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Gasaraki: conclusions

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

I spent the whole morning just finishing the final episodes of Gasaraki, and I think I now know the reason why the series is lacking in popularity even with serious fans of anime. For one, it cannot be categorized into a purely visual feast of motion and agency; for another, it is not as evocative or pathos-inducing as series like my oft-quoted Honey and Clover. I find that even for my broad and esoteric tastes, the series remains difficult to get into. How much more difficult would it be, then, for the casual anime viewer?

Miharu is cute, though.

After all the years of watching anime series, I believe that this series has been the first truly political one I have seen. This series has its flaws, but I truly admire its ability to paint somewhat accurate caricatures of the complexities of politics. Trying to do so has muddled its themes as well as its presentation, but I admire the effort.

I especially laud the creation of characters such as Nishida, he who embodies true idealism only to perish because of his inexorable nature. It is sad that I have not seen the romance that I was looking for between Miharu and Yuushiro. There really was no tension. They loved each other, and there was no question about that, but it was more in the vein of companionship and camaraderie; it was not steeped in emotion and passion.

All in all, the anime series was good. It is not as remarkable as certified perennial favourites, but it was novel (in many ways), and it was engaging (to some degree). Darn, I almost forgot: the ED was so awesome. I could not stop singing it. 🙂

(Frankly, I wanted to write more, but what else could I say? It was a good anime series; politics was both a curse and a boon to it, and it is an interesting watch.)

The ultimate snag

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

I started watching anime when I was still a child. However, it was only seven years ago when I truly became addicted to anime, and despite that addiction thinning time and time again, my love and appreciation towards it remain the same. Still the fact remains that in 1998 I was not yet enough of a fan of anime to watch current series at that time. But in time I watched classic series of that year which were basic to anyone who dubbed himself an anime fan: I watched Cowboy Bebop and Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou (Kare Kano). I was not able to watch lesser-known series like Gasaraki, however, until recently.

Miharu and Yuushirou