still had a plot coherent enough to tell where the story is going towards. In Ergo Proxy, I don’t know, but I don’t see the story going anywhere. I’ll probably post about it in the near future, but don’t be surprised if I post about the last episode first before I do so with the other episodes. The shock value in doing so will probably be more, so I’m going to do that if I can: I will report about the mammalian respiratory system within this week, and that’s why it’s going to be a tall order (posting about the final episode of Ergo Proxy). (more…)